Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's Official, The Bulls Are Back In My Life.

I remember the days or years where I did not miss a Chicago Bulls game on TV. It started in 1987 for me when I was just a little youngster. I watched the Bulls mature into a unstoppable NBA Force. I grew up watching the games greatest player mature into just that, the games greatest player. Those were the good old days.

It ended for me after after they failed to win 20 games in a season for three consecutive years ( 99 to 01). It was not just the losing but a clear lack on a plan for the future that drove me away. I am a basketball junkie. I love to play and I love to watch, but I could no longer stomach the crap the Bulls put out on the court.

Am I a fair weather fan? I don't think so. I am not blind and I could see that the Owner and Management had no desire to win, to sign good players, or to put out a good product. Finally the Bulls got their act together and got a General Manager and Coach that can take the team out of the dumpster.

All this means that the Bulls are Back Baby and the future looks good. Why all the Bulls talk? Well, I am off to the game tonight with a free ticket, two great friends, and hope for the future.
What the hell was that I just spewed from my mouth? Sometimes my blogging little mind just takes off.......

Anyway, I will be at the Bulls vs Houston tonight. That means TiVo will be on alert to capture the much anticipated The Amazing Race 7 premier and AI4!!

I am out. GO BULLS. Later.

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