Monday, March 21, 2005

Just When You Think..........

Just when you think you are is shape BAM you get smacked in the face with a basketball. Really, I got smacked in the face with a basketball.

I played some hoops tonight at the "Y" and holy crap Batman I still have some work to do. My goal here is to be in riding shape but, I thought I would be able to run hoops all night with 4 months of work outs behind me. NO Soup For You. I mean I could tell I was in some kind of shape, just not hoops shape. My game mind was there but the legs were a bit behind. I use to be a big time hoopster playing 3 times a week. This was the second time since Aug 04 I have played recently. Oh well this is the blog about my preparing myself for The Summer Of Mountain Biking 2005 and not about preparing myself for The Summer of Basketball 2005. However, I may come out of retirement and play in two 3 on 3 tournaments this summer. Oh, you didn't know? I retired from hoops last August.

Ok I am off to ice the left knee, both shins, both ankles, take three Advil, and pray I can get out of bed tomorrow. Riding a bike is much less stress on those body parts. I want my mom.


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