Thursday, March 10, 2005

It's Mark Burnett Thursday....

Hey reality fanatics out there in blog land tonight is your night. We have Survivor: Palau (CBS), then The Apprentice (NBC), then The Contender (NBC). The Survivor preview showcases another brutal looking physical challenge and an alleged "twist." Make sure you stay tuned to NBC after The Apprentice for the The Next Great Human Drama, The Contender. This is the second episode and the third is coming Sunday. Don't miss it. The premier had drama and especially sports drama that gave me goose bumps. It really is excellent "Reality" TV!

Workout Stats: 30 minutes on the elliptical with 520 cals burned. Then I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster for 220 more burned cals. That stairmaster machine is a mean focker.

The much loved Fighting Illini start the Big Ten Tourney tomorrow at 12pm eastern. I think I will have some early appointments which require me to leave the office around 11am. I am not a big fan of this league tourney stuff. I mean they played 30 games already and are set for a number one seed. This tourney can do nothing but tire them out, get them hurt, or emotionally scar them with a loss tomorrow. The big conferences just do these damn things for the extra money. It is always about the money.

I am off work next week with no plans. I have some extra vacation that I have to use up or I will lose it. So, I am looking forward to tomorrow. Ofcourse, the NCAA March madness starts next Thursday and I will be glued to the TV with no worries.

Me must go. Out. Later.

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