Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"I was born with a horse shoe........"

Just finished watching an outstanding leg of The Amazing Race 7 where Rob and Amber or Romber made up a 3 hour deficit to win the leg. They managed to luck their way in front of all the haters to finish first. This led Romber to claim, "I was born with a horse shoe, in my ass!"

It wasn't all luck that allowed Romber to catch up. If you pay attention you can see how Rob is much more personable with the people he meets. He introduces himself and gives them his BoSox hat. Everyone else just jumps in the boat or cab or whatever and yells "Rapido" or "Million Dollars." I also think they have edited the tape to make it seem like Romber is just strolling through the race. They don't run out of cabs or seem to be in much of a hurry from most of the footage shown. They are sleepy and laid back. Now, I think they are very confident and relaxed, but the footage we see seems forced?? Not sure where the hell I am going with this but, did I mention Romber kicks all forms of Reality TV arse. I say we put them in every Reality TV show possible?

American Idol 4 was solid tonight. Only two performances that I thought sucked were Mikalah Gordon and Scott Savol. I couldn't help thinking that Paula was drunk. See kissed Simon several times and wouldn't shut up. She was very giddy? Or just very Drunk? Seriously she must have hit the hooch before the show?

Workout Stats: Oh my knee is swollen like Barry Bond's Steroid infected head. Yeah, that means no cardio. However, I hit biceps and triceps and worked them out real nice Clark.

So that in post picture showed up but now my sidebar is pushed down. Why you hating on me Farmer Ted? One day I will master the Jedi art of blogging.


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