Monday, March 14, 2005

Why Must I Be A CUB Fan?

Oh the pain! The lack of joy they bring me! I still come back every spring with the hope that this could be the year. This could be the Chicago Cubs time. If Boston can do it doesn't that mean the Cubs can do it? Doesn't it?

It seems this year I do not even need to bother with arising my hopes. Kerry Wood has some type of unknown shoulder issue and this just in, Mark Prior missed his start today for soreness in his pitching elbow. The "Great" Mark Prior just can not stay or BE healthy??

I am worried because two weeks ago the Cubs Brass told us Prior was healthy but proceeding with caution. I did not buy it, because last year the Cubs did nothing but mislead the public about player injuries. Guess what he was so healthy he had an MRI Sunday and missed his first spring start today. Ulnar Nerve inflammation for a pitcher with an obviously low pain threshold is extremely serious.

Jimmy over at The Cub Rambler is all over this Cub Code Crap in his blog post for today.....

Basically, I just read that Prior has "inflammation" in his elbow, which is most likely Cub-code for "you'll probably see the Fourth of July fireworks before you see Mark Prior pitch on a mound." Wood's shoulder? Cub-code tells us this means: "cancel playoff ticket orders."

Unfortunately, in two weeks Prior will be put on the 15 day DL with only inflammation. Then, 15 days later a second MRI will reveal elbow damage requiring surgery which will put him out for the year. I see it, I blogged it, therefore it must be true.

Workout Stats: Free Weights for the bicep and tricep workout. I attempted to play hoops for my cardio but had some knee issues. I played for 30 minutes but couldn't put much pressure on my left knee. It is really tender and somewhat swollen. Great, Me and Prior on the DL. This blows.

I am out. Later.

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