Saturday, April 30, 2005

Back in the Saddle.......................

Sort of. I have not worked out at the gym since March and I have not mountain biked hard for ten or so days. Plus, I am just getting over a weird spring cold/flue type sickness. Despite all that I ventured out to Palos Hills Forest Preserve for come of Chicagoland's finest and most technical singletrack. I have ridden out there before but never dared ride the hard stuff until I was in better shape and better skilled.

Ok, I think I covered all my excuses above.............yep, got them all. I arrived at the forest preserve and went right to it. Holy crap mountain biking is hard!! This single track goes up and down and over rocks, roots, downed trees, and small creeks. You can get some crazy speed burning down a tight track that suddenly turns 90 degrees down into a ravine. I almost crashed three times, including an almost over the handle bars disaster. I had to walk up a couple climbs as I didn't carry enough momentum in to them. I put my foot down on several roll overs or logs. Man it kicked my ass!!

It is kinda of scary when you pick up so much speed and you don't know what is coming up. I think after I ride it several times and become familiar with the turns, twist, drops and climbs I may ride it better?? Plus, I just don't have the skills or confidence yet. I am still a beginner.

I got some ride stats but my CatEye 7 is still a piece of shit and not reading correctly. I rode aprox 9 miles in 1 hour 11 minutes with an avg speed of 5 mph (that sucks) and max of 19 mph.

My legs are already barking at me and I am sure the neck and shoulder pain is on its way. Oh did I mentioned I loved every minute of the ride!! If the rain holds off I will be back at it tomorrow.

I am out. Later.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Things that suck butt.............

1. Scott fucking Savol not being voted off American Idol. He sucks major arse and sounds like shit.

2. Chicago Spring Time can eat my arse. We have had 80 degree days, hail storms, and now 30 degree nights.

3. Having a two year old house with hail damaged vinyl siding that is no longer made. Yes two years old and they don't make the damn color anymore. That is how they get you. They fuck you in the drive-thru. So now what? A freakin side of my new house will have a different color siding? Fuck me.

4. Getting a serious cold like flu thing in May. OK, almost May, but it still licks butt. Must be the messed up weather??????

5.This Bush dude delaying the start of the best damn night for TV watching.

6. Finally, having a little Rat Terrier with sever gas follow you around the house really stinks. Literally stinks that is.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Zach Braff is the new Fletch, maybe. Is that cool? Do you know who he is? If not rent Garden State, a great movie he stared in with Natalie Portman and wrote and directed.

The Amazing Race made me very nervous tonight. Romber, despite asking several times, got bad flight info and it almost cost them. Plus, Rob's little white lie got the other teams brains working and that led them to an earlier flight. Hopefully this knocks his ego down a bit and they focus in on the end.

My hail damaged roof is no more. It took only two days for the crew to remove and replace it. What a loud and dirty experience that was. Now just some siding and gutters to be replaced and the next hail storm can roll on in.

Do people blog less in the summer time?

Will I ever work out again?

Will spring time ever come to Chicago?

When will my mountain bike see some sweet sweet sweet singletrack?

I am out? No, I am out. Later.

Monday, April 25, 2005

THE CONTENDER Post...........

The two hours of The Contender last night kicked arse. I am not a big fan of the win the challenge and be a "Match Maker" thing. I think it will leave the final fight without the two best fighters. Maybe not?

Anyway, in the first episode I was surprised to see the group of four gang up on Ishe Smith. Well, more surprised that they were so afraid of him as a boxer. It is hard to tell from the action we see, as it isn't the entire round or fight but, Ishe seemed to lack emotion. He could just be laid back but, I was waiting for him to get excited or mad or something. Sergio did fight a smart fight and appeared to take some serious body shots from Ishe. I was routing for Ishe because Jesse is starting to annoy me. He is cocky and is dodging the better fighters.

Now Alofonso Gomez is the man. He can take a punch and shows a ton or heart. It was great drama when they slow motioned the sequence where he got nailed and almost went down. I was yelling at the TV, "NOOOOOOOO!!!" Editing and producing is what has made this show so fun to watch. Where does Babyface go from here?

Is Joey a snake or what? He is really thinking the "game" part of The Contender through. Unlike Peter Manfredo Jr who doesn't put Anthony Bosante in a match cause he has a bad hammy. Peter it is a game. It aint just boxing dude. The best boxer will not win this thing. The best boxer at playing the game will. He should have thrown Bosante, the only guy to get a knockout, in a match and got rid of him.

From the preview it looks like next week we get Joey vs Peter. It will be interesting to see who sets this match. I dig this show and hope it is catching on? Is it? Are you Contender watchers out there somewhere? Anywhere?

Did you catch the preview?

Still Raining Cats and Dogs.........

Roll Call
Originally uploaded by aham23.

Well, just dogs. This was Passover weekend and I spent it with the in-laws AND our dogs. We have Lakota the 2 yr old German Shephard, Zeke the large 43 pd 4 month Doberman Pincher, Vito the 3 yr old Italian Greyhound, and the non-stop 1.5 yr old Rat Terrier Eddie Vedder.

Eddie is the agressive fun player of the group. He just wants to play play play. Lakota is the enforcer or sherif. When things get out of hand she runs in moaning like a giant black bear. Vito is the fastest dog in the world. He is also the humper of the group. Zeke is the cute akward puppy of the group who will soon dominate all of them. He is already 43 pds at 4 months. His dad was 110 pds & mom 85 pds.

Eddie really taught Zeke how to play and by the end of the weekend Zeke was clubing Eddie to the ground with his giant Dobe Puppy Paws. It was a fun weekend. It is amazing how entertaining these dogs were for me. I almost forgot I was at my Mother-in-law's home. I said "Almost!"

There is so much to blog. The Contender, the Gefilte Fish, my new roof going up this week but, I am tired.

I am out. Later.

Friday, April 22, 2005

My Survivor Rant...............

First, let me say that my wife's 30th birthday was a success. I used and sent her 18 roses at work. I put the order in at 3:30pm Wed and they delivered them via Fedex at 1pm Thur. Great price, cheap shipping, and great product. Only downside is the flowers come in box and the receiver has to unpack them, put them in the included vase and add water to make them look all pretty. Still, I highly recommend them.

We had dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. You know, Jimmy Buffett? My wife is a big fan and I don't mind him. Ofcourse, he wasn't there but, they make some darn good burgers and fries. Along with a few other little gifts she had a great 30th.

On to Survivor Palau..............WTF is Jeff doing talking a player into quitting? It seemed clear to me that the Producers and Jeff really wanted Stephenie to stay. Sure Janu is a lazy piece of crap who complains about wanting to go home but, let the game play out. She clearly was not thinking about quitting until Jeff brought it up and kept pounding her with it. If the producers want to manipulate the game they don't have to make it so damn obvious. It really pissed me off.

It got me thinking about Stephenie and all this she "Deserves" to win talk. Someone tell me why she deserves to win. She has lost more then any Survivor ever. Every challenge she is a part of she and her team have lost. She doesn't catch fish and feed people. She clearly is NOT a master thinker and strategist. I think she is a week player mentally. I mean she gave up immunity for half a pizza last week. Just because she is cute, cries, and is the last of the losers does not qualify her as deserving. Tom is deserving. Boston Rob was deserving. Rupert was deserving. Stephenie is just a lovable loser.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Should Have Knocked On Wood........

OR just kept my big fat mouth shut. You know what I am talking about, the damn weather. The last two days it was sunny and in the high 70s. Well right now it is 47 degrees and feels like 40 when you factor in the high winds. Hello Chicago Spring!!

Tomorrow is a big day around here. First at work we are having a fancy lunch at Catch 35 to celebrate two co-workers 25 plus years with the company. What else? Oh yeah my wife turns 30 years old. Lucky for me she is not into surprises, but I may want to come up with something?? Now that I think about it.............I gotta go. Later.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Change is good............

Yes it is. So, with that I declare The Amazing Race 7 my favorite reality TV show. It was most excellent tonight. Believe it or not that old couple is still in the game. You know the one where the guy has a chicks name? Just playing but, it is "amazing" that Meredith and Gretchen are still in the race. Still in it heck, they are a top four team! This may sound funky or make me out to be a sap who can be manipulated by TV but, the old couple is somewhat inspirational?

The must have reality gay couple is gone and not soon enough for me. Why did they have to hate so much on Romber? Uchenna and Joyce are maturing as a team and I think they are the favorite. In fact, I know something you don't. Several overseas online betting companies pulled The Amazing Race from their boards when bets flooded in for Uchenna and Joyce. Rumor is bets flooded in for them because it leaked out that they won/win??? Either way, what Joyce did took courage and guts. Yeah it's just hair. No it aint and if you have it like she did you know that as the truth. I can not recall any team ever doing the Shave-Your-Head Fast Forward? Can you?

I think Uchenna and Joyce win but I want Rob and Amber to win. However, are they not do a big mistake soon? Doesn't every team have at least one?

Holy crap did you catch the preview? Kelly tells Ron he has commitment issues. He shoots back no I don't I committed to the military and........before he goes on she cuts him off and proclaims, "You got out of that by being a P.O.W." WTF, she thinks he was an at will P.O.W. so he could get out of his military commitment. She is truly fucked in the head. I hope that is just fun with editing and she aint that cold, stupid, immature, hot ass former beauty queen with big tits, raging bitch.

Another 80 degree day in Chicagoland. Tomorrow it is back to the 50s with rain. If it does not rain I may venture for a mountain bike ride! Out. Later.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Chicago and April and 80 degrees????

It's 80 degrees in the Burbs of Chicago, but it's April. This means we are screwed in the Midwest. We either will get nailed with one final snow storm or have the hottest summer of all time? I will take the snow, wait, the heat, wait.....................fuck it I am moving. Really though, it has been a messed up Month of weather. It started with a massive spring like storm that brought two rounds of hail. Then it was 40 degree highs and now it is 80!! I am scared.

Despite the evil doer I call Work, I did manage to get in a short mountain bike ride. It was short because it was late and I got so damn mad at my cyclocomputer I almost rode the bike into the river. It just won't keep the right mileage and speed (mph). It is short on the mileage by about .25 per mile and the damn mph jumps all over the place. It is the Cateye Cordless 7 and if anyone can help a brother out I am all ears. Part of the fun of riding for me is knowing what I have accomplished and with this new but, broke ass piece of shit my fun rating is low on the scale.

As you can see I am not really working out at the gym any more. Yes you are a perceptive one. With warm weather there is plenty to do outside. Riding and walking the dog will be my main exercise. Also, when I mow or do yard stuff I practically run, so that counts too. Summer is here and as things dry out I plan to ride 3 to 4 times a week!! Damn, did I say summer is here? Fuck me in the arse. The snow can't be far away now?

Ride Stats.....who knows? Really? I don't? I rode for an hour. It was singletrack. Several stops to mess with the Cateye. Maybe 5 miles? It really pisses me off.

Anyway, I am out. Later.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cut and Run..............

So, tonight I watched last weeks and this weeks The Contender : The Next Great Human Drama and all I can say is WOW. Mark freakin Burnett is a genius. This has to be the best "Reality" TV show that not to many people know about or at least watch.

Juan De La Rosa was the up-and-coming young guy that everyone was afraid off. He was the wild card. No he was what I call a practice player. He looked good and impressed in practice but, when game time rolled around he looked terrible. He won because he was better conditioned then Tarick. It shows you how tough boxing is when a physically fit looking Tarick can't last five rounds.

Then Juan flat out quit because he was in over his head and didn't want to risk getting a loss. He freakin told the other fighters the doctor won't let him fight for 45 days, but that aint what went down. He asked out. Heck he said he wouldn't fight and the doc went along with it.

Who the heck is this Joey dude? He bullied Jimmy around the ring on one leg. That talk about having heart and crap boxers spew all the time......well Joey showed us that heart is exactly what a boxer needs. It was a great back and forth fight that had me on the edge of the sofa.

Did you catch the preview at the end? They clearly showed Ishi fighting Sergio, Ahmed back and fighting someone, and what appeared to be Alfonso falling backwards in a fight???? Why would they bring Ahmed back? I know why. To bring some drama in the house and hope he can mentally through some people off their game. Like Ishi and Manfredo? Hey, I aint saying, I'm just saying.

Who is your favorite of the final eight, uh, seven? Mine is Alfonso Gomez. He stepped up before anyone ever thought about stepping up and beat a world ranked pro in Manfredo.

I gots some workout stats, well riding stats for you. It was only ten miles due to rain, but better then zero miles. Ten miles in 44:58, 9.7 mpg avg, and 23.2 mph max. I have to check but, I think this is my personal record for the ten miles at Waterfall Glen.

I am out. Later.

You Just Never Know.............

You just never know if Blogger will work when you want it to work. You just never know how that red will look in your kitchen after two coats and two days. Sometimes Blogger works and sometimes that red paint looks like burnt orange. You just never know?

The painting of our house is complete. We picked all the colors and moved all the furniture but I don't paint. Well I paint, but I paint the carpet, wood floors, trim and doors, along with the walls. So, we called in the professionals that our neighbors referred. They have painted 6 houses in our little neighborhood. They did a really nice job.

It breaks down like this: Main living space consisting of Foyer, Family Room, Hallway Up & Down, Office, and Laundry Room are Bleeker Beige. The Kitchen is Spanish Red (see below). The lower Hall Bath is Providence Olive. The Master Bed Room is Wethersfield Moss with Muslin in the Master Bath. The Guest Bedroom is Lavender Blue, Bedroom Two is Lancaster White and the Hall Bath upstairs is Yellow Cream. We are waiting to paint Bedroom four as this will be the "Baby's" Room. It may get painted in about four weeks??

It turned out really well and the wife only dislikes, I mean hates, the Kitchen. We have white painted trim and white six panel doors and that stuff really stands out and looks nice with painted walls. Before it was just a white canvas everywhere. Now we need to upgrade the Family Room furniture and get some dining room furniture. After that this little house may be complete.

Man I have been a bum with all that has been going on around me. Life and work seem to have gotten busy at the same time. I am way behind on my Reality TV schedule and can't remember the last time I worked out. Well, I rode last weekend so I can remember. I have been walking with the dog too. I gotta get off here and load up the bike. I am out. Later.

Friday, April 15, 2005

More Drama

Paint Drama
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This is a view into the family room. It was taken in morning with natural light hitting this wall. I think it looks orange in this light??

The wife still hates it today and it will be changed. Although, we have to live with it for atleast 4 weeks as the painters have packed up and left town.


Continued Paint Drama

Continued Paint Drama
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Another view in different light. This is an egg shell finish of Spanish Red. How's it look from here?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Evil Red?

The Evil Red?
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So blog world I need some help with my "Paint Drama!" This is the kitchen paint. It is two coats of Benjimen Moore Spanish Red. Our counter tops are black, appliances black, and cabinets light maple wood.

The wife hates this color. She feels it is too orange and not enough red?? We painted a little spot on the wall first and liked it. It seemed like a deep brownish red?? She can do nothing but hate it and it makes her mad.

Now, I dont paint because I suck at it. We had this done and it took the guy two days. Ofcourse, we can pay him again to paint over it?? Is it orange? Do you like it?

Who knew paint could lead to such drama and heartache? Really, who knew?

I am out. Later.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Where you been?

What the heck has been going on around here? Nothing? Something? What? Anyway, the pictures below show I had a kick ass Sunday and Monday. Sunday it was a Chicago Cubs game with bleacher seats. It broke my bleacher seat cherry! The sun was out and temps were in the 60s. The Cubs beat the Brewers in extra innings. Great for me because they have been struggling so far this year.

After the game we went to a Wrigleyville Bar, High Tops, and watched the end of the Masters golf tournament. It was a day of sports drama. At the bar I wondered where do all these young good looking people come from? All in there late 20s early 30s, looking casually hip and cool. They were drinking five dollar Miller Lites and dancing the Sunday away. They have to work? How else can they afford the lifestyle? The Chicago rent and Chicago Beer Prices and the Chicago Women?

Monday it was a Business dinner with the boss. Not just your average every day dinner out. This was us being taken out by "Vendors" we use. So, it was dinner at Smith & Wollensky in downtown Chicago. One of the best steak joints in a town full of steak joints. We started with a seafood appetizer platter with shimp, lobster, and crab meat. Oh yeah, we had some fried calamaria too. Then it was a 14 oz filet medium for me. I chased that with a medium bodied house merlot. Next, it was fresh fruit and carrot cake. Finally, a little coffee to keep me awake for the game.

Yes, I said game. This time it was a Chicago Bulls game. Bulls vs Pistons and I was just happy to be going. I figured the seats would be good, say 200 level. Well, check out the picture below. Even though it is a shitty cameraphone pic you can see I was close. Row A, Center Court close. Yeah who knew that Row 1 wasn't as close as you could get? Row A is directly behind press row on the same side as the team benches.

The Bulls took the Pistons to overtime. It was an awesomely entertaining game that the Bulls lost by one point. You may recall when I jumped back on the wagon a while back the Bulls lost by 30, so I will take this loss. They play such good team offense and it is awesome to see them back in the playoffs. Also, this just in, NBA players are freakin huge and the game is non-stop freakin physical. The game is totally different when you are courtside.

OK, I have bragged enough, I think. Anyone looking for workout stats? I got nothing for you. I rode this past Friday and Saturday but that is it. I am getting my house painted and experiencing a lot of "Paint Drama." Furniture has to be moved and colors have to be picked. We have thousands of those paint swatches things. We have several 2 ounce paint sample things that we have tested on the walls. All the colors but one have turned out real nice. That one would be the kitchen color, Spanish Red. I have to get a picture up so I can get your opinions.

Too much for now. Paint fumes got me dizzy high. I am out. Later.

Can You Say Row A?

Center Court Baby
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Crappy camerphone pic but I think you get the idea.

Got some serious paint drama going on so more later on these two pics. Out. Later.

My Bleacher Experience

My Bleacher Experience
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Just pics for now of my weekend sports bonanza. Later.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Summer Kicks Ass............

Sleepy Sun
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Pictures on blogs are cool. I really dig flickr and all its fabulous features. The free account just doesn't provide enough upload space and I am thinking about upgrading. Is it dumb to pay for a flickr pro account?

As the painters arrived for day two of painting my house I headed out to Waterfall Glen for a ride. The rolling limestone path was 95% dry which rocked cause limestone dirt blows arse.

My goal was to set a new personal best for time on the 10 mile loop. Well,I did.

Ride Stats: 10 miles in 48 minutes with an avg speed of 9.8 mph and max of 26 mph. That is almost 15 minutes faster then previous best. I totally powered through the ride with only one stop to remove my outter layer.

Plus, I got a flat at mile 9! I barely made it back to the trail head. Yeah I know, how do you get a flat on a limestone path? There aint no drops or log jumps or nothing? Dude in the parking lot said I must ride hard! I think that was a mountain bike joke.

The bike needed the gear shifter changer thing worked on anyway, so I dropped it off at the local bike shop. No ride for me tomorrow, but I may be going to the Cubs game. Bleecher seats baby.

I am out. Later.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Everyone Loves Summer !

Sleepy Sun Two
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Yeah the weather has turned for the better here in Chicago. Well, it will likely still snow one more time but, predictions are for 70 degree days this weekend. Rock on Sun. Later.

It really sucks when.............

You have just watched Survivor Palau and typed up a great blog post on how Stephenie can win America's heart and BAM freakin Blogger takes a dump on you. I went to publish it and Blogger shut down on me. Couldn't get back on until today. Ofcourse, the post is not saved.

Basically, Survivor should keep going with the "Tribes" and have Stephenie compete two more times on her own. If she could win immunity on her own Survivor fans would go crazy. Plus, it is brilliant to make her go back to camp alone in the dark. That is just great reality TV. Man this post sucks ass compared to the one I lost. Go figure?

The weather was awesome in Chicago today and the outlook for this weekend is even better. It was so nice I have some Workout Stats for you. Nothing major but I went out to some local riding trails. The singletrack is still to wet and soft to ride, so it was mostly double track stuff. It was a quick ride but nice little work out.

Ride Stats were only 6.1 miles in 45 minutes with an avg speed of 6.3 mph and max of 16.3 mph.

I had to walk some of the sections so I didn't tear up the trail. It looked like plenty of riders did not do the same. There were many fresh deep grooves in the muddy sections as well as tracks out side the normal singletrack line. Look dumb ass people if it is so wet and muddy you have to ride around that section and widen the "singletrack" with the new tracks THEN you should not be riding the trail!

I am having my house painted so I must go move furniture. I am out. Later.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hello ?

Look What I See!!!
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I love The Amazing Race 7. I love Romber who won another leg of the race this week. I love the old dude with a girls name. I love bouncing boobies on my TV.

Yeah, I know I stole this pic from the Reality Queen, Cheesecakey. Well, go check her blog out, but don't rat me out.

No Freakin Workout Stats again. Fuck me this is bad. Not literally fuck me, just figuratively fuck me. Oh, I said fuck. I got to get back in the gym. Not know damn it but later. Why am I arguing with my self?


I am out. Later.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Poll. Vote Now.

Hey STOP........Take a minute and vote for your Favorite Reality TV Show in my new poll to the right. If I missed your favorite then let me know, but I likely think it sucks so won't list it anyway. Later.

It's NOT Championship Time, Baby?

Well, Illinois finished the season with 37 wins and just 2 losses. Yes, freakin 37 and 2, but no NCAA Championship. I am bummed about last nights outcome, but glad I was along for the ride.

The Fighting Illini lost to UNC 75 to 70 last night because they made key mistakes at key times and shot poorly against a team with superior talent. The Refs didn't cost Illinois the game. It was 38% shooting, poor interior defense, a missed 3 on 1 fast break opportunity, and late turnover that sent me to bed pissed off. James Augustine is a better player then he showed Monday night and I hope he can rebound for his senior year. Dee Brown take this summer to work on dribble penetration and come back next year. Deron Williams you have played your way into the NBA Lottery so take the money and run. Bruce Weber take a week off then get your but out on the recruiting trails and bring in some talent. Great Season Illini!!

I just watched Sunday's episode of The Contender: The Next Great Human Drama and holy crap it was good. Now the show has got plotting and planning to go along with the natural drama of boxing. Anthony is a total piece of shit, but did what he needed to do FOR HIM and is still in the game. Yeah, it's a fucking game. A Reality TV Show Game. Anthony had the devil in his eyes. Did you see it? Man he looked intense and was totally head hunting against Brent. Oh yeah Brent. God was on his side but obviously has a different plan then Contender Champ for him. I don't get that? I think God has better things to do then look after Brent Cooper's boxing career?? God this God that. Come on, God don't like boxing, let it go. Did I just go on a mini God rant? I take it all back.

Workout Stats: Fuck no I didn't work out. I got an Illini hangover. Let me no workouts since Friday and Saturday. AND those were my first in nine days. Uhm, is this a pattern? I still got ten pounds to go. Remember, Summer of Mountain Biking 2005?? The reason for the blog? I am in trouble??

All Right! Chicago Cubs baseball is on and I am out. Later.

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Championship Time Baby!!!!!

Well, the Fighting Illini are good and I am bad. Real bad at Texas Hold'em. The Final Four / Texas Hold'em party this past Saturday is all the evidence I need to reach these conclusions.

First, Illinios looked fabulous limiting Louisville to only 57 points. Then they did what they do on offense, which is shoot threes and go on runs, in the second half to seal up a chance at the National Championship. Roger Powell went off in the second half! Did you see that rebound dunk. That one where he shot a three and followed it all the way to the hoop for a rebound put back dunk of the game! It was awesome. BigTenWonk has the post game stories and highlights all package together for you very nicely.

Now, on to the Texas Hold'em issue. I suck. I get caught up in the emotion of betting and end up just betting to be in the mix. Betting just for betting aint a good way to play Hold'em. I was the first person out of the first game and the second person out of the second game. We were not playing for big bucks, only $25 per game with the winner getting $300 but I missed all the fun by going out so early. I need to start playing online or something so I can compete with these damn neighbors.

Alright, it is like 75 degrees here in Chicago and I need to be outside enjoyingit. Maybe a bike ride? Maybe a trip to the dog park? Just need to be outside. No workout today as I need the time to clean up and prepare for My NCAA Championship Game Hi Def Party. Later.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Final Four Saturday!!

And Texas Hold'em Saturday. At 4pm I will be headed over to the neighbors for their Final Four Texas Hold'em party. There will be no Hold'em for me until after the Fighting Illini finish off the Louisville Cardinals. Man I am pumped for this game which tips off at 5:07 pm central on CBS. Both teams are loaded in the backcourt. Louisville is more athletic then Illinois but no one plays better team ball then this years Fighting Illini.

IlliniWonk has a great site for Illini Basketball and recaps the 2005 Illinois Mens Basketball season for you here. BigTenWonk's most recent post gives you the lowdown on the Final Four matche ups.

Tomorrow I will be blogging, uh bragging, about an Illinois & Texas Hold'em Win!

Workout Stats: Biceps and Triceps with free weights and 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. My boobies are sore and my arms tired and my knee is barking. Man working out is fun.

I am out. Later.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Everyday is a Different Day...............

It is possible, if you allow it to be, that you can learn something new every single day of your life. Today I learned that Tony Pierce is a black man. Who knew?

I got some workout stats for you: Free Weights for Chest and Back, THEN 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. The damn YMCA has new spins again. They are sweat. Well, as sweat as a spin cycle can be, which really shouldn't be too sweat.

I have not worked out since 3/22 and was worried I would feel like I was back at stage one. However, I did not and I did well. My legs, especially the knees are sore from the ride, but I didn't feel like my nine days off ruined the previous 4 months. Are you following that or this?

Now if I could just step away from the Evil Easter Bunny Delights..............Nestle Chocolate Eggs filled with creamy peanut butter. Damn you Evil Bunny!

I can not believe that Ulong lost another immunity challenge on Survivor Palau last night. Wait, I can not believe they have lost EVERY SINGLE immunity challenge. They got only two people left and they look totally beaten, dead, out-of-it, really bad, ect..... Next week they will do a two on two reward challenge where I predict Ulong wins and the reward is like the greatest ever. Then the tribes merge. From there individual immunity is won by Stephanie which saves her and ultimately she rides the crazy wave all the way to the final two. I have blogged it so it must be true?

Today I watched some TiVo stuff like Scrubs and The Shield. Two totally different shows but two equally kick ass shows. Scrubs is my favorite sitcom and The Shield my favorite drama. I totally want to be J.D. or Vick. Hell maybe some cool cat named, J.D. Vick, with the best of both TV personalities?

I have been a total dump head lately and failed to mention, speak of, blog on the great Fighting Illini. Yeah, that little Final Four Team that could. They play Saturday on CBS with a 5:07 central tip. I have a Texas Hold'em Final Four Party to attend tomorrow. I see lots of Orange and Green in my future.

I am out. Later.