Saturday, April 09, 2005

Summer Kicks Ass............

Sleepy Sun
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Pictures on blogs are cool. I really dig flickr and all its fabulous features. The free account just doesn't provide enough upload space and I am thinking about upgrading. Is it dumb to pay for a flickr pro account?

As the painters arrived for day two of painting my house I headed out to Waterfall Glen for a ride. The rolling limestone path was 95% dry which rocked cause limestone dirt blows arse.

My goal was to set a new personal best for time on the 10 mile loop. Well,I did.

Ride Stats: 10 miles in 48 minutes with an avg speed of 9.8 mph and max of 26 mph. That is almost 15 minutes faster then previous best. I totally powered through the ride with only one stop to remove my outter layer.

Plus, I got a flat at mile 9! I barely made it back to the trail head. Yeah I know, how do you get a flat on a limestone path? There aint no drops or log jumps or nothing? Dude in the parking lot said I must ride hard! I think that was a mountain bike joke.

The bike needed the gear shifter changer thing worked on anyway, so I dropped it off at the local bike shop. No ride for me tomorrow, but I may be going to the Cubs game. Bleecher seats baby.

I am out. Later.

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