Saturday, April 30, 2005

Back in the Saddle.......................

Sort of. I have not worked out at the gym since March and I have not mountain biked hard for ten or so days. Plus, I am just getting over a weird spring cold/flue type sickness. Despite all that I ventured out to Palos Hills Forest Preserve for come of Chicagoland's finest and most technical singletrack. I have ridden out there before but never dared ride the hard stuff until I was in better shape and better skilled.

Ok, I think I covered all my excuses above.............yep, got them all. I arrived at the forest preserve and went right to it. Holy crap mountain biking is hard!! This single track goes up and down and over rocks, roots, downed trees, and small creeks. You can get some crazy speed burning down a tight track that suddenly turns 90 degrees down into a ravine. I almost crashed three times, including an almost over the handle bars disaster. I had to walk up a couple climbs as I didn't carry enough momentum in to them. I put my foot down on several roll overs or logs. Man it kicked my ass!!

It is kinda of scary when you pick up so much speed and you don't know what is coming up. I think after I ride it several times and become familiar with the turns, twist, drops and climbs I may ride it better?? Plus, I just don't have the skills or confidence yet. I am still a beginner.

I got some ride stats but my CatEye 7 is still a piece of shit and not reading correctly. I rode aprox 9 miles in 1 hour 11 minutes with an avg speed of 5 mph (that sucks) and max of 19 mph.

My legs are already barking at me and I am sure the neck and shoulder pain is on its way. Oh did I mentioned I loved every minute of the ride!! If the rain holds off I will be back at it tomorrow.

I am out. Later.

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