Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Zach Braff is the new Fletch, maybe. Is that cool? Do you know who he is? If not rent Garden State, a great movie he stared in with Natalie Portman and wrote and directed.

The Amazing Race made me very nervous tonight. Romber, despite asking several times, got bad flight info and it almost cost them. Plus, Rob's little white lie got the other teams brains working and that led them to an earlier flight. Hopefully this knocks his ego down a bit and they focus in on the end.

My hail damaged roof is no more. It took only two days for the crew to remove and replace it. What a loud and dirty experience that was. Now just some siding and gutters to be replaced and the next hail storm can roll on in.

Do people blog less in the summer time?

Will I ever work out again?

Will spring time ever come to Chicago?

When will my mountain bike see some sweet sweet sweet singletrack?

I am out? No, I am out. Later.

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