Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's NOT Championship Time, Baby?

Well, Illinois finished the season with 37 wins and just 2 losses. Yes, freakin 37 and 2, but no NCAA Championship. I am bummed about last nights outcome, but glad I was along for the ride.

The Fighting Illini lost to UNC 75 to 70 last night because they made key mistakes at key times and shot poorly against a team with superior talent. The Refs didn't cost Illinois the game. It was 38% shooting, poor interior defense, a missed 3 on 1 fast break opportunity, and late turnover that sent me to bed pissed off. James Augustine is a better player then he showed Monday night and I hope he can rebound for his senior year. Dee Brown take this summer to work on dribble penetration and come back next year. Deron Williams you have played your way into the NBA Lottery so take the money and run. Bruce Weber take a week off then get your but out on the recruiting trails and bring in some talent. Great Season Illini!!

I just watched Sunday's episode of The Contender: The Next Great Human Drama and holy crap it was good. Now the show has got plotting and planning to go along with the natural drama of boxing. Anthony is a total piece of shit, but did what he needed to do FOR HIM and is still in the game. Yeah, it's a fucking game. A Reality TV Show Game. Anthony had the devil in his eyes. Did you see it? Man he looked intense and was totally head hunting against Brent. Oh yeah Brent. God was on his side but obviously has a different plan then Contender Champ for him. I don't get that? I think God has better things to do then look after Brent Cooper's boxing career?? God this God that. Come on, God don't like boxing, let it go. Did I just go on a mini God rant? I take it all back.

Workout Stats: Fuck no I didn't work out. I got an Illini hangover. Let me think..........so no workouts since Friday and Saturday. AND those were my first in nine days. Uhm, is this a pattern? I still got ten pounds to go. Remember, Summer of Mountain Biking 2005?? The reason for the blog? I am in trouble??

All Right! Chicago Cubs baseball is on and I am out. Later.

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