Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Evil Red?

The Evil Red?
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So blog world I need some help with my "Paint Drama!" This is the kitchen paint. It is two coats of Benjimen Moore Spanish Red. Our counter tops are black, appliances black, and cabinets light maple wood.

The wife hates this color. She feels it is too orange and not enough red?? We painted a little spot on the wall first and liked it. It seemed like a deep brownish red?? She can do nothing but hate it and it makes her mad.

Now, I dont paint because I suck at it. We had this done and it took the guy two days. Ofcourse, we can pay him again to paint over it?? Is it orange? Do you like it?

Who knew paint could lead to such drama and heartache? Really, who knew?

I am out. Later.

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