Thursday, December 22, 2005


that's right i said it, MERRY CHRISTMAS. if you don't like that then go back to your own damn county and call it whatever you want. yeah that's right. you are reading this correctly.................MERRY CHRISTMAS. the good old USofA is a nation founded on Christian beliefs. sure we got freedom of religion. worship whatever and whoever you want. just don't be telling me the freaking wally world greater can't say MERRY CHRISTMAS because it offends you. you are the minority in this Christian founded land. so, piss off if it offends you. its freakin MERRY CHRISTMAS. what, you are at wally world picking up gifts to celebrate a MERRY CHRISTMAS, you know the day Christ was born, but we can't say MERRY CHRISTMAS. who put sour milk in my starbucks gingerbread latte today????



Monday, December 19, 2005

The Holidays..........

So at around 8am this spread was laid out at work. Consisted of coffee cake cheese ball spinache dip sausage cheese crackers lil weenies chocolate candies.....ect...... All this at 8am. Plus I have had four cups of coffee heavy hazulnut cream and sugar. Good time to start my new diet? Later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

somebody stop me...........

yes, i have decided to be lazy and not capitalize where needed or follow other proper english speaking, typing, whatever, etiquette. if it bothers you, then piss off. or is it, than piss off? anyway, piss off.

so i cant stop searching eBay for a new-to-me road racing bike. i must have a trek, say 03 to 05, carbon fiber racing bike. its been two months of constant eBay'ing for me. just looking, asking questions, busting scammers, and general obsessing. why used? well i can get more bike for my budget if i buy used and gosh darn it i love eBay.

anyone know what a reasonable asking price for a 2003 trek 5500 with full dura-ace, chris king headsets, and low miles is worth? i really want one. one in particular that is.

survivor...............what the heck was up with the two fugly chicks? danni had some lip work done? collagen or something. those lips was fat or phat. like the season but the end was dull. the gayman, rafe, what a dumb arse. say good bye bye to one million dollars. good bye bye.

daycare lady has called in sick for tomorrow. can they do that? looks like me and baby j are working from home. can i do that? i am management now? shit i dont think i can do that? well, fuck'em if they cant take a joke or go a day without me.

i am out. later.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Let It Snow!

Snow in Chicago means two hour commutes! Snow Blows! Later.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Holidays

Grande Gingerbread Latte!!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Where the heck have I been? Not a statement, but a question to myself. I do not yet have that answer????

Survivor is very goooood this season. I had Judd in the office pool and was looking so nice until he got Jersey Cocky. I think it was a bad move on Stephs part to vote him out. She is clearly on the chopping block next. Everyone loves her, but she sure is dumb when it comes to the non physical parts of this game. Oh yeah that would be like the most important parts of the game. Second chance got her on the jury, but its time to dump the dumbie.

Do I find myself cheering for the Weavers? Maybe? I mean why do the other teams hate them. There must be some stuff not making the final cut or I just don't get it. I mean it seems like the other teams really hate them. I don't care for all the praying. Doesn't the almighty have better things to do then help the Weavers with directions? AND Production errors? WTF? Get a portable battery charger and stop draining the leaders car battery. If the Linz get screwed because of that "Production Error" I am done with the Family Edition.

Freakin Pete!!!! I started this blog and so so excersie working out stuff about a year ago because of The Biggest Loser. This second edition was just fabulous. How do they top it. How do you lose 185 lbs? Are you kidding me? Pete lost 185lbs. He looks like he is all muscle. Just the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen. AND Matt, I dig that dude. Screw your friends who don't get it and make fun of you cause you aren't drinking. You just won $250,000 in cold hard cash and likely got hotties lining up at you door, you skinny arse stud.

To answer the earlier.......................newborn, promotion, newborn, holidays, promotion, and newborn. Later.

Thanksgiving Hangover......

Thanksgiving Hangover......
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He didn't eat to much turkey, but he played non stop with a 80lb Doberman. My boy is tough. There were five dogs in total at the family feast. Later.