Monday, February 28, 2005

Breaking News: Durst is REALLY Dumb

So this tool did not have his SideKick hacked. His leaked porn was a result of him taking his computer in for repairs with the video stored on the hard drive. Let me think, what would I do if I was a geeky computer repair dude and stumbled across the video? Yes I have it, put it on the internet!!

Durst and Hilton must be the only two celebs that seemingly don't have an assistant or manager to advise them on the ways of life. People, if your computer crashes and you got "Private" Amature Porn on the hard drive, JUST get a new computer and drop the old one in the ocean. Hello??

Wait...............maybe the joke is on me? I mean did we even remember who the heck Limp Bizkit was before the Durst Porno? No way, he aint that smart, but wait, maybe he does have peeps ?????

I'm Out. For Good. Unless more celeb porn pops up. Later.

I got Paris Hilton on the brain?

I just can't let this Paris Hilton chick go?? Check this out, she has a new boyfriend and his name is Paris! WTF? That has to be the dumbest thing she has done yet. Next, Fred Durst has issued a statement on his recent pornographic movie debut. It appears he believes the entire incident will make America a safer place. I say, "Brilliant and Fred Durst for President 2008!" Really, the guy seems like a major league assclown.

Hey, anyone watch the Oscars last night? Well good for you then. You wasted what, about 4 hours of your life? I did my Oscar recap via the thousands of blogs about the event. My take, they screwed Marty again for the old school Clint, and Hillary Swank has one heck of a nice figure. Too bad she has that boy next door face still.

Finally, I read this great blog by toni pierce titled "How To Blog." It is up for some type of 2004 blog award or something. It should be a must read for blog noobs like me. Check it out.

Oh yeah, Workout Stats; Biceps and Triceps free weights and 250 crunches. No cardio today but I plan to hoop it up tomorrow night. I am out. Later.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Got Nothing For You

Workout Stats; Free weights for Chest and Back. I did 4 exercises, 3 sets of 10 reps, for each muscle group. Then I rode the spin bike for 30 minutes. My legs are killing me from yesterday's hour rid so I just kept a steady pace and did no intervals.

Last night was dinner at the Outback with some good friends. That means, loaded cheese fries, loaded baked potato, filet, AND Beer. Afterwards we played some Texas Holdem AND drank more beer. My wife won both games we played despite never playing. With all that it was tough to get out of bed and hit the gym today.

Don't forget that The Amazing Race 7 starts this Tuesday with a 2 hour premier. It is an awesome show that takes contestants on a race around the world. Along the way they do things they never dreamed of. This season has Rob and Amber from Allstars Survivor competing. I dig Boston Rob. He dominated the Allstar Survivor both physically and mentally. Then when he knew he didn't have the votes to win, he proposed to Amber. He ended up with the girl and the money.

Like I said, I got nothing for you. Out. Later.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Chicago Bears Land A Playmaker

The Bears have gone out and got them a big time playmaker! The have agreed to sign Muhsin Muhammad, former wide receiver of the Panthers. He was cut Friday by the Panthers. This guy quietly had a HUGE 2004 season and could be considered one of the top five receivers in the NFL. He had 93 grabs for 1400 yards and 16 touchdowns last year. Now, he has a history of getting injured but, the Bears badly needed a playmaker at the wideout spot. Nice move by the Bears. Now go get someone to throw the ball to him. Anyone know of a good Chicago Bears Blog to frequent?

Workout Stats; ONE hour on the Spin Cycle at the YMCA with 10 intervals ranging from a one to two minutes. The last ten was cool down, so I hit it real hard for 50 minutes. Now that is what I am talkin about. My wife told me she would give me dollar if I did an hour! Well I got paid!

My good buddy wants me to do the Trail Shark Off-Road Triathlon with him this year. It is a Sprint, which is 500 yd swim/ 9 mile MTB ride / 5k run. Last year was his first and he finished 50th out of 200. He is a machine who last year started running, biking, and swimming like a mad man. He kinda motivated me to start getting healthy last October. The timing of the event is bad and the swim scares me. However, I am thinking about it.

More later, Maybe, Maybe Not. Out. Later.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Fred Durst vs Paris Hilton

These two are like Dumb & Dumber. I mean you have to be really dumb to NOT realize that your T-Mobile SideKick is backing up all contents to the T-Mobile servers. Apparently these celebrities are too stupid to realize that this Backing Up feature can be disabled. Do these boobs have assistants or managers to hold their hands? Most are thinking, "Who the hell is Fred Durst" and "What the crap is this blog post about?" Well check it out, Fred Durst has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He has pulled a Paris and filmed himself having sexual relations. Rumor is the video could be from his SideKick?? Who knows, but Durst is back in the news. Hey, maybe that is the whole point?

Speaking of Fred & Pairs here is a quote from Dumb & Dumber; "We got no food, no jobs... our PET'S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"

No workout today and no good reason. No Random Review because I like to have a picture with the post and my flickr account is maxed out for the month.

Out. Later.

Why Do I Love Survivor So Much?

As my Blogging Friend Cheesecakey once proclaimed, I LOVE THURSDAYs!! I really do. Survivor, Apprentice, ER, CSI:Whatever, all great shows.

Anyway, get your Survivor:Palau recap if you didn't catch the episode. He also does a great job of covering the interviews and non-Thursday Survivor news. Great blog.

My thoughts on this weeks show are many. It started off with a brutal challenge. There was blood, a dude punching himself, and people slamming hard on shins, backs, hips, and knees. I kept waiting for someone to catch a sandbag in the head and get knocked out. Angie came up big this time but, those butterfly titties got to go. The second challenge appeared harder then the first. It looked like a challenge made for Big, Strong, Young Men. However, Tom the NY Firefighter kicked all forms of arse. He out pulled younger and bigger guys. It looked like he pulled that chest atleast 90% of the way. Mad Props to Tom. I think he may be my early favorite.

Alright, I may go workout or I may go take a nap. Who votes for nap. I'm out. Later.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

New Title, Same Old Crap............

I mean, same old blog. To Be Honest With You, I never really liked my original title, How You Doin. Everyone knows that is a famous Joey line from Friends. What kind of person starts a statement off with this title phase? To Be Honest With you, it is a person who feels the need to qualify that they are telling the truth. Which means they normally don't?? So only dirty deceptive liars use this phrase. Over the next week listen and watch for who and how many start off comments with, To Be Honest With You.

Workout Stats; Thirty minutes on the elliptical, for 511 cals burned. Then it was 250 crunches. Then it was home and a finish up walk with Eddie. We varied from our normal route but, I think it was about 1.5 miles. I am kinda getting bored with the workouts. I am not dropping weight like a Biggest Loser or even a Little Loser. I need warm weather so I can hit the trails on my mountain bike. Damn Evil Man Winter. Cabin Fever Release Me.

Do not forget we have SURVIVOR: Palau tonight. Check out my links for a great Survivor Recap Blog to keep you current with the best Reality TV show. Plus, I have last nights American Idol to watch. So far this 4th edition is boring me more then my workouts. No one has blown me away yet. I remember that Kelly, Reuben, & Tamyra Grey all blew me away with their first performances of the round to get to the final 12. I am invested and likely will keep watching.

I am out. Later.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Barry Bonds is still a Piece Of Crap........

However, this post is not about that sorry arse loser. Today was a sad sad day in the World of Dumps at Work. I was making a fly-by of the holy safe haven and found it full of Uncle Teds. My head spun as I tried to figure where this evil army of Uncle Teds came from. Iraq, Iran, France?? No, there it was right in front of me, suite 103 previously empty, but now Uncle Teds Investment, a family owned and operated business. As I made the walk back to inform the Pooping Friends Network of this tragedy I wondered if I would ever poop at work again?

Workout stats: Uhm, no stats, wait, Dog Walk aprox 2 miles. I had issues that kept me from the gym. Like, work, neck pain, headache from glasses, pooping issues that required a home visit, and chocolate cake. My new contact has arrived so I hope to hit the gym full force tomorrow.

Finally, there will be no more pooping talk at this blog for the rest of the week.

Out. Later.

Oh Barry, How Dumb Can You Be?

I caught a recap of the Barry Bonds press conference on sports radio and all I can say is, WOW! This guy is really a Grade A Class One IDIOT!! He spewed from his mouth for 37 minutes at the media like they are to blame. Has this piece of crap read the leaked grand jury testimony that everyone else has? He admitted to "accidentally" rubbing some clear & cream on his person back in December 2003 but, that is it. Greg Anderson his former trainer and the guy admittedly handing out human growth hormones to pro baseball players never gave Bonds anything else. Barry is just a freak. A freak who at the end of his career has gained more muscle and racked up more stats then anyone in any sport EVER! Yeah he is a freak. A freak with a Steroid Dealer as a personal trainer.

What pisses me off even more is how ESPN does and will act like the steroid issue does not exist. See they got a big contract with MLB and a lot riding on Bonds chasing history. They will do the updates and cut-ins to show his at bats and so called history in the making. They will marvel at his abilities and work ethic. Not once will ESPN challenge Bonds on the steroids issue. I have no respect for ESPN as a media outlet at all!

Man I am really mad. Barry Bonds will eventually be called to testify in the Balco case. He will then have to choose between truth and lies. I guess he goes with the lies. He has been spiting them out so long that I think he believes them. I give Barry Bonds a BIG * (asterisk) .

Me out. More later. Later.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Got Paris On the Brian

I just can not let this story go. It is simply too entertaining. Gawker has the story totally surrounded for all us celebrity internet stalkers. These numbers spread fast and hard, which caught many celebs by surprise. People are even recording their phone calls to the celebs. Totally crazy stuff!

Workout Stats: Abdominal Day, which was 300 crunches of various style. I wanted to hit the elliptical machine but, the YMCA MILFs were out in force. So, it was off to spin for 30 minutes with intervals. Another sweaty workout with my glasses falling off my face.

I feel great about the workout, but have other circumstances holding me back. No it aint the lost contact. It is even worse, Chocolate Cake. I had a big piece earlier and just finished a big helping of spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. All I got on my mind now is finishing off that lovely Chocolate Cake!! All that hard work and it comes down to me and the cake. Can I triumph over all that is evil and Chocolate?

I must go. Eat. I mean I'm out. Later.

Monday, February 21, 2005

I Wish I Had 502 Friends!

Paris Hilton makes me giggle like a teenage girl high on Red Bull. The story is, Saturday night some master hacker got into T-Mobile servers and flooded the internet with her SideKick contact list and stored cameraphone pics. Her contact list is interesting to look at but, I would never call any of the numbers. However, that aint the case with the rest of America. It is being reported that most Celebrities in her contact list have changed their number already. Seems the secret serive is involved and some more popular websites have been forced to remove her stuff. Oh T-Mobile can you say lawsuit!!

On a side note this worries me about my Nextel cameraphone. I think the numbers and pics are stored on my phone and not any Nextel servers. SideKicks and T-Mobile must work differently and store the info with T-Mobile?? I better go erase those nude pics of Eddie from my cell phone.

Workout Stats: Free Weights for bicepts and tricepts, then 30 minutes on the new spin cycle doing intervals, then a follow up walk with Eddie when I got home. My excuse for not pushing it longer on the spin cycle is my damn glasses. They suck so bad! The are two prescriptions behind and barely stay on my face.

Anyway, I got to go call Eminem. I am out. Later.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

"If you can get it from my kung-fu grip then you can have it, okay? "

As some may know my last trip to the gym sucked. Lost a contact while swimming, my necked stiffen up because of swimming, and despite swimming 500 meters on one eye I did not feel like I worked out. Today was a new day. With a contact on order and glasses falling of my face I hit the free weights for chest and back. I stepped up the weight five pounds per exercise. I may have a hard time washing my hair tomorrow.

Then it was time for a spin. HOLY crap, the YMCA bought new spin cycles, the
Star Trac Johnny G Spinner® Pro . There is a picture below of the old Spin Cycles which were not that bad. This is the advantage to belonging to a YMCA in the Yuppiest Burb and the number one rated city for raising kids. The bike rode real nice and once I get my settings down it will rock. I did 40 minutes with intervals. I increased the interval time as the session went on. I wanted to ride for an hour, but I was dripping with sweat and those damn glasses were slipping and sliding.

On the Reality TV front I caught up on Newlyweds and Ashley. Why can I not stop watching these two shows. I watched the first episode of Gastineau Girls and did not care for it. They didn't do any thing interesting or fun. I may give it one more try. I got two episodes of Alias in, which leaves me with last weeks left. Oh yeah, I saw a preview for Intervention on A&E starting March 6th and it looks great. That is right people with addictions getting help they don' t want. Sounds like good old fashion Reality TV! I think I may watch to much crap, I mean TV.

Speaking of TV, American Idol gets real and hopefully good this week. Let the singing and voting begin.

Alright, I am sure I got something to watch on TiVo. I am out. Later.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gmail for Everyone !!

I have some invites for free Gmail by Google accounts. I have been using it for a couple months and it has some nice features. It provides tons of storage space with no deleting of old messages. You just archive them so you can always refer back when needed. It has cool search functions for your email. You can mark and sort your email many different ways. I can send you an invite if you want. Just post your email or email me directly.

Fighting Illini 27-0 !! They have struggled lately on offense, but oh they play such great team defense. Possible the best college team defense I have ever seen. A great team playing great ball is a beautiful thing to watch. Tune in and get on the band wagon before we leave town to St Louis on the March Towards The Arch, Final Four.

Bye Bye. Me Out. Later.

Guide to Taking a Dump at Work

Follow the title link for a very clever and very true "Guide to Taking a Dump at Work."


Friday, February 18, 2005

Did you know the free accounts have a per month limit on uploads? Well, I did not know this. I mean, I know it now, because I can not upload any more pictures. This day blows my fat arse.

Out. Later.

"I got my technique down and everything, I don't be tickling or nothin'. "

Today was a tough gym day. It was an expensive gym day. It was about an hour at about $70 bucks. First thing first, I went to the gym to swim for a change up. Well, I did swim, 500 meters total. It was not easy but easier then before so maybe I am starting to get in shape?? One recommendation, if you are thinking about trying swimming, get good goggles. Don't do the cheap thing. My cheap Nike ones kept getting water in them which I had to stop for to empty . It was either the water or me knocking my eye with the goggles, but I lost my right contact. Damn thing must have just floated away...................

I have Rigid Gas Perms and the cost is around $70 bucks. Plus, I have to order them and it could take 14 days to come in. I got no backups and fancy boy type glasses. In fact, I have no idea how to keep the damn things on my face when working up a sweat at the gym. They will just slide right off. I guess my working out days are on hold. No, just pulling your chicken. I will tape the damn things to my head if I have too. I must continue with the training. Yes, the Training for My Summer Of Mountain Biking 2005!!!! will contiune.

My final thought is this; Are Pearls the new Diamonds? I am out. Later.

Survivor 10 Palau

Click on the title to link to a great Survivor: Palau blog. He provides a nice recap of each episode while mixing in his own thoughts. I do not much care for the "spoiler" blogs/sites and think I will visit this blog often.

I am out. Later.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

" No, you can't do that... you can't triple stamp a double stamp, you can't triple stamp a double stamp! "

Uh, did anyone see Survivor: Palau? I did, yeah for me but boo for me. What is the worst thing that can happen to a Survivor junkie on opening night? That is correct!! You have John, Wendy, and Jo in the office pool!! Holy crap two of them didn't even get a chance. The 3rd one ran her mouth too much and BAM I got no chance at the big money pool.

I really enjoyed the episode. We don't really know much about the players yet. However, I am sure I was not the only person to to think that standing up and singing on the boat was a REALLY Bad, Dumb, Stupid, move on Wendy's part. John we hardly knew you but clearly you had some personality issues with the rest of the cast. I mean, from what we saw it looked like he did not get picked because he worked too much and talked to little. Did he even say a word until Jeff asked him how he felt?

Survivor is great. Just when they were feeling great on the adventure of a lifetime the elements knocked them on their butts! They lost the only thing they won and the only thing a tribe really needs, FIRE !!!

I am not sure who I like yet. I guess it will be the fourth and last remaining Survivor on my list. Maybe not, I like to get to know the Survivors before I pick a winner. Give me two more episodes to get attached to someone.

That is it for this blogger. I am out. Later.

Random Review

Eddie & Lakota
Originally uploaded by aham23.

Well there was no workout today as this was my planned off day. This edition of Random Review is on my favorite subject, Eddie Vedder my Rat Terrier. Not so much Eddie, but Rat Terriers.

The Rat Terrier is an American Breed. You could even call them an American Mutt. Early American Immigrants crossed several European Terriers to arrive at the RT. They were looking for a compact, fast, tough, farm and hunting dog. They are suited for chasing, flushing, and treeing game, like birds & rabbits. They normally stay above ground unlike the Jack Russell which will chase a rabbit or varmint into its hole.

They can be small to medium size ranging from 10 to 25 pounds. Eddie is about 22 pounds. They are intelligent, playful, non confrontational, loyal and protective. They can be shy of strangers too. Eddie takes about 10 to 15 minutes to warm up to new people.

Initially Eddie was not receptive to training. It took atleast two session for him to learn one task. Now, he does all the basics, sits, stays, shakes, down, high five, roll over, and walks on the leash. Potty training went very well with only 4 accidents inside (only one poop!). He stays in his crate while we are at work. He can hold his little bladder for up to ten hours. His normal day is about 8 hours in the crate. He is not a barker. He is not like most little dogs as he does not bark at everything that moves. BUT, he does go crazy when the door bell rings. Who doesn't love having guest? He is he a tough, fun, NOT A LITTLE FOO FOO DOG, but still affectionate and loving. He likes to lay on people at night time.

Man, I really can blab or blog about my Eddie. I am out. Later.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"There's nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you're money and that you want to party. "


YEAH, just in case you do not know, SURVIVOR: Palau starts tomorrow on CBS. It is my favorite of the Reality TV shows. I am not a total junkie though. I have not searched the web for all things Survivor. Thursday's episode will be my first introduction to this season. Except for the too few and too short commercials I have seen. I am really looking forward to it!! I may even find some time to share my Survivor thoughts with the blogging world.

Despite my bad running episode from Tuesday I did make it back to the gym. Today was my fourth day in row this week. No weights today just cardio. I did 30 minutes on the Elliptical for 490 cals burnt & 2.8 miles. Then it was 30 minutes on the spin cycle doing intervals. My legs are killing me tonight. I think tomorrow will be an off day, which means a Random Review is upcoming.

The fighting Illini won again tonight, easily beating Penn State. They are unbeaten with 4 games left in the regular season . I am not one of these fools who think they need to lose a game in order to win the National Championship. I may have been one in previous post though?? Anyway, losing now would not teach this team something or make them stronger. People who say that have not watched them play enough. They are a very smart TEAM who plays every game like it is a championship. They bring max effort every night, unlike UNC, who is the team most Illini fans are afraid of. I say win them all then beat UNC in the Final Game and teach college basketball their lesson!!

I am out. Later.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Well, let me be the first to say congratulations to you man; you have one vagina for the rest of your life. Real smart man."

Well Tuesday Boss was a bit more busy and stressful then being Monday Boss. Hopefully the Wednesday Boss will be more like Monday Boss?

Anyway, I showed up at the gym feeling really good about myself. So good I decided I would tackle the treadmill. Yes, I thought I could run on a treadmill for 30 minutes. Uhm, yeah, I was wrong. I ran for 10 minutes. I started out with 5 minutes of warm up, brisk walking. Then I ran for the next 5. Then I needed to slow the pace to a brisk walk as my heart was beginning to pound through my chest. After 5 minutes of walking I decided to run again. That lasted another 5. I walked the last 10 for a total of 30 minutes, 405 calories burned, 2.8 miles. When I was done I had sweated through my shirt like never before. Damn running is some good exercise. I finished up with sit ups and called it a day.

On the Reality TV front my beloved TIVO did not record American Idol tonight. It was not TiVo's fault though. I have a powered multiswitch (fancy splitter needed for Directv) that was mistakenly switched off, or was it? When it is off no satellite signal feeds through to any of my TVs. Ofcourse, I was not home at the time and did not solve the problem until after AI4 was over. The mystery is; Who accidentally bumped OR purposely flipped the light switch to off? I will find the answers and those responsible will be punished. I will start with the dog! He looks guilty!

Speaking of the dog, check this out. I was pissed off the other day as the dog wouldn't go outside to "potty" because it was raining. I knew he had to go, likely number one and two, because he had been inside all day. He would not budge out the back door. I pushed him out and he immediately ran back to the door and stared inside. Now, I had to follow him around to make sure he didn't go inside. The wife got home and I explained the situation to her and how mad I was at the dog. She replied with this, "How would you like to take a shit outside in the pouring rain while everyone watched?" I am no longer mad at the dog.

That is all I have to say about that. I am out. Later.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Evil Spin Cycles

Evil Spin Cycles
Originally uploaded by aham23.

How about a lovely pic from the gym? I worked up a real nice sweat today on this baby. I must have sweat on the cameraphone lens too (crappy pic?). Anyway, it was free weights for the bicepts/tricepts, then 30 minutes on the spin cycle. I did 7 intervals during that time and my legs are beat!

It is so cool that I can take a picture with my cameraphone then email it to my account. The internet is such a fabulous place!

I was right about that boss thing too. I am the "Boss For A Week" while he is away for meetings. Didn't really make me too busy today. I mean I got my workout and blog post done before quitting time.

OK players I will be back later for more blogging love love. I am out. Later.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

"If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer."

Has anyone noticed that the blogging world is full of political topic blogs?? Maybe it is just me, but searching through blogs over at BlogExplosion lead to me to a lot of Left Wing, Right Wing, Religious Wing, Wacko Wing, blog sites. Well, I don't want to go against the norm, so here is my political blogging for the day. President Bush and I have something in common? Hey, watch what you say there, it's not what you think. Check out this article posted over at and read about the President's current favorite hobby.

OK, enough political talk. What most want to know is if I got off my fat arse and went to the gym. Or did I use that cold/flu type thing as an excuse again? No soup for you. I went, I saw, I did, I done, I loved it. What? First it was free weights for Chest and Back, then 30 minutes on the spin cycle. I spun it at a steady pace most of the time. I did do 5 intervals where I cranked down the tension like I was climbing one bitch of a hill. I have to say I felt pretty crappy while on the bike and sweat up a storm. After that it was home sweet home.

The boss at work is out of town this week, which I think makes me boss for a week? Who cares, well I am just getting in my built in excuse for the upcoming week if I don't work out. However, my goal is to workout every day. This includes playing hoops Tuesday night.

Finally, Survivor: Palau starts in four days and the previews look interesting. They are completely stranded with no help and three people go home in the first episode. Oh I do love my Survivor. Can anyone point me to some good Survivor Blogs or Forums?

It is that time again. I am out. Later.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Random Review

Motorola i860
Originally uploaded by aham23.

I see that people love to review things on their blogs. So, when I don't workout or have thoughts on reality TV, The Fighting Illini, Cubs, Bulls, or Bears, then I will give you a random review of something I own.

My first Random Review is on my Motorola i860 camera phone for Nextel. What I like about this phone:

  • Camera Phone with Multimedia Messaging (text messages & email)
  • The external & internal displays are huge respectively.
  • Picture caller ID. Assigned pictures show up on the external display.
  • Nice and loud speaker phone.
  • Quick Flip. Push the button and it flips open. Kinda like the Matrix.
  • It looks really cool & is easy to customize with ring tones & wallpapers from the net.

What I don't like about this phone:

  • While it looks cool the plastic materials scratch easily.
  • No Bluetooth technology.
  • Poor contrast on the external display.
  • The existing customer price is way too high. (I got mine from Amazon.)

There it is, my first Random Review. AND yes that means I did not workout today. I am a sissy, but this cold/flu type thing is dragging me down.

I am out. Later.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

"I don't know how to tell you this but I'm kind of a big deal. "

Winter blows arse. I have the winter blues, cabin fever, whatever you call it. Now I am getting sick. Damn you evil winter be gone with your self.

So, I did manage to workout today. I worked on my abdominal area (ABs) and then rode the spin cycle for 30 minutes. I did the interval thing again. I warmed up the first five minutes then tightened the tension for a minute, then back to normal tension and speed for two minutes. I did this for the remaining time. As time passed I found it easier to sustain pace at the harder tension. After that I was done and headed home for an afternoon nap.

Doing these intervals seems to simulates a trail ride. I think it will get me in better mountain biking shape. Also, I really would like to lose ten pounds before Spring. Doing intervals while spinning or doing the elliptical for a minimum of 30 minutes should help that. Plus, I really need to focus on my diet and NOT blow it up on the weekends. I am big on eating out. Not fast food but not gourmet food either, like Chilis, Olive Garden, Red Robin, ect.

Wife Swap last night was crazy. Do people like the millionaire's wife really exist? She is so blinded by her so called faith she acussess the other Wife of being a lesbian child molestar with no facts or ground to stand on. What the hell was that? American Idol from Wed was another bore. Survivor next week baby!! I holla at ya.

Don't hate the short uninteresting blog tonight, just hate the cold/flu type thing. I am out. Later.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"To trudge: the slow weary walk of a man that has nothing left in his life but the impulse to simply solider on."

If it aint one thing it is another. I had the neck thing, then the Super Bowl hangover thing, then the Burger King hangover thing, and now I am getting the really bad cold maybe the flu thing. All these "things" make working out difficult, but I do what I do when I can do it.

Today was free weights for bicepts & tricepts. After that I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, which was 2.7 miles with 500 cals burnt. I wanted to hit the spin cycle but was beat, so called it a day. Damn cold maybe flu thing makes it hard to breathe and sustain energy.

Anyone see the Illinois game last night? It was an ugly win, but a WIN, and that makes them 24 - o. They looked bad and tired but near the end Dee Brown got mad and took over the game. He was like, damn this blows, give me that ball, I must score, so we can get the heck out of dodge, well Michigan. He was amazing when the team needed him to be just that. Now, Darrin Williams has not looked so good the last two games. He seems real tentative to step up and take the big end of the game shot. That aint good when he is the guy with the ball in his hands all the time. Hopefully with no game until Saturday vs. Wisconsin they get rested and get ready to make the march to the arch.

If you did not see the Illini game what about The Amazing Race 6? It was kind of a let down for me. Kendra and what's his name won. Hayden had another breakdown and finally quit. Then her wimpy boyfriend said it was ok and asked her to marry him. WTF? In two years when life and marriage gets tough she will quit. That is just what she does, well besides bitching. Kris and Jon, the favorites came in second because they are too damn nice. They needed to be aggressive in the final leg. Especially when booking that last flight to Chicago. They were not and it cost them 1 million bucks.

American Idol was also kind of a bore, but I don't expect it to get good until it goes live. How do I watch so much in one night? TIVO baby! Google it, research it, then get it. You will love it.

That is all I gots. I am out. Later.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"It was something you wife said while we were in bed together."

I am posting early today because I got The Fighting Illini and The Idol tonight to watch. TIVO Rocks! Just in case you don't know, the Illinois Mens College Basketball Team is the number one team in the nation AND on a 23 game win streak, WHICH makes them undefeated for the 05 college basketball season. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

I was back at it today despite having a Burger King hangover. Is that possible? I think it is but will spare you the details. OK, I worked it out real good today. It started with some weight training working the chest and back muscle groups. Then I was off to tackle the elliptical machine, which I did for 30 minutes. Man in just that small amount of time I burned off 500 calories. That is 200 more then I burn when doing 20 minutes. I think 30 is my new 20?

After that it was off to see my buddy the spin cycle. I tried to change it up and do some intervals. I would tighten the tension way down to simulate a steep hill for 1 minute, then 2 minutes at my normal tension & pace, then the steep hill pace again. It felt more real. Like I was out on the singletrack pounding up some steep ass hill. I did this for 20 minutes then called it a day. I am beat to shiznit.

Remember it is ok to fall off the horse, unless it is like a Clydesdale and then you may hurt yourself from such a tall fall.

I am out. Later.

Monday, February 07, 2005

"Oh man! How'd you get the beans above the frank? "

Well, this blog was started to track my working out for my upcoming "The Summer of Mountain Biking 2005." However, I did not work out Sunday or Today and I can firmly blame the damn Super Bowl!

Sunday I had to prepare for my small Super Bowl gathering before Noon so I could enjoy the Illinois Basketball Game. If you don't know they are the number one team in the nation and on a 23 game win streak. After the Illini I had to begin the beer drinking festivities. After the beer it was the Super Bowl, (and more beer) which I will get back to later. After the big game it was sleepy time.

Today, I skipped working out as a result of Sunday. The beer, the salsa salad dip, crab dip, little weenies wrapped in bacon, beer, M&Ms, beer and more beer have slowed me down today. Plus, I can not stop eating. Quizno's for lunch, Buger King for dinner, Vanilla Wafers for a snack, soda pop, coffee, man will it ever stop.

Now I am entering the regret/depression stage over what I have done to myself these past two days. Crap, I had been doing such a good job over the last three months to avoid binges like this and BAM, the damn Super Bowl kicked my arse. Back at it tomorrow? Right?

OK, the big game was a big let down for Donovan McNab. He looked terrible and made the key bad decisions that cost his team. Terrell Owens on the other hand looked awesome playing with two screws and a plate in his leg. The dude is like 6 weeks post fracture and surgery playing a brutally physical game with temporary hardware in his leg/ankle area. People are calling him selfish? Those peeps are dumb asses. He risked his career, his salary, his livelyhood, to try and help Philly win the Super Bowl. He had the easy out people. The team doctor gave it to him by not clearing him to play, but he risked it all! He played and almost made the difference. Oh yeah, while I think the Eagles lost it, I still give it up to the Pats. They made the plays when plays needed to be made.

Alright, do not hate the Super Bowl, hate Chris Collinsworth. I am out. Later.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Ride Stats

Classic Shot
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This was my first winter ride and first ride with my CatEye 7 cyclocomputer.

Just give us the stats; 9.5 miles, 7.5 mph avg speed, 16.7 mph max speed, & a trip time of 75 minutes.

It was harder then I thought it would be. I think I need to adjust my workouts to make me more ready for mountian biking. I need more endurance. How can my workouts better prepare me for trail riding? Anyone? Bueller? Looks like I am off to for some research. kicks all form of fat arse! I am out. Later.

The Ride

Snow & Slush Ride
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The limestone double wide path had three distinct characteristics today; Hard Pakced Snow, Ice, and Limestone Mud. Some spots displayed all three.

Waterfall Glen

Waterfall Glen
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This is where I hope to ride this morning. It is a double wide 10 mile loop limestone path. In this pic it is covered with 5 inches of slush and hard to ride. I am out. Again, later.

"Were going STREAKIN !! "

Hey blogger nation how you hanging this morning? SuperBowl weekend is here and like all great sports fans I must give my prediction.....................Eagles 30 Patriots 27. Pats lose but cover the spread. T.O. plays with God on his side and is the MVP with 127 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns. I mean come on he has to have a great game. Why else would the All Mighty heal up his ankle for him??

This has got to be a quickie. It is going to be like 50 degrees today and I am going for a mountain bike ride. I took Friday off from working out. However, I did have Hooters for dinner!! Oh wait, after dinner I took Eddie out for the Brisk Two Mile Dog Walk. That is got to count for something?

Hopefully the trail is clear and I will have a nice long post and some pics about my ride later.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

"We're going to get so much ass here... like boy band ass"

First things first.............workout, yeah man I did it real good. Today makes day 4 of workouts for this week. No weight lifting again, due to this neck thing. I did what I guess is my new warm up, 20 minutes on the elliptical. Funny thing is that use to be my cardio workout, so something is going right. After that I did 40 minutes on the spin cycle. I even cranked up the tension, like going up a hill, a couple of times to change it up. I feel good. Work may cause me to take Friday off, but a warm forecast, well mid 40s, for Saturday may get the mountain bike out of the garage.

Since my return to the gym something has been bothering me. Old naked dudes in the locker room. Most are fat old naked dudes in the locker room. Why must they be so naked? I walk in today and see some old fat naked dude using a blow dryer to dry off. At the time I walked in it looked like he was drying his twig & berries. Who does that? A second similar fat old naked dude stands on the scale for 30 minutes trying to figure his weight. For god sakes people would a pair of Whitey Tightys add that much weight??

Finally, I am a Cub fan and have some thoughts on Sammy Sosa. Weird, but I have spent a lot of time this week on piece of craps from the sports world. Ok, I liked the guy when he was hitting home runs and chasing Maris, Big Mac, and saving baseball. At the time he was putting together five of the best statistical years (1998 thru 2002) baseball had ever seen. However, all good things come to an end. We know now that this time in baseball will forever be known as the "Steroid Era." Don't argue it, just look at the facts. Look at the grand jury testimony in the Bonds case. Look how big the players got and how they will start to shrink this year under the new drug testing procedures. I will always wonder about that fabulous June of 98. Were those 20 home runs really Sammy, or the corked bat, or the juice.

Present day Sammy is an aging superstar with a huge ego. His ego is out of control along with his boom box playing and he clearly was becoming a cancer in the Cubs locker room. You can not argue that was not a cancer. Look at the trade, the Cubs clearly did not want him on their team. They begged for a taker and are paying most of his salary for the next two years. It aint just the front office. Remember, the players destroyed the Sosa boom box last year when he bailed on the team that last game. Mark Prior claimed on local radio that Sammy owed the team an apology. I think Mark is still waiting.

How many World Series did Sammy Sosa lead the Cubs too? I look forward to the 2005 Chicago Cubs and the upcoming baseball season. I look forward to a Mark Prior led team and baseball on a brisk October night in Chicago.

Yeah, that is right, I said it. I am out. Later.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Warm Fuzzy Feelings...........

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Why yes a picture of a cute dog brings me to calmness. Especially my dog posing while on his summer canoe trip.

What about the workout you ask?? Yeah baby I hit the gym. Not my best gym day, but it was a gym day. Usual 20 mins on the elliptical (140 avg HR 330 cals burnt 1.9 miles). Then I tried the Stairmaster. Oops, that was my bad. I only made it for 10 mins AND damn that was a hard 10. Who Knew? I did 200 situps and called it a day. The neck is getting better and hopefully so will the workouts.

I am out. Later.

Alford Should Be Next Out the Door !!

It only took two "Alleged" Felony sexual Charges for Iowa to give Pierre Pierce the boot. What a joke that is. I am guessing this means Steve Alford, Pierce's number one backer, gets at least one more screw up?? Alford has backed, supported and ENABLED Pierce to allow him to "Allegedly" commit a sexual crime, AGAIN! Ofcourse, now Alford and Iowa Officials are running like crazy from this dirt ball sex offender. Their press conference statements from today are Two Years and Two Victims Too late!!

Man, this story pisses me off. Anyway, I need some good warm fuzzy feelings before I call it a night. BRB.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"I have to keep this party going. I'm taking one for the team."

As you can see below I can now post pictures to my blog. Blogging is cool! The one of Eddie was taken with my camerphone. I also have set up so I can post pictures taken on my phone straight to the blog. That is totally cool or at least sounds totally cool and I can not wait to try it. This blog may be taking off in an entire new direction.

BUT not so quick my blog reading friends. I must continue to document my training for the Summer of mountain Biking 2005, because it is the reason for the season of blog. Today, neck pain and stiffness still kicking my butt. It kept me up all last night. However, I went to the gym, warmed the neck up and did some cardio. I started with 20 minutes on the elliptical machine (140 avg heart rate, 2 miles, 350 cals burned) and then 30 minutes on the spin cycle(no monitor). I wanted to go for 40, but damn my butt was getting numb!! No weight lifting, which is suspended until further notice. It was a solid cardio workout for me.

Before I go I must follow up on the scum of-the-earth story, Pierre Pierce latest criminal issues;

"West Des Moines police acknowledged today that their investigation into Hawkeye basketball player Pierre Pierce now involves allegations related to a possible assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. "

I hope Steve Alford is happy he got this "alleged" scum a second chance. Will he be gathering the Christen Religious Group to meet and bully this "alleged" victim too? Will he even sit this "alleged" piece of crap out or let him play because he is the only athlete Iowa has? We shall see.

Keep up on this and the latest College Hoop news over at, yoco :: College Basketball, listed in my links.

Later peeps. I am out.

Specialized HardRock Sport

Specialized HardRock Sport
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This is the reason for the workouts, the blog, & the obsession. It is my brand new mountain bike that I got 10/28/04. I have maybe 50 singletrack miles under my belt because of winter, but I am training (see below) for a summer of fun. No racing or competition, just me getting healthy riding some singletrack. This posting pics thing kicks all forms of arse. Later.

Eddie Vedder (the dog)

Eddie Vedder (the dog)
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Yeah for me I finally set up to post pics to my blog. Yeah for all of us. First pic is of my dog, Eddie, a 1 year old Rat Terrier who rocks. More pics on the way. Later.