Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"To trudge: the slow weary walk of a man that has nothing left in his life but the impulse to simply solider on."

If it aint one thing it is another. I had the neck thing, then the Super Bowl hangover thing, then the Burger King hangover thing, and now I am getting the really bad cold maybe the flu thing. All these "things" make working out difficult, but I do what I do when I can do it.

Today was free weights for bicepts & tricepts. After that I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, which was 2.7 miles with 500 cals burnt. I wanted to hit the spin cycle but was beat, so called it a day. Damn cold maybe flu thing makes it hard to breathe and sustain energy.

Anyone see the Illinois game last night? It was an ugly win, but a WIN, and that makes them 24 - o. They looked bad and tired but near the end Dee Brown got mad and took over the game. He was like, damn this blows, give me that ball, I must score, so we can get the heck out of dodge, well Michigan. He was amazing when the team needed him to be just that. Now, Darrin Williams has not looked so good the last two games. He seems real tentative to step up and take the big end of the game shot. That aint good when he is the guy with the ball in his hands all the time. Hopefully with no game until Saturday vs. Wisconsin they get rested and get ready to make the march to the arch.

If you did not see the Illini game what about The Amazing Race 6? It was kind of a let down for me. Kendra and what's his name won. Hayden had another breakdown and finally quit. Then her wimpy boyfriend said it was ok and asked her to marry him. WTF? In two years when life and marriage gets tough she will quit. That is just what she does, well besides bitching. Kris and Jon, the favorites came in second because they are too damn nice. They needed to be aggressive in the final leg. Especially when booking that last flight to Chicago. They were not and it cost them 1 million bucks.

American Idol was also kind of a bore, but I don't expect it to get good until it goes live. How do I watch so much in one night? TIVO baby! Google it, research it, then get it. You will love it.

That is all I gots. I am out. Later.

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cheesecakey said...

What other shows are you watching? My schedule is sick! almost mental-patient-time! and it's all because of Tivo (that and the being at home thing): Bachelorette, Trading Spouses, Supernanny, Wife Swap, Caesar's 24/7, Nick + Jessica (don't tell anyone!), Apprentice, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model (I'm pulling for Alicia), Road to Stardom w/ Missy Elliot, Wickedly Perfect, and, in a non-reality surprise, my guilty pleasure: Las Vegas. I think it's the Love Boat of the new millenium.

Feel better! I will be hitting the weights as hard as I can tomorrow to make up for the chocolate blowout I had today.