Sunday, February 13, 2005

"If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer."

Has anyone noticed that the blogging world is full of political topic blogs?? Maybe it is just me, but searching through blogs over at BlogExplosion lead to me to a lot of Left Wing, Right Wing, Religious Wing, Wacko Wing, blog sites. Well, I don't want to go against the norm, so here is my political blogging for the day. President Bush and I have something in common? Hey, watch what you say there, it's not what you think. Check out this article posted over at and read about the President's current favorite hobby.

OK, enough political talk. What most want to know is if I got off my fat arse and went to the gym. Or did I use that cold/flu type thing as an excuse again? No soup for you. I went, I saw, I did, I done, I loved it. What? First it was free weights for Chest and Back, then 30 minutes on the spin cycle. I spun it at a steady pace most of the time. I did do 5 intervals where I cranked down the tension like I was climbing one bitch of a hill. I have to say I felt pretty crappy while on the bike and sweat up a storm. After that it was home sweet home.

The boss at work is out of town this week, which I think makes me boss for a week? Who cares, well I am just getting in my built in excuse for the upcoming week if I don't work out. However, my goal is to workout every day. This includes playing hoops Tuesday night.

Finally, Survivor: Palau starts in four days and the previews look interesting. They are completely stranded with no help and three people go home in the first episode. Oh I do love my Survivor. Can anyone point me to some good Survivor Blogs or Forums?

It is that time again. I am out. Later.

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