Monday, February 21, 2005

I Wish I Had 502 Friends!

Paris Hilton makes me giggle like a teenage girl high on Red Bull. The story is, Saturday night some master hacker got into T-Mobile servers and flooded the internet with her SideKick contact list and stored cameraphone pics. Her contact list is interesting to look at but, I would never call any of the numbers. However, that aint the case with the rest of America. It is being reported that most Celebrities in her contact list have changed their number already. Seems the secret serive is involved and some more popular websites have been forced to remove her stuff. Oh T-Mobile can you say lawsuit!!

On a side note this worries me about my Nextel cameraphone. I think the numbers and pics are stored on my phone and not any Nextel servers. SideKicks and T-Mobile must work differently and store the info with T-Mobile?? I better go erase those nude pics of Eddie from my cell phone.

Workout Stats: Free Weights for bicepts and tricepts, then 30 minutes on the new spin cycle doing intervals, then a follow up walk with Eddie when I got home. My excuse for not pushing it longer on the spin cycle is my damn glasses. They suck so bad! The are two prescriptions behind and barely stay on my face.

Anyway, I got to go call Eminem. I am out. Later.

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