Thursday, February 24, 2005

New Title, Same Old Crap............

I mean, same old blog. To Be Honest With You, I never really liked my original title, How You Doin. Everyone knows that is a famous Joey line from Friends. What kind of person starts a statement off with this title phase? To Be Honest With you, it is a person who feels the need to qualify that they are telling the truth. Which means they normally don't?? So only dirty deceptive liars use this phrase. Over the next week listen and watch for who and how many start off comments with, To Be Honest With You.

Workout Stats; Thirty minutes on the elliptical, for 511 cals burned. Then it was 250 crunches. Then it was home and a finish up walk with Eddie. We varied from our normal route but, I think it was about 1.5 miles. I am kinda getting bored with the workouts. I am not dropping weight like a Biggest Loser or even a Little Loser. I need warm weather so I can hit the trails on my mountain bike. Damn Evil Man Winter. Cabin Fever Release Me.

Do not forget we have SURVIVOR: Palau tonight. Check out my links for a great Survivor Recap Blog to keep you current with the best Reality TV show. Plus, I have last nights American Idol to watch. So far this 4th edition is boring me more then my workouts. No one has blown me away yet. I remember that Kelly, Reuben, & Tamyra Grey all blew me away with their first performances of the round to get to the final 12. I am invested and likely will keep watching.

I am out. Later.

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