Thursday, February 10, 2005

"I don't know how to tell you this but I'm kind of a big deal. "

Winter blows arse. I have the winter blues, cabin fever, whatever you call it. Now I am getting sick. Damn you evil winter be gone with your self.

So, I did manage to workout today. I worked on my abdominal area (ABs) and then rode the spin cycle for 30 minutes. I did the interval thing again. I warmed up the first five minutes then tightened the tension for a minute, then back to normal tension and speed for two minutes. I did this for the remaining time. As time passed I found it easier to sustain pace at the harder tension. After that I was done and headed home for an afternoon nap.

Doing these intervals seems to simulates a trail ride. I think it will get me in better mountain biking shape. Also, I really would like to lose ten pounds before Spring. Doing intervals while spinning or doing the elliptical for a minimum of 30 minutes should help that. Plus, I really need to focus on my diet and NOT blow it up on the weekends. I am big on eating out. Not fast food but not gourmet food either, like Chilis, Olive Garden, Red Robin, ect.

Wife Swap last night was crazy. Do people like the millionaire's wife really exist? She is so blinded by her so called faith she acussess the other Wife of being a lesbian child molestar with no facts or ground to stand on. What the hell was that? American Idol from Wed was another bore. Survivor next week baby!! I holla at ya.

Don't hate the short uninteresting blog tonight, just hate the cold/flu type thing. I am out. Later.


rysolag said...


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cheesecakey said...

That millionaire's wife was crazy!! Bitch got SOME nerve! I grew up in Texas, and let me tell you, interracial couples were SO not accepted. The neighborhoods were completely segregated, and in the white areas, the only people behind the counters were Black or Hispanic. You would think she would know something about ignorance! I would have spit on her. And that husband... such a weenie! Do you ever watch Trading Spouses? Sometimes it's pretty good.

Intervals ROCK! A trainer I know says that it is the fastest way to change your body - burning the most fat & carbs. Feel better!