Monday, February 14, 2005

Evil Spin Cycles

Evil Spin Cycles
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How about a lovely pic from the gym? I worked up a real nice sweat today on this baby. I must have sweat on the cameraphone lens too (crappy pic?). Anyway, it was free weights for the bicepts/tricepts, then 30 minutes on the spin cycle. I did 7 intervals during that time and my legs are beat!

It is so cool that I can take a picture with my cameraphone then email it to my account. The internet is such a fabulous place!

I was right about that boss thing too. I am the "Boss For A Week" while he is away for meetings. Didn't really make me too busy today. I mean I got my workout and blog post done before quitting time.

OK players I will be back later for more blogging love love. I am out. Later.

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