Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"I have to keep this party going. I'm taking one for the team."

As you can see below I can now post pictures to my blog. Blogging is cool! The one of Eddie was taken with my camerphone. I also have flickr.com set up so I can post pictures taken on my phone straight to the blog. That is totally cool or at least sounds totally cool and I can not wait to try it. This blog may be taking off in an entire new direction.

BUT not so quick my blog reading friends. I must continue to document my training for the Summer of mountain Biking 2005, because it is the reason for the season of blog. Today, neck pain and stiffness still kicking my butt. It kept me up all last night. However, I went to the gym, warmed the neck up and did some cardio. I started with 20 minutes on the elliptical machine (140 avg heart rate, 2 miles, 350 cals burned) and then 30 minutes on the spin cycle(no monitor). I wanted to go for 40, but damn my butt was getting numb!! No weight lifting, which is suspended until further notice. It was a solid cardio workout for me.

Before I go I must follow up on the scum of-the-earth story, Pierre Pierce latest criminal issues;

"West Des Moines police acknowledged today that their investigation into Hawkeye basketball player Pierre Pierce now involves allegations related to a possible assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. "

I hope Steve Alford is happy he got this "alleged" scum a second chance. Will he be gathering the Christen Religious Group to meet and bully this "alleged" victim too? Will he even sit this "alleged" piece of crap out or let him play because he is the only athlete Iowa has? We shall see.

Keep up on this and the latest College Hoop news over at, yoco :: College Basketball, listed in my links.

Later peeps. I am out.

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