Saturday, April 28, 2007

I See The Sun........

I finally managed to get all 15 running miles in this week and before the weekend! See my goal is to maintain some type of running form by logging 15 miles a week. I hope to accomplish this with 3 running days. The rest of the week, well really just weekend, will be dedicated to cycling. This will go on for a couple of months while I prepare for two or three challenging cycling events. Sometime around July I will need to switch it up and start thinking about the Marathon!

Where was I? Oh yeah, running was good this week. Knocked out 7 miles yesterday to get my 15. This morning it was up and out the door on the road bike. Man I love riding early in the morning. The Sun was out with the temp around 50ish when I left and 60ish when I got back. I went for a new route and ended up taking a wrong turn around mile 20 that put me back on my old route? Crazy how that worked out. Anyway, this new route has some potential with some nice rolling tree lined roads along the Fox River.

I was surprised how well my legs reacted after Fridays running efforts. They really wanted to go, so we went. My fifth ride of the season produced and average speed just over 18 mph. This number and myself didn't cross paths last season until late August. It is going to be a fun season.

The Stats: 45.06 miles, 2:29:44 time, 18.1 mph avg with 27.3 max, 129 avg HR with a 158 max, & 81 rpm avg with a 110 max.

Tomorrow the plan is for another early morning ride of 40 to 50 miles. Next Sunday will be my first Organized Century of the year. Just a ho-hum 100 miles in one day. Good times.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not Ready Yet?

The BFNIC Spring Metric Classic ride was yesterday. It was up in the lovely Crystal Lake area, which means hills. Yes we have some here in Illinois. We don't have any around my riding grounds, but they do up yonder. Hum, that seems like excuse number one? Here go two and three:

  1. See Above ^
  2. Prior to this I had only three rides for 118 miles.
  3. No trainer for me means no riding legs at this point in my season.

The weather was great. The ride and route were very well planned out. It was great seeing the other BFNIC'ers for the first time this year!!

Now the suffering. As this group normally goes (fast) we started out briskly. Especially considering it was the second thirty mile loop that included the hills. We bolted out of the start consistently in the 17 to 21 mph range like it was late season. This pace was cool with me at first, but I did pay later in the ride for it. Plus, I was struggling with finding the right gear. I like to spin, but today I was trying to ride mostly in the big ring with less spinning. I just couldn't find my sweat spot.

After the first thirty'ish mile loop the legs were burning. I regrouped at the stop and things went well until the hills around mile 60'ish. While I couldn't hang at the front I was still maintaining a nice effort up to this point. The last hill at mile 65 finished me. I have limited cycling experience, 1 year for 2500 miles, and none with 15% grades! I think my main missteps were standing too early and not attempting the "serpent weave" back and forth across the rode. See, at the steepest part I was already standing to keep the cranks turning. The legs basically wanted nothing to do with this and shut down. I had to stop and unclip before I likely fell over due to lack of movement.

I felt a bit bummed about having to stop. I mean I am in the best shape of my life, as the saying goes. I am lighter, stronger, and more fit then ever. I think my actions show I may be a bit smarter too. It's early in the season. I just didn't have the legs and more importantly the technique to tackle that hill at mile 65.

I think I may be back to this Bull Valley and that 15% grade. This ride was only 2800 feet of elevation gain. I have one slated for June with over 10,000 feet!

The stats:

69.29 miles / 4:02:24 ride time / 17.2 mph avg with 34.5 max / 125 avg HR / 65 rpm avg with 115 max / 3300 calories burnt.

The MotionBased Link...........HERE.


Friday, April 20, 2007

And in this corner....

we have allergy season. CRAP! I didn't have allergy issues until I turned 30. What is up with that?? Anyway, I finally shake the flu midweek and get socked with more headaches and snot on Thursday. I thought the flu was back, but it isn't.

Allergies can kiss my arse though. I have had three very solid runs this week. A hard effort, a recovery effort, and you ho hum nine minute per effort. The legs have been very responsive.

Only three measly runs? Yep, because today starts three consecutive days of cycling. Spring is back in Chicagoland and I will be head out shortly for a nice 30 miler. Tomorrow is the BFNIC Spring Metric Classic and Sunday will be a nice afternoon recovery ride. Good times.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Spring Classic??

I can finally stop belly aching about the weather and not riding, well, for a couple of days at least. I can't help it, but I just get pissy, crabby, grumpy, b!tchy, whatever, when I do not get my quality time with my beloved Giant TCR C2. It is what it is.

Yes, I rode my bike today. Still recovering from the flu, been on primary baby poo and vomit duty (ha i said duty) three days straight, only two rides under my bum, AND I still organized my gear Saturday night and headed out Sunday at 8am.

It was cold, sunny, windy, miserable and fabulous all at the same time. The stats will not WOW you, but are decent based on the facts already presented.

My Sunday Stats

Of course, now my throat, head, and lower back hurt, AGAIN. All signs that the flu I was just about to kick really enjoyed the 40 degree and 15 mph NWW wind riding companions. So be it.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Count me IN.... the group of haters over at Yep, I hate this freakin weather and I hates it lots!! If you don't want to hear, er, read me crab then be gone with yourself.

It is mid April and 30 degrees. I have the flu. My daughter has the flu and is puking and number twoing every hour on the hour like a freaking machine. My bike has seen the road twice this year and it is Mid April already. We had snow yesterday. It is raining now. I am still sick. I blame it all on Al Gore.

Nope, that didn't help.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Special Giant.....

Wow, how many pictures of bicycle seat do we need to see????
Anyway, I received and installed my new Specialized Toupe Team Saddle. I think it looks sweet on my Giant TCR C2!! It is a very minimalist type saddle, but supposedly one of the best comfort wise.
I am guessing that some of you non-cyclist are wondering how a guy can ride 100 plus miles on this thing? It's all in the arse conditioning! Seriously though, I still need to get out and log some miles on it to get the fit dialed in, but I have some previous positive experience with the lower line of Specialized Saddles. I have high hopes this one works and well as it looks.
I actually went ahead and broke it in slightly today. I walked away from the bike while it was leaned up next to my white garage door and the damn wind blew it over. Another scuff for the read derailleur and the first for the rear corner of the saddle. OUCH, that really pissed me off. Oh well, nothing is new and shiny forever. Maybe a day at least??

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Go, No Go.............

Passed on riding in some challenging conditions today and I am now bummed. Weather and work for the upcoming week will leave me with NO time for cycling. I should have went out this morning full blast into that 25 mph wind!!!

That being said, I did log 6 miles running. Sported some new sneaks, Mizuno Wave Creation 7s. I picked the shoes up yesterday from a local Dick Pond store. While they told me nothing I didn't already know about my feet, running style, and type of shoe needed. I did get to test run 6 different pairs before pulling the trigger.

Back to the run. It was my best run in a while. I guess since the half marahon on 3/18. Shoes were good, body was good and mind was good. It felt satisfying to have a solid longer effort. One my outburst.....I just wish I was riding more. Come on Summer!!!!!!!!