Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Special Giant.....

Wow, how many pictures of bicycle seat do we need to see????
Anyway, I received and installed my new Specialized Toupe Team Saddle. I think it looks sweet on my Giant TCR C2!! It is a very minimalist type saddle, but supposedly one of the best comfort wise.
I am guessing that some of you non-cyclist are wondering how a guy can ride 100 plus miles on this thing? It's all in the arse conditioning! Seriously though, I still need to get out and log some miles on it to get the fit dialed in, but I have some previous positive experience with the lower line of Specialized Saddles. I have high hopes this one works and well as it looks.
I actually went ahead and broke it in slightly today. I walked away from the bike while it was leaned up next to my white garage door and the damn wind blew it over. Another scuff for the read derailleur and the first for the rear corner of the saddle. OUCH, that really pissed me off. Oh well, nothing is new and shiny forever. Maybe a day at least??

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