Sunday, July 31, 2005

Gus Macker 3 on 3.................

The Hardware
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This weekend was a Gus Macker Weekend for me. Since 1992 I have played in the Macker. It's a 3on3 basketball tournament where they match you up with simillar teams based on entry forms each team submits. There are usually 16 teams on a court and it is double elimination. It is street ball where we call our own fouls and it can get rough. The do have "Court Monitors" to keep things clean.

In my younger days we would travel around Illinois and play in about 5 a summer. Same team for each tourney. We had a two year run where we never finished lower then second and racked up numerous first place trophies. Actually I have boxes of Macker trophies in the basement.

Well, I am getting older and the tournament wins had been none since 2001. We scored a couple thirds, but that was it. Hoops is a rough sport and my body just isn't conditioned for it anymore. Or so I thought.

This year is my last year. I proclaimed this fact last summer that I would be retiring from the Macker. We played two. We finished third in June and I didn't have much hope for this Macker. I had not played since, well, June's Macker, and have been falling out of shape fast.

The core of this team has been the same for ten years. We got a sharp shooter, big guy (me) and the best freaking 3on3 guard around. Through in an aging all state high school stud athlete and we white boys can hoop.

We played five games and won them all. We won close games, came from behind, shot well, rebounded, made cuts, and played like it was 1997. It was freakin awesome. The sharp shooter and the guard played their best hoops in years.

Man, I may have to rethink this retirement thing. Later.

The Bracket

The Bracket
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Big Guns Forever!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Best of Foo?

Or too much Foo? I have not yet decided. I borrowed the Foo's recent two disk release from a friend and just started jamming it this morning on my way to work.. They rock they chill they do it all with this release. I have read the critics think its too much? WTF do they know? Treo Out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Where Ya Been.......

Where Ya Been.......
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No hail or high winds just sweet rain and cool temps. Heck it feels cold outside at 75 degrees. Is it wierd that I am in the garage blogging about rain. Treo Out.

Yeah for Rain

For the first time since May 19th we are getting significant rain fall. Be gone with the dry brown everything. Plus temps have dropped below 80. Should I be this excited?! Treo Out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Everything is so damn burnt...........

The entire state of Illinois is burnt. The Chicago area is around 7 inches short for precipitation in 2005. The last time it significantly rained in my neighbor was that damn rain, wind, and hail storm of May 19th. The damn continued heat and burnt everything is kinda of depressing. I think I may be getting Cabin Fever, but the Summer Version?? Is that possible? I know I have the Electric Bill Blues as our A/C has been running nonstop since May.

Despite all that I did ride today. It cooled down to 86 degrees today so I hit the road on my 05 Trek 1000. Riding into the wind solo is a bitch. I managed 11.5 miles in 45 minutes with an avg speed of 15 mph and max of 21 mph. According to CaloriesPerHour.Com I burnt up 782 calories during my ride. Lance Armstrong and the boys of Le Tour burn up 5000 calories or more during a mountain stage. I got some work to do.

My lower back is still flaring up on me and has since I started my road bike career back on June 25th. I am still tweaking the bike to get the fit right, but think my main problem is a weak core. The road bike position is much tougher on the bike and I need to work on my back flexibility and abs. Yep, the beer belly is fucking up my back on the road bike! Later.

Didn't Make It....

Just over 20 miles last week which was far from my goal of 50. Poker Beer Painting and other things came up. I will get more miles in this week!

This Tour De France has got me. I tivo it on OLN and watch all of the coverage when I get home. I dig it. Treo Out.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Climb Lance Climb!!!

Who knew this Tour thing was so exciting? I am hooked. Treo Out.

Played Out....

Played Out....
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I'm tired of playing!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


2.26 per and that is cheap???

Slow start.......

My goal of 50 road miles this week is off to a slow start. 12.57 miles yesterday was my first ride of the week. Evil work has gotten in the way. Treo Out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Late Again

We work summer hours, uhm, in summer. It is 7am to 415pm Mon thru Thur with Friday being 7am to 1145am. Well this is the as close to 7am I can get. I luv work. Treo Out.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

We have a visitor!

We have a visitor!
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So my best buddy is off playin in Vegas and I get the pleasure of dog sitting. This is Kirby a 9 year old Pug. Aint he a cutie?! Treo out.

In Case You Missed It...............

For those just joining the party I thought I should let you know I started this blog as a way to track my road to middle-aged-fitness. I had just purchased a mountain bike and wanted to be in shape for summer riding. I spent most of the winter working out 3 to 4 days a week at the gym. Lifting weights and doing cardio. I was feeling really good about it all. I even lost 10 pounds despite not really changing me diet. Then something happened?????

I have over 150 miles on the mountain bike and 50 on the new road bike. That really is not very many considering the lack of rain we have had around here. So, I decided to step on the scale the other day and BAM 232.5 lbs. That really sucks, but I knew it was coming. I am tall, 6'3", and carry the weight well, but still that aint where I want to be.

I worked so hard over the winter and just ate it all way in spring and early summer. I need to focus on the damn diet and I would have no problem maintaining a better weight, like say 220 lbs. Through in some bike riding and I could be looking at 215 lbs.

What is the fucking point? I am back at it kids. Losing 15 lbs is the goal and riding with eating right is the way to Git-R-Done. It was 10.7 road miles yesterday with a 15 mph avg 20 max mph and 43 minutes of ride time. That makes for 36 road miles last week. This weeks goal is 50!

Wait did I mention the hunched over riding style that is road biking has flared up my lower back. Yes the pain right above the arse that can take your breath away and run down your leg. Shit, I am already making excuses. I must go. Later.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


We have not had significant rain since the major hail/wind/rain storm of May 19th. So here I am dragging the hose around. I am more wet the the grass. Treo out.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Hey Roadie

26 miles so far this week. I am averaging 16 mph 22 mph max with aprox 1 hour ride time. Treo Out.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Made it....

To work and I find myself already in my safe place. Treo Out.

Still Commuting....

Mobile blogging.....

Blogging during the commute. Now that is mobil.

Off to work......

While Eddie keeps my spot warm.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

flickr badge

flickr badge
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flickr really is cool. you can do so many things with your pics. its the ultimate photo sharing thingy in the internet world.

where's the crapper pic? i am working from home today so no need to hide out on the shitter.