Monday, November 16, 2009

Mixing Fun..

The double double race weekend did not happen as planned. Not solely due to reasons stated in my previous post though.

Saturday was the Gobbler Hobbler. The 4th edition for me. I was running this one solo with no little speedy buddy to chase and no family to cheer. This is an out and back course that is nothing but flat. Weather was a huge factor last year, but not this year. Forty-five degrees, Sun & no Wind when the gun went off at 9am.

I really wanted to see a 4 and 5 on the clock. In other words I wanted my 3rd personal record in four races. A bit greedy for a cyclist don't you think? My last 5 training runs leading up to the race were solid. They felt good and I can tell I am oh so close to finding some running form. However, this cyclist doesn't / hasn't / won't / can't log enough running miles to be so greedy.

BAM. I found a pacer. In fact, I found two pacers. First, a guy who was targeting 7 minute miles. Second, a familiar female runner running consistent 7:15 miles. The dude dropped off at mile two after a mishap through the water station. He was fading anyway, so I grabbed on to the FF (familiar female).

I started to fad as I usually do around mile 4. FF was fading a bit too, but still out front. As we hit the 5 mile marker I pulled up next to her and said; "Are we going to see that 4 and 5 on the clock." She replied with "I hope so!" and with that being said I stepped on the gas.

Official time was 45:43 for a new 10K personal record. Miles 4 and 5 were 7:22 miles, but I finished strong with mile six @ 7:11. Very satisfying effort.

Sunday was suppose to be the Red Eye 8K, but I was having some odd knee pains Saturday night and decided to skip it. It goes down as a DNS. My fall racing season has been a solid one with 3 PRs in 4 races.

Sunday wasnt a total wash. I mean, a sore knee can't stop a cyclist :). I logged 38 cold, wind, & slow miles on the Giant. Man, I need to find more bike time while these 40 & 50 degree temps are still around.

Friday, November 13, 2009

C or R ?

We had such crappy weather in October. Something like 16 days of overcast with little sun light and 25 days with precipitation. The cycling efforts were few and far between while the running efforts picked up.

November is here with it's time change, shorter days AND beautiful October like weather. It has left me wanting. Despite being oh so close to feeling good on the road running, this nice weather is messing with my plans.

This weekend is looking perfect for two early morning rides. However, its 18K weekend for me. Saturday is the Gobbler Hobbler 10K and Sunday the RedEye 8K. Already signed up and ready to go for both. The Gobbler Hobbler is a nice little race with a flat out and back course. I have done it the past three years and normally the weahter has been cold, windy, & crappy. The RedEye is a new race for me, both event wise and distance wise.

I may skip the 10K in favor of a group ride Saturday morning. If my normally group is still rolling out? Maybe I should just make this a Double Double weekend. Two running races and two afternoon bike strolls? I do enjoy a good challenge.

Anyway, I had an expensive lunch at Panera with custom wheel guru Psimet yesterday. Stay tuned for details and clarification on how one can combine expensive and Panera. Later.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009

PR Fun

race number three of my 09 fall running series has yielded PR number 2 for me. i am likely going to, maybe already am, pay for this one.

i ramped up the speedier efforts the last two weeks in an attemp to, uh well, run faster. going into the run i had some tight hamstrings, which i dont normally experience. i did not have good vibes as i warmed up. things were tight, popping, snapping, cracking, and so on.

plus, i really need a lot more base miles. any base for that matter. i didnt run all summer and only have 150 miles in my sneaks this year. yet, i am running faster than 2007 when i set all my running PRs and did a little thing called the Chicago Marathon. something has to give, possible my left knee.......?

the race was the Canal Connection put on by the Starved Rock Runners Club in Utica, IL. normally a great downhill run along the I&M Canal Path with a slight uphill finish in downtown Utica. unfortunately, part of the path was flooded due to all the recent rain. the route was now an out and back starting and finishing in Utica. It made for a congested course, but otherwise no big deal.

my target was 7:30 miles. we went out a bit fast since i dislike running in crowds and wanted to hit the path out in front of the masses. i say we, because my little running buddy and life long pal was with me. he is sneaky fast and regularly runs sub 8 minute training miles, something i rarely do. i was hoping to stay with him the entire way......

we approached the turn around and started seeing runners coming back in. you know the really fast folks. despite being a little sick, my little buddy seem energized by the leaders. he gradually picked up the pace and as we made the turn back he hit the gas. i have seen him do this before, in 2008 at the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race where he left me in the dust at mile 8. this time i hung on.....almost that is.

at mile 4 i felt like i hit the wall and was slowing signficantly as he zoomed away. the opposite is true if you look at my splits. i maintained my pace well. he just decided to go go. this is where his proper base building pays off and mine doesnt.

in the end he got me by 40 seconds and just missed his 45 minute goal. me, i smashed my previous 10k PR of 47:17.

so where is the speed coming from? i dont think i am in better shape then the Fall 2007. no way, no how. what i am better at is suffering. i am better at being at my limit for extended time. i may be almost comfortable at my limit which could mean it is no longer my limit. that is cool.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Canal Connection 10K