Monday, November 16, 2009

Mixing Fun..

The double double race weekend did not happen as planned. Not solely due to reasons stated in my previous post though.

Saturday was the Gobbler Hobbler. The 4th edition for me. I was running this one solo with no little speedy buddy to chase and no family to cheer. This is an out and back course that is nothing but flat. Weather was a huge factor last year, but not this year. Forty-five degrees, Sun & no Wind when the gun went off at 9am.

I really wanted to see a 4 and 5 on the clock. In other words I wanted my 3rd personal record in four races. A bit greedy for a cyclist don't you think? My last 5 training runs leading up to the race were solid. They felt good and I can tell I am oh so close to finding some running form. However, this cyclist doesn't / hasn't / won't / can't log enough running miles to be so greedy.

BAM. I found a pacer. In fact, I found two pacers. First, a guy who was targeting 7 minute miles. Second, a familiar female runner running consistent 7:15 miles. The dude dropped off at mile two after a mishap through the water station. He was fading anyway, so I grabbed on to the FF (familiar female).

I started to fad as I usually do around mile 4. FF was fading a bit too, but still out front. As we hit the 5 mile marker I pulled up next to her and said; "Are we going to see that 4 and 5 on the clock." She replied with "I hope so!" and with that being said I stepped on the gas.

Official time was 45:43 for a new 10K personal record. Miles 4 and 5 were 7:22 miles, but I finished strong with mile six @ 7:11. Very satisfying effort.

Sunday was suppose to be the Red Eye 8K, but I was having some odd knee pains Saturday night and decided to skip it. It goes down as a DNS. My fall racing season has been a solid one with 3 PRs in 4 races.

Sunday wasnt a total wash. I mean, a sore knee can't stop a cyclist :). I logged 38 cold, wind, & slow miles on the Giant. Man, I need to find more bike time while these 40 & 50 degree temps are still around.

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