Friday, November 13, 2009

C or R ?

We had such crappy weather in October. Something like 16 days of overcast with little sun light and 25 days with precipitation. The cycling efforts were few and far between while the running efforts picked up.

November is here with it's time change, shorter days AND beautiful October like weather. It has left me wanting. Despite being oh so close to feeling good on the road running, this nice weather is messing with my plans.

This weekend is looking perfect for two early morning rides. However, its 18K weekend for me. Saturday is the Gobbler Hobbler 10K and Sunday the RedEye 8K. Already signed up and ready to go for both. The Gobbler Hobbler is a nice little race with a flat out and back course. I have done it the past three years and normally the weahter has been cold, windy, & crappy. The RedEye is a new race for me, both event wise and distance wise.

I may skip the 10K in favor of a group ride Saturday morning. If my normally group is still rolling out? Maybe I should just make this a Double Double weekend. Two running races and two afternoon bike strolls? I do enjoy a good challenge.

Anyway, I had an expensive lunch at Panera with custom wheel guru Psimet yesterday. Stay tuned for details and clarification on how one can combine expensive and Panera. Later.

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