Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Enough Already.......

No more cake eating or self back slapping as it is time to get back to work. I have at least two scheduled Centuries and a 5k Run coming up in September.

Last night it was 5k on the treadmill. My time was brutal at 27:40, but it felt good. Legs were good and there was lots of sweat. When it was all said and done I felt like I could have pushed it harder or went longer. Still, why is running so darn hard? I ride my little bicycle 100 miles in six hours, so geesh, I just want to run some 8 minute miles.

Totally different topic. I have a Polar CS200cad cyclocomputer that works perfectly fine. Never had any issues with it and it provides me with all the great numbers I report here on the blog. That being said, I want a Garmin Edge 305 GPS. It seems to be the ultimate in cycling computers. I am mainly turned on by the GPS stuff the unit can spit out. It cost near $300 though. Does it ever end??

Well, this post does. Later.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Present Tense

Biggest Loser = Me, originally uploaded by aham23.

This is me as of August 26th *prior to cake eating fiasco :) *

As of this pic I was 177 lbs. Crazy. I did not do anything radical. I just woke up and decided to eat healthier. I still endulge, see cake below, and eat out, but don't get stupid with it. Plus, I am active. As in 1800 plus cycling miles of active this summer. You too can do it. You just have to want too. So get to it!! Later.

A Flash Back....

The Fat, originally uploaded by aham23.

And hopefully motivation to STOP eating cake! No really, I had plan to post some weight loss pictures and they ironically follow a cake eating post????????? Anyway, this is me Jan 9th 2006 at 236 lbs. WOW, that is some beer gut.

Must Eat Cake........

Must Eat Cake........
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I can NOT Stop Eating Cake. Can you blame me? Even the small one is delicious!!! Oh, yeah and ice cream on the side makes it the perfect dish. Must go eat more cake now! Later.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bike Psychos

Now, that is a cool bike club name. Today, thanks mostly to my Great Wife, I was able to take part in the Bike Psychos Century Ride.

Yesterday, was a big day at our house. We had family and friends over to Celebrate my Baby Girl's first BIRTHDAY. It was a great day. She got some really cool toys and even said "oooooh" a couple of times, which is a new word for her. I had Two too many Beef Sandwiches and Three too many pieces of cake. I still managed to get out of bed, ON TIME, and head off to Coal City by 6am.

This ride advertised a 30, 50, 70, 108, & 124 mile routes. I went for the basic everyday Century (108 Miles). Registration was quick and organized. I was headed out on the road at 7am. The first 30 miles your basic flat farmland country roads. I ended up skipping the first rest stop as I missed the turn, but it was too early for a stop anyway. Every thing felt good and was good when I rolled into a rest stop around 30 miles.

Miles 30 to 50 were fun. I managed to hook up with a decent paceline and we cruised these miles at 20+ MPH. I was in the middle of the pack the majority of the time. At one point the line was 20 deep. However, when we hit the bridge to cross the Illinois River, which was a nasty long and steep climb we had only 6 left. The paceline blew up and I was off. Passed them all and made it to the top on my own. Man I do like to climb!!

Miles 50 to 70 were tough. The route got much more difficult. There is nothing flat about the roads that run around Starved Rock State Park and the Illinois River in this area. There were some nasty steep short climbs mixed in with a few tricky & twisty descents. That paceline was no where to be seen and I rode this part with one other rider I just met today. A cool dude and a strong rider who also hangs out over at This was his first Century and the conversation really helped pass the time.

Next it was my time to blow up. Miles 70 to 100. The roads were rolling up and down or dead straight into a nasty headwind. I was riding solo at this point as my new buddy and I departed ways on a nasty climb into the wind. I am sure he completed his first century and look forward to hearing his story. Man this section killed me. I had back, neck, and knee pains. Ran out of water, Cliff Bars, and GU gels. It was a toughie. BUT, I did make it. AND, I think my numbers were pretty darn good.

The Stats: 102 miles, 5:53 ride time, 6:36 total time (3 SAG stops), 17.3 mph avg with 35.1 max, 136 avg HR with 170 max, 85 avg cad with 110 max, and 4533 calories toasted.

I must go to bed now. Later.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Quickie....

First, what is the thing they do out in the country to country roads that seem perfectly fine? Then thing were they dump a layer of gravel on top of the existing asphalt in late August. What is the purpose??

So, I went out for a quickie today between morning yard work and afternoon real work. It was to be a simple 20 miles out and back. Kind of a TT effort for me. Weather was sun and fun or otherwise beautiful.

Coming back in, say mile 12ish, I had a fall. Not a crash, but a fall. I had 1700 clipped in miles on my Trek 1000 without incident. The Giant has 300 miles on it and now, one incident.

I was on a country road approaching a country intersection. I slowed to check for traffic. I was standing because the corn is getting tall around these parts. I could see no cars to my right, but too bad I needed to go left. When I could finally see the road to my left there was a car fast approaching. I planned to slow and attempt my version of a track stand. When I did this I also veered a bit left to give me more room AND bam I was taken down by a pile of loose gravel.

The wheel slid right out from under me and I went down on my left hip, kinda hard. Laying on the ground in the gavel still attached to my bike I thought, "What the hell just happened?" then "Shit, not my new carbon beauty!"

Well, I went down on the non drivetrain side so that is good. I did manage to scratch the left brifter up a bit and the bar tape. The grunt of the fall was taken by the pedal and I am glad to say the frame came out unharmed. Thank you Carbon Gods. My Gore shorts were on their maiden voyage and did scuff up a bit, but did not tear. And my hip hurts.

A nice passing bye roadie did ask if I was ok, to which I replied, "Yes, Damn Gravel!" At least I got the fall out of the way and can continue on with my roadie career. Later.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Went running.............

OUTSIDE for the first time in years. Well, I can not even tell you the last time I ran outside. I have been doing some running when I am short on time or in the need of a change up, but it has all been on a treadmill. I would say I have managed one to two sessions a week since I started getting healthy. On the treadmill I knock out 2 to 3 miles at a time.

Tonight, in prep for a 5k event in September, I headed over to the high school to run the track. I only did two miles of running, but ran 8 minute miles. I walked a mile as part of my warm up / cool down. I normally run 9 minute miles when on the treadmill. This run was a lot more straining then past ones, but not beyond what I could handle. I really enjoyed it, but did not want to over do it so stopped short at 2 miles.

I even carried my Polar CS200cad along for some heart rate and calorie info.

The Stats: 12 laps = 3 miles (2 running/1 walking), 31 minutes, 139 avg heart rate with 175 max and 390 calories toasted.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


You can remove the Oswego Century from the schedule below. Not because I successfully completed it today, but because I freakin over slept and missed the entire damn ride. Adults don't over sleep, do we??? I guess IT happens. I did get in 35 miles this afternoon, but I was really looking forward to riding in this BFNIC sanctioned event. Piss on me. Later.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

End Of Summer....

I dont think so. I have plenty of summer activities left on my plate. Starting tomorrow with the Oswego Century (100 mile ride) then a doulbe Metric (124 miles) next Sunday. I have two more centuries planned for September and a 5k run. Yes, a running event has made my schedule.

What the heck am I doing sitting around this morning? I got some training to do. Wait, I am off to the PGA Championship with my complimentary Clubhouse Passes first. Later.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Self Supported Suffering.....

I spent the weekend down in Edwardsville, IL riding with my brother in-law. It is a great little town with an awesome paved trail system. He rides a Giant Hybrid so we slowed the pace just a bit, but he can really move on his Mach 5. We did a 30 some mile loop Saturday and then a 35 mile out and back to Missouri on Sunday. Two really great rides.

I had today off too and decided to hit the road. You think it would be easy to map out 100 miles, but it is not. I tried to plan a nice big loop with a couple stops in various little towns to refuel. I mapped out 85 miles and left the house at 7:35am.

The route took me first to Silver Springs State Park for a potty break and cliff bar. This was at mile 24. Next it was off to Millbrook, to Millington, to Newark, to Lisbon, and to Morris for stop two at 53 miles. I found a gas station, went potty, and picked up some water and an oats bar. I ate up the oats bar and a Hammer Chocolate Chip bar, which was outstanding, and headed out.

Miles 1 to 53 were good for me. The legs felt great. The neck and back felt great and the mind was positive. Miles 53 to 86 were not so great.

As I departed Morris around 11am the sun out in full force. Although, the temp was decent at around 80 degrees. I was headed North to Plattville and the wind was right in my face. Maybe 10 to 15 mph, but it was steady. Heading North was a long, straight, boring route, but it was the only low traffic option out of Morris in my direction. During this run the legs, neck and back started to stiffen up. I really had no choice, but to power through it. I mean this was self supported tough guy solo stuff!!

I rolled into Plattville and stopped at mile 70. At this point I was low on water, but could find no options for a fill up. Note to self, buy more water at the the Morris stop next time. A few quick stretches and I was off, headed for home.

Sweet mile number 86.4 was when I rolled into my driveway. Almost a century on a lovely Tuesday morning. Now, you just can't beat that! Only had two adjust the route once when one of the roads I marked for travel was full on gravel.

My Ride Stats: 86.4 miles, 5:08 ride time with 5:43 total time, 16.8 mph avg with 29.8 max, 95 avg cadence with 133 max, 133 avg heart rate with 161 max, and 3761 cals toasted.

Plainfield to Silver Springs to Millbrook to Millington to Newark to Lisbon to Morris to Plattville to Plainfield.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another State

Another State
Originally uploaded by aham23.

My Summer of Cycling has taken me to Five States so far. Here my new Giant TCR C2 sits at the Illinois / Missouri Border. It is the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge slash Historic Rt 66. The ride was 35 miles and this bridge is 1 mile long and crosses the great Mississippi.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I Will Miss You

The Cash
Originally uploaded by aham23.

Oh, beloved 2005 Trek 1000 I will miss you. With you I shed 50 pounds, found carbon, developed feelings for lycra and bubble baths. Yes, you were very good to me. Bye Bye.

Carbon Friends

Carbon Friends
Originally uploaded by aham23.

I thought my new Carbon 06 Giant TCR C2 need some carbon friends. Plus I had some cash that was just burning a hole in my pocket.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

For Sale

It will be sad to see her go. She was my first love, but I have found Carbon. Oh, I love Carbon.

2005 Trek 1000 with Shimano 105 Upgrades is on the market.


Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have had my new ride for five days. I have been on five rides. I can not stop riding my new bike. I love it soooo much.

Five Days, Five Rides, 133 miles.

I am really enjoying it. The full carbon fiber frame just eats up the road. Very little road makes its way to me. Only issue is the seat. It is ok, but may produce a little to much pressure in that special area on any ride longer then 50 miles. I think I see a Specialized Toupe in my future.

The real question is, will day six bring ride six?? Later.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oh Yeah........

My new Ride
Originally uploaded by aham23.

That is pure, full, Carbon baby. My new ride is a 2006 Giant TCR C2. The frame is full carbon with a carbon fork. Throw in Ultegra Parts and Mavic wheels for sweet rig. Time for a ride no matter how sick and sore I am. Later.

Ass Nirvana?

The Seat
Originally uploaded by aham23.

Only Time Will Tell.

Giant TCR C2

Giant TCR C2
Originally uploaded by aham23.

The OCP Shot.

The Giant Has Arrived

Giant TCR C2
Originally uploaded by aham23.