Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bike Psychos

Now, that is a cool bike club name. Today, thanks mostly to my Great Wife, I was able to take part in the Bike Psychos Century Ride.

Yesterday, was a big day at our house. We had family and friends over to Celebrate my Baby Girl's first BIRTHDAY. It was a great day. She got some really cool toys and even said "oooooh" a couple of times, which is a new word for her. I had Two too many Beef Sandwiches and Three too many pieces of cake. I still managed to get out of bed, ON TIME, and head off to Coal City by 6am.

This ride advertised a 30, 50, 70, 108, & 124 mile routes. I went for the basic everyday Century (108 Miles). Registration was quick and organized. I was headed out on the road at 7am. The first 30 miles your basic flat farmland country roads. I ended up skipping the first rest stop as I missed the turn, but it was too early for a stop anyway. Every thing felt good and was good when I rolled into a rest stop around 30 miles.

Miles 30 to 50 were fun. I managed to hook up with a decent paceline and we cruised these miles at 20+ MPH. I was in the middle of the pack the majority of the time. At one point the line was 20 deep. However, when we hit the bridge to cross the Illinois River, which was a nasty long and steep climb we had only 6 left. The paceline blew up and I was off. Passed them all and made it to the top on my own. Man I do like to climb!!

Miles 50 to 70 were tough. The route got much more difficult. There is nothing flat about the roads that run around Starved Rock State Park and the Illinois River in this area. There were some nasty steep short climbs mixed in with a few tricky & twisty descents. That paceline was no where to be seen and I rode this part with one other rider I just met today. A cool dude and a strong rider who also hangs out over at This was his first Century and the conversation really helped pass the time.

Next it was my time to blow up. Miles 70 to 100. The roads were rolling up and down or dead straight into a nasty headwind. I was riding solo at this point as my new buddy and I departed ways on a nasty climb into the wind. I am sure he completed his first century and look forward to hearing his story. Man this section killed me. I had back, neck, and knee pains. Ran out of water, Cliff Bars, and GU gels. It was a toughie. BUT, I did make it. AND, I think my numbers were pretty darn good.

The Stats: 102 miles, 5:53 ride time, 6:36 total time (3 SAG stops), 17.3 mph avg with 35.1 max, 136 avg HR with 170 max, 85 avg cad with 110 max, and 4533 calories toasted.

I must go to bed now. Later.

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