Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Quickie....

First, what is the thing they do out in the country to country roads that seem perfectly fine? Then thing were they dump a layer of gravel on top of the existing asphalt in late August. What is the purpose??

So, I went out for a quickie today between morning yard work and afternoon real work. It was to be a simple 20 miles out and back. Kind of a TT effort for me. Weather was sun and fun or otherwise beautiful.

Coming back in, say mile 12ish, I had a fall. Not a crash, but a fall. I had 1700 clipped in miles on my Trek 1000 without incident. The Giant has 300 miles on it and now, one incident.

I was on a country road approaching a country intersection. I slowed to check for traffic. I was standing because the corn is getting tall around these parts. I could see no cars to my right, but too bad I needed to go left. When I could finally see the road to my left there was a car fast approaching. I planned to slow and attempt my version of a track stand. When I did this I also veered a bit left to give me more room AND bam I was taken down by a pile of loose gravel.

The wheel slid right out from under me and I went down on my left hip, kinda hard. Laying on the ground in the gavel still attached to my bike I thought, "What the hell just happened?" then "Shit, not my new carbon beauty!"

Well, I went down on the non drivetrain side so that is good. I did manage to scratch the left brifter up a bit and the bar tape. The grunt of the fall was taken by the pedal and I am glad to say the frame came out unharmed. Thank you Carbon Gods. My Gore shorts were on their maiden voyage and did scuff up a bit, but did not tear. And my hip hurts.

A nice passing bye roadie did ask if I was ok, to which I replied, "Yes, Damn Gravel!" At least I got the fall out of the way and can continue on with my roadie career. Later.

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