Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are You Messing With Me?

i think my scale may be fucking with me. why? cause it's trying to tell me that my current weight is 225.5 lbs. jump back jack. so just by reducing calories consumed i can drop pounds. that is just crazy talk. what if i were too really start working out?????

this fitday.com is the key for me. it makes tracking my calories kinda fun. it is amazing to see the calories of the stuff i use to eat. i had to be taking in at least 3500 calories every day. my friday and saturday eating out dinners likely topped 2500 calories just on their own. anyway, so for so good. off to work. later.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Uh, Your In My Chair

Uh, Your In My Chair
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It has been too long with no pics of Eddie Vedder, the dog! Later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who Wants Some?

i am really enjoying The Cleansing 2006 version 1.0, and with that today's number is 229 lbs !!! using fitday.com is really keeping my calories in check. plus, the wife is hitting the weight watchers program and we are actually helping and motivating each other, i think. i have not had a ton of time to work out. see, the gym is too far away, i got a promotion which means more work, and i got this little bundle of joyness, baby j. amazing thing is i have discovered that consuming less calories then i burn is easy. i am a big dude and most charts have me burning like 3000 calories just being me. i am targeting around 2000 to 2300 for my daily consumption. i did manage 2 miles in 30 minutes last nite on the home treadmill. so far i have cleansed 7 lbs and i feel good.

to totally flip it for real i would like to remind the world that kobe bryant is an admitted adulterer and alleged rapist. just cause he put up 81 pts doesn't change those facts. lets not run to recrown him the NBA King. i don't care if he puts up 181 pts i wouldn't want my kids idealizing him. the parents should be a kids hero, but we all know the sports superstars seem to get this role more than not. hopefully the kids can find a better sports hero. i am out. later.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who's Gonna Shovel?

Who's Gonna Shovel?
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I shouldn't be too bummed. I mean I live in the Chicago Burbs, it's January, but yet I have managed three road rides in the last two weeks. However, I really do not enjoy the snow. I guess it is time to tear apart the road bike and break my virgin wrenching status.

On the cleansing front I only have this to say; "Damn you evil Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! Why must you be so delicioius?" Evil Bastard!"


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Holy Crap.......

just took some Biggest Loser Style pictures of myself and they confirmed that i am a heavy dude. why take the pics? so i can post them in 6 months when i have dropped like 60 freakin pounds. yeah baby just like on TV. or something like that.

anywho, i have been messing around with fitday.com and think its the tool for me and my calorie counting. i normally do great until dinner time and then BAM double my calories for the day. what up with that? another great site that i have blogged before is caloriesperhour.com. check them out. the link to fitday.com is actually my daily chart.

it was around 50 degrees today in the WINDY City. i went for a quick road ride after work. managed 13 miles at 15 mph average in 50 minutes. did i mention the wind? going out it was a nice cold 20 mph avg sustained right in my pie hole. riding into the wind is totally hard.

i am soo behind on my reality TV that i have not even started American Idol yet. i did finally watch The Shield season premier and it was off the hook cool and the gang. best show on the boob tube. i am out. later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Funk....

i cant shake the bears funk? that game really funked me up. i hate that game. i hate the bears. man, this funk is deep. my cleansing 2005 has me at 233 lbs this morning, so i got that working for me???????? i am out. later.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Chicago Blues......

I got nothing. With Da Bears sucking ass and laying an egg yesterday I got nothing. Nothing but a case of depression coming on. I mean it is winter and I mean full blown winter in Chicago, the Bears are abruptly no more, the Bulls suck, hockey always sucks, the Cubs will suck, and we still got two to three more months of nasty cold winter. Why? Where is the sun? This blows. Treo out.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


i am sooo bummed i can only repeat what i have already said:

"uh, i dont feel so good. my thoughts on da game da bears played.....i have none. just a dirty arse taste in my mouth. i mean like hello, steve smith is good. how about some freakin cleats that dig in to the turf, dirt, painted dirt, whatever that field was. RUNNING GAME i miss you. peanut tillman...........not even worth it. i am so sad."


Saturday, January 14, 2006


The Upgrade
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So instead of dropping $2K on a new bike I decided to spend much less and do some upgrades to my 2005 Trek 1000. I am going 9sp, mainly so I can upgrade the brifters from the Shimano Soras. I got new 105 brifters, 105 front and rear derailleurs, Ultegra 9sp cassatte and a Sram 9sp chain. Oh yeah and for a better fit I picked up a used Easton EC70 stem. Put that together with my new tool set and repair stand and I guess I am ready to wrench???? I'm Scared. Later.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Winter is BACK!!

IT was 50 degrees yesterday and I even managed a quick 14 mile after work road ride. Today it aint 50. We got some ugly rain/snow/winds beating us down right now. I hate winter. Yes, I have a window view of the Interstate at work. Treo Out. Later.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'Id do her......

uh, why do i still find her hot? who you say? get over to alimartels and check out the brittney pic she blogged on monday (1/9). its too hot. or not. but i cant stop looking at it. later.

Slow Going.........

232 lbs

its freakin hard to find time to work out. or really do anything when you have a newborn. we only have one. how the heck do peeps handle two, three, FOUR, oh no you didn't. its tough. we haven't really found our happy place when it comes to scheduling and balancing all the new things or new thing in our life. she is sooo damn cute though!!!

so i have lost 2 pounds in a week. i am basically eating much better, but not finding much time to exercise. me and eddie hit the road Saturday and Sunday for a total of 4 miles. It's walking, but at a rat terrier pace. that would be a slow run for me.

Saturday night was a bad eating night for me. oh yeah, i need to amend my original declaration of cleansing to allow for drinking when its presented with a free $100 steak dinner at a top notch Chicago steak joint. yes, i had several glasses of whine and four beers Saturday night while partaking in a 22oz bone in kansas city ribeye.

and get this, my wife brings home girl scout cookies last night. wtf? dont worry i only had one box, in two nights. damn you woman. everything else has been solid............................this sucks, ten days in and i have fallen off the wagon.

tomorrow i have another work function involving free gourmet food, but i will have fish and i will like it. plus, temps are projected to be in the upper 40s the next two days. that is too cool for us Midwesterners. i must get the road bike out on the road!!!!

big season premier of the shield tonight on FX. or should i say right now. great show. gotta go. later.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Solid Start........

to my cleansing. i resisted evil office temptations such as delicious fudge chocolate chip muffins and ate well all week. basically it is two breakfast cereal bars around 6am. my filled up coffee mug on the way to work. then two more cups of coffee while at work. then lunch, consisting of two ham sandwiches from home and yogurt or soup and salad when we eat out. several afternoon cups of water and one green tea. dinner consist of something with boneless skinless chicken breast. then i go to bed hungry. its all for the good of the cleansing. i needed a week like this.

not much working out. about 4 miles of walking and some sit ups. i plan to put in 2 miles of walking today. despite that i am already feeling much better then i did on new years day.

my bike obsession is still around, if you were wondering. i have decided to do some upgrading to my 05 trek 1000. the parts are flying in as i type. i have found some nice deals on shimano 105 components. i will be upgrading to a 9 speed and changing out my brifters, rear derailleur, and front derailleur to shimano 105 versions. the black ones! the cassette will be a new ultegra 9 speed and the chain is a sram pc 991. finally i am putting on a shorter stem for a better ride fit and picked up a used easton ea70 off eBay. i love eBay. now, i know nothing about bike mechanics, but i got a bike repair stand and basic tool kit to get me started.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

oh no I didn't........

234 lbs..................if i wasn't 6'3'' this would be really bad. i mean it's bad, just not really bad. must work out. must not eat crap. must lose weight.

on a side note due to my recent promotion and new arrival at home i am finding little time to blog from home. so, since i am now management i say why not blog from work? not about work, besides the occasional work sucks or pic of me hiding in the bathroom, just from work?

my job use to be 70% field work and 30% office work. now its more like 90% office and 10% field. the official corporate hours are 745am to 415pm. corporate peeps get two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch. they even have grade school style buzzers to keep them on time.

well out in the service or branch offices we start and end at the same times, but we really don't take breaks. unless we want too and normally we take an hour lunch. i mean who can eat in 30 minutes.

wtf am i blogging on about? blogging from work. i got two 15 minute breaks i can spend blogging to the world about my cleansing. yeah for the world.

ok, back to the cleansing. bowl of honey oat cherrios for breakfast, 4 cups of coffee, two ham sandwiches, yogurt, and granola bar for lunch, and four 10 oz cups of water so far.

did i mention that the weather was really crappy in the windy city.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Let the Cleansing Begin....

four eggs with veggies and 3 cups of coffee for breakfest. one salad with tuna for lunch. cheese and crackers for after lunch snack. dirty rice that included hamburger, green and red peppers and onion for dinner. oh yeah a pre-dinner coffee with gingerbread coffeemate creamer. two 32 oz glasses of 100% cranapple juice and four 32 oz glasses of water. throw in a two mile walk and it has begun. i will weigh in tomorrow morning with hopes this journey begins under 230 lbs. later.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


i feel like total crap. oh yeah, happy new year. i am done with it all. i have ate and drank my self into some type of sickness that has hit me hard today.

lets see, there was that drunken Christmas Eve with the in laws. two prime rib dinners Christmas Day. back on the hooch two days later. of course i have followed up every drunken holiday night with an excessive day of fast food feasting. crap i say.

last night it was a $135 dinner at Hugos Frog Bar. i had some 22 oz bone in rib eye, mashed garlic twice baked something, and blah blah blah. followed that up with some brownie ice cream cake thing. oh yeah 4 sam adams, some whine, some water, some more beers at home and man i dont feel good.

then today it was mcdonalds for lunch, then a taco bell feast for dinner. i bought everything on that big value menu thing. how the heck does one spend $11 bucks at the bell?

what have i done. this is one really serious Holiday Hangover. it is back to basics for this dude. i started this blog to track my path back to fitness. well one year later and i may be bigger then ever. so i say no more booze. i must go atleast two months with no booze. i must cleanse myself. however, if the chicago bears make the super bowl i will partake in a few miller lites. fast food no more. soda pop no more. candy and chocolate no more. coffee...............wait a minute, coffee is still allowed. it will be my two month cleansing program. it begins now!

happy new year to all. later.