Sunday, January 01, 2006


i feel like total crap. oh yeah, happy new year. i am done with it all. i have ate and drank my self into some type of sickness that has hit me hard today.

lets see, there was that drunken Christmas Eve with the in laws. two prime rib dinners Christmas Day. back on the hooch two days later. of course i have followed up every drunken holiday night with an excessive day of fast food feasting. crap i say.

last night it was a $135 dinner at Hugos Frog Bar. i had some 22 oz bone in rib eye, mashed garlic twice baked something, and blah blah blah. followed that up with some brownie ice cream cake thing. oh yeah 4 sam adams, some whine, some water, some more beers at home and man i dont feel good.

then today it was mcdonalds for lunch, then a taco bell feast for dinner. i bought everything on that big value menu thing. how the heck does one spend $11 bucks at the bell?

what have i done. this is one really serious Holiday Hangover. it is back to basics for this dude. i started this blog to track my path back to fitness. well one year later and i may be bigger then ever. so i say no more booze. i must go atleast two months with no booze. i must cleanse myself. however, if the chicago bears make the super bowl i will partake in a few miller lites. fast food no more. soda pop no more. candy and chocolate no more. coffee...............wait a minute, coffee is still allowed. it will be my two month cleansing program. it begins now!

happy new year to all. later.

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