Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Slow Going.........

232 lbs

its freakin hard to find time to work out. or really do anything when you have a newborn. we only have one. how the heck do peeps handle two, three, FOUR, oh no you didn't. its tough. we haven't really found our happy place when it comes to scheduling and balancing all the new things or new thing in our life. she is sooo damn cute though!!!

so i have lost 2 pounds in a week. i am basically eating much better, but not finding much time to exercise. me and eddie hit the road Saturday and Sunday for a total of 4 miles. It's walking, but at a rat terrier pace. that would be a slow run for me.

Saturday night was a bad eating night for me. oh yeah, i need to amend my original declaration of cleansing to allow for drinking when its presented with a free $100 steak dinner at a top notch Chicago steak joint. yes, i had several glasses of whine and four beers Saturday night while partaking in a 22oz bone in kansas city ribeye.

and get this, my wife brings home girl scout cookies last night. wtf? dont worry i only had one box, in two nights. damn you woman. everything else has been solid............................this sucks, ten days in and i have fallen off the wagon.

tomorrow i have another work function involving free gourmet food, but i will have fish and i will like it. plus, temps are projected to be in the upper 40s the next two days. that is too cool for us Midwesterners. i must get the road bike out on the road!!!!

big season premier of the shield tonight on FX. or should i say right now. great show. gotta go. later.

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