Friday, October 21, 2005

Eddie Vedder, the dog, is officially a STAR!!!!

i dig flickr and flickrdogs is one of my favorite groups and blog. eddie vedder has made the cut. get over there and check it out. later.


Are You Kidding Me?

Are You Kidding Me?
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I can't stop thinking about tomorrow. What? No, I can't stop taking pics of Eddie Vedder, the dog. I love him. Later.

Mr Mom Day 10 6:35am

My two week run as Mr Mom is coming to end. Today is the last day. I have been up since 3am today, mostly because I just can't sleep. I am tired. I mean I have been running on short sleep since being called to duty (ha I said duty, you know poo!). We ate at 230am and 6am, but for the most part she has slept well tonight or today or whatever it is.

This two weeks has been something else. I am a man and have no patience, but I think I may have gained a fraction more then I possessed before. I mean when this little person is screaming and you don't know why or how to stop her or how to help her you are forced to control yourself and be the adult and have patience. You know? I have had to walk away and take a deep breathe, but I did and was able to handle the situation. Having a child is a lot of work! Hello, like I am telling the mothers of the world anything new. I am bad at expressing what things like this mean to me.......So I must move on. BUT, I would not give back these two weeks for one billion dollars!

OK, anyone watching My Name Is Earl? Very funny sitcom on NBC Tuesday nights. Jason Lee, Jaime Presley, and some dude who was in Remember the Titans star in it. It's a comedy, but there is no annoying "Laugh Track" just good old humor. I like shows that don't try and tell me what is funny. Watch Joey and you will get what I mean. My Name Is Earl, well not my name, but you should check it out.

Holy Crap Balls Batman, the Chicago White Sox are in the World Series. Fuck yeah a Chicago Baseball Team has finally done it. Albeit not my beloved Cubs, but I don't and won't hate, Go Chi Sox.

What the heck is a man to do at 630am in the morning while his 8 week old baby sleeps. Porn or Poker you say. Yes, online Poker here I come. Later.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mr Mom, Day Off, 115pm

Loving the Sun
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Yeah it's Sunday and I got a day off, sort of. Wife is home and the Mom in law is up for a visit. Of course she must hold the baby ALL day. I am watchin the Bears, getting ready for the White Sox clinching victory, and maybe even a mountain bike ride!! I still have The Contender fights on Tivo to watch too!!!!!!!!!!! How about the awesome pic of Eddie Vedder, the dog! Later.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mr Mom, Day 4, 336pm............

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

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Registration code: 6076959

Blah Blah Blah Blah.................HELP.....................Sign up for this freakin poker tourney NOW...........Hello Baby..............Later.

Really, 130am eat, 530am eat, 930am eat, 1230pm eat, and through in some crying, pee and poo and the fact that the fence peeps miss ordered my shit and now it looks like I will have a half done fence for atleast two more weeks..................NO..............NOT the DOORBELL.................Damn you Eddie Vedder, the dog, why must you bark franticly at the doorbell...........NO..........BABY IS UP................NO CRYING...........Piss all over me.....................Later.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mr Mom, Day 3, 5:53pm

Can I be done after only three days? Wiped out from three days on baby on call duty? Yes put a fork in me. Mr Mom needs reinforcements. Heck, how about a nap?? Oh yeah, the fence guys fucked up the fence. So now I really got "Fence Drama!" Wife is working late tonight, until 10pm. Are you kidding me? I got nothing. Later.

Mr Mom, Day 3, 9:06am

First, being Mr Mom for two weeks I should not have to do double duties (ha I said duties). Meaning someone else has to be Mr Dad. Right? See I got "Fence Drama." Do you remember my "Paint Drama?"

We are getting a vinyl fence and the process started yesterday. Guess who came home from work and was unhappy with the progress of the fence. Yes, the wife who can find the littlest issue and blow it up real good. Something about it didn't look right and the measurements were off and she was panicing because this aint a cheap home improvement or one that would be easy to redo? It's $5k and the post are all cemented in. So in her panic and stress she has them change the length in a spot. After they leave for the day we stare at the damn fence and argue about it all night. We call the sales guy. We are outside in the pitch black fall night trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Finally, we agree that it should be left the way it was intended. Our entire night was stressed to hell over this and ultimately we decide, uh she decides, it should not be changed. They are back today digging a third and final hole for that last post. Just like the "Paint Drama" the attempted changed and assumed dislike was not to be and all stayed the same but not without a little pain.

OK, 230am and 530am was eating time. At 830am we ate again a took a very large green yellow softish poo. Too much info? I never knew my life would be all about baby poo. Currently she is up in her crib contently, wait, forget that she just started screaming. Mr Mom is off. I love coffee. Later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mr Mom, Day 2, 2:25pm

Playing Mom sure makes time fly. So it was up at 3am and 6am for feeding time. Baby J is real good not to miss any feedings. Back to bed at 7:00 am until around 8:30am. Two more feedings, a gas and screaming attack, some nap time in her swing, another gas and screaming attack and now in the pack play for a nap. Time for me to wash bottles, baby clothes, let the dog out (if he didnt follow me around everywhere I would probably forget about him), eat lunch, and maybe take a nap, blog, how do people do this?? Later.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mr Mom, Day1, 655pm

At exactly 5pm all hell broke loose. Baby J went crazy with the screams the gas the screams the gas and did I mention the screaming!! Mommy arrived home at exactly 5:05pm to save the day. I now have some time off before duty begins again at 10pm with the bedtime feeding. Then likely 3am and 6am but maybe this will be the day she sleeps through the night? Or not? Off to watch the White Sox's kick some jet lagged Angle arse. Later.

Mr Mom, Day 1, 215pm

Made a trip to Target and Wally World with little trouble. Next feeding is at 3pm and Baby J is back in the swing (God Bless Fischer Price). I tried to lay her down in her crib so we all could take an afternoon nap, but she wanted none of that. So back to the swing, but its downstairs and my nice soft bed is upstairs. I must nap now. I mean I still got hours before the wife is home.........AND the White Sox are on the boob tube tonight. I gotta get my rest. Later.

Mr Mom, Day 1, 8am

Mr Mom was on call last night. Everyone was in bed by 1030pm. First feeding was 3am and back to bed at 4am. Next feeding was 7am with no back to bed time. Currently, the dog is upstairs sleeping solo on my bed in my spot. Baby J is in her swing thing fast asleep. This thing seems a bit violent. It flings her back and forth and has twirling fish with soothing water sounds. She seems to like it? I am online, blogging duh, and paying bills. I think I got this Mr Mom thing nailed. Only 13 more days to go. Wait, today is just getting started? 13.75 days to go? Oh crap the damn music on the swing just shut off. It shuts off every fifteen minutes. WTF? Atleast give us thirty minutes. Come on I wouldn't forget about my baby? Later.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Uh Oh................

Starting this Monday I will be playing Mr Mom for two weeks. The wife headed back to work today and I am finally taking some vacation time. Well, I am off from work, but I would not call it a vacation. Little J can keep a person very busy.

Yes, I said she went back to work today! That means I am at home playing Mr Mom and Mr Adjuster. I do NOT recommend it. The baby is crying, the work cell is ringing, work emails are flooding in, and our Pets Heads Are Falling OFF!! Of course, I found time to shout out to Blogger Nation! More to come.................Later.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yeah Baby (no not that baby)!

Thanks to Reality/Online Poker Queen Cheesecakey I am signed up for my first Online Poker Tourney. AND it is for cool bloggers only! Check it out and get signed up. Off to practice. Wait, do I hear a baby crying????? Later.

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 6076959

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fetch Time!

Fetch Time!
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A fuzzy tennis ball is like crack cocaine for Eddie Vedder, the dogg.