Friday, October 21, 2005

Mr Mom Day 10 6:35am

My two week run as Mr Mom is coming to end. Today is the last day. I have been up since 3am today, mostly because I just can't sleep. I am tired. I mean I have been running on short sleep since being called to duty (ha I said duty, you know poo!). We ate at 230am and 6am, but for the most part she has slept well tonight or today or whatever it is.

This two weeks has been something else. I am a man and have no patience, but I think I may have gained a fraction more then I possessed before. I mean when this little person is screaming and you don't know why or how to stop her or how to help her you are forced to control yourself and be the adult and have patience. You know? I have had to walk away and take a deep breathe, but I did and was able to handle the situation. Having a child is a lot of work! Hello, like I am telling the mothers of the world anything new. I am bad at expressing what things like this mean to me.......So I must move on. BUT, I would not give back these two weeks for one billion dollars!

OK, anyone watching My Name Is Earl? Very funny sitcom on NBC Tuesday nights. Jason Lee, Jaime Presley, and some dude who was in Remember the Titans star in it. It's a comedy, but there is no annoying "Laugh Track" just good old humor. I like shows that don't try and tell me what is funny. Watch Joey and you will get what I mean. My Name Is Earl, well not my name, but you should check it out.

Holy Crap Balls Batman, the Chicago White Sox are in the World Series. Fuck yeah a Chicago Baseball Team has finally done it. Albeit not my beloved Cubs, but I don't and won't hate, Go Chi Sox.

What the heck is a man to do at 630am in the morning while his 8 week old baby sleeps. Porn or Poker you say. Yes, online Poker here I come. Later.

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