Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mr Mom, Day 1, 8am

Mr Mom was on call last night. Everyone was in bed by 1030pm. First feeding was 3am and back to bed at 4am. Next feeding was 7am with no back to bed time. Currently, the dog is upstairs sleeping solo on my bed in my spot. Baby J is in her swing thing fast asleep. This thing seems a bit violent. It flings her back and forth and has twirling fish with soothing water sounds. She seems to like it? I am online, blogging duh, and paying bills. I think I got this Mr Mom thing nailed. Only 13 more days to go. Wait, today is just getting started? 13.75 days to go? Oh crap the damn music on the swing just shut off. It shuts off every fifteen minutes. WTF? Atleast give us thirty minutes. Come on I wouldn't forget about my baby? Later.

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