Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mr Mom, Day 3, 9:06am

First, being Mr Mom for two weeks I should not have to do double duties (ha I said duties). Meaning someone else has to be Mr Dad. Right? See I got "Fence Drama." Do you remember my "Paint Drama?"

We are getting a vinyl fence and the process started yesterday. Guess who came home from work and was unhappy with the progress of the fence. Yes, the wife who can find the littlest issue and blow it up real good. Something about it didn't look right and the measurements were off and she was panicing because this aint a cheap home improvement or one that would be easy to redo? It's $5k and the post are all cemented in. So in her panic and stress she has them change the length in a spot. After they leave for the day we stare at the damn fence and argue about it all night. We call the sales guy. We are outside in the pitch black fall night trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Finally, we agree that it should be left the way it was intended. Our entire night was stressed to hell over this and ultimately we decide, uh she decides, it should not be changed. They are back today digging a third and final hole for that last post. Just like the "Paint Drama" the attempted changed and assumed dislike was not to be and all stayed the same but not without a little pain.

OK, 230am and 530am was eating time. At 830am we ate again a took a very large green yellow softish poo. Too much info? I never knew my life would be all about baby poo. Currently she is up in her crib contently, wait, forget that she just started screaming. Mr Mom is off. I love coffee. Later.

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