Thursday, March 31, 2005

Do You Trackback?

I sometimes get caught up in all the blog add-ons and what nots you can find throughout the internet. I mean if you look or even don't, you can find a site meter, blog search, blog ring, blog express any thing you want.

Well, I am trying to do or use the Trackback option of Haloscan. I dig their comments, but never tried a Trackback. I guess I am a virgin? Where is this blog blab going? Freakin Trackback you dumb arse.

So, check it out I have done a trackback because my shitty blog was linked by tony pierce. By the way if you head over to the busblog and don't see my tackback, forget everything I said.


Are You Afraid of the Storm?

I know this person who is really afraid of bad weather. Spring Time Tornado like bad weather. Yesterday we had unseasonably warm temps in Chicagoland. With that brought early predictions for sever weather. The great Brant Miller proclaimed during the 5am newscast that the afternoon would be a delicious weather delight of storms.

Rain, Hail, Winds, AND the evil tornado Warnings were all in full affect by 3pm. This leads to the poops. Not for me, but the weather Phobia Queen. They say bad weather is coming and she poops. Brant Miller breaks in with weather updates and she poops. She thinks about it and she poops. It hails, she poops. Tornado sirens sound, she poops. Winds blow and rain falls, yes she poops. Where does all this poop come from?

Finally, after much anticipation and poops, the storm rolled in with a roar. It was a doozy for this time of the year. Usually such storms wait until May before bursting, but not this one. We got hail damages, wind damages, rain damages, and so on. The Queen took a break from the poops and waited the storm out in the unfinished basement. Where was I? Upstairs looking out the window screaming and yelling like an 8th grader at Six Flags. I took pictures and posted them to my blog. Called my buddies to brag about the golf ball sized hail hitting my house. It was great.

The Storm did eventually pass, then come back, then pass again. The Queen came up from the basement & had one more poops. We inspected the damages in the dark. Then headed back inside to watch a good singer get the boot from American Idol. Why is that damn Scott Savol still around?

Last night was fun and scary and poopie. I am out. Later.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I Hate Hail part duex

OK ,so the second round just rolled through. This time the hail was all golf ball size or just a tad smaller. It was loud. It is dark but I am headed out to inspect the damage.

You know what would really suck? If you were an insurance adjuster in the Chicago area. Why? Well, this storm likely created Months of work AND it aint even the Stormy Season yet. Uh, yeah that would really eat a fat one. Later.

I Hate Hail

Hail Storm Part 2
Originally uploaded by aham23.

Today it was around 70 degrees in Chicago. I should be jumping up and down and riding my bike until my legs fall off..............but I aint. This goofy warm and windy weather brought on a really nasty storm. We have had tornadoe warnings, heavy rain, and HAIL. It is only March and we got some serious Summer Storms kicking are arse.

The hail has busted my siding, dented my gutters, and dented up my cars. It was as small as a pea and as big as golf balls.

The second wave is rolling in right now. Gotta go. Later.


Did you miss me and my shitty blog post? Did you even know I was gone? Anyway, me be back in action. Where to start??? No workouts since last Tuesday, which holy crap is like a week ago! Amazing Race last night was two hours of fun on the run. The brothers dumped their Hummer and Romber just drove right bye. I love it. Why should they stop? The gay dudes stopped and seem to be helping out just fine?? American Idol yesterday was all right. Scott Savol should be hitting the road. The Contender this past Sunday was another great episode. I really feel like this is these guys only shot at fame and fortune in boxing. I really feel their pain when they lose. I mean, it seems real?? Much more to come. Or not. The holiday and work have kept me away. Now it is time to hit the gym. Maybe. I mean I do have some Easter candy left! I am out. Later.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

College Basketball Is Off The Hook.........

I really have enjoyed this March Madness. With three of the Elite Eight games going to overtime the weekend hoops was awesome. Two teams coming back from huge deficits to win. Illinois coming back from 15 down with only 4 minutes to go.................I still can not believe watch I witnessed.

A new poll is up. The previous poll had 24 votes with 46% voting Illinois would win the National Championship. Check out the breakdown:

How Far Will The Illini Go? (%/votes)
Sweet Sixteen
8% / 2
Elite Eight
8% / 2
Final Four
25% / 6
Second Place
13% / 3
National Champs
46% / 11

Since we know who the competition is lets get the voting going. Who will be the 2005 NCAA Basketball National Champs?? Place your vote and even leave a comment stating your positions. Lets get it on.


Illinois Packs Bags for the MARCH TO THE ARCH!

I still can not believe what I watched on TV last night. With four minutes to go I declared "This fucking game is over!" I was ready to storm out of the room and sulk the rest of the night away. I stayed and witnessed the greatest college game I have ever seen. That Duke vs Kentucky game where Christian Laettner hit the last second shot on the pass from Grant Hill was previously my greatest college game ever viewed. NOT any more!

IlliniWonk has the post game coverage covered with a blanket. Get over there and check it out. I am still to hyped up to type or talk about it. Man that was awesome. The Illini weakness was shown. A team with Athletic Big Men really took it to them on the inside. The Illini just kept shooting the three. Thirty-Six three point attempts! Are You Kidding Me? Almost half the shots they took were three pointers. Who gives a flying fuck! They won the game baby. FINAL FOUR in St Louis here comes the Fighting Illini!! CBS has all the stats for the game.

Alright, I gotta go get some more coffee and keep on reading about this damn game. I can not get enough. I am out. Later.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Big Ten Says Hello To The Elite Eight.....

This is a supposed "Down" year for the Big Ten Basketball Conference. Despite the many expert opinions proclaiming this, the Big Ten has three team in the Elite Eight. So, let me get this straight. Only Eight teams left in the NCAA Tournament out of 64. Three of those eight are from the Big Ten. All I can think is take your expert opinions Mr Experts and suck it!!

OK, from top to bottom the Big Ten had a "Down" regular season. However, their top three teams are as good as any top three teams in the country. Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan St can play with and beat the best. It can not be argued. Look at the facts staring you in the face. THREE OUT OF EIGHT!

Well, some cry that they have had an easy road to the Elite Eight. I say they can only play the team who is across the court from them. It aint Illini's fault that Boston College choked it against UW-Mil. Illini lost one game all year and deserved to be in the Midwest Region. They earned it. They have regular season wins over Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Wisconsin, and Michigan St. Some of which were very impressive blowouts.

I hope Mr Experts keep being correct and this disappointing Big Ten Basketball Conference season keeps going the same way.

No workout stats as the Easter Holiday has me displaced. I am off to watch some more NCAA hoops. Later.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

On to the Elite Eight..................

The Fighting Illini just finished off UW-Mil 77 to 63. It was a very entertaining game where both teams came out firing. All five Illinois starters scored in double digits and were led by Deron Williams 21 pts 8 ast & 3 rbs. Illinois only had 9 turnovers against an "Alleged" tough pressing UW-Mil. They shot 49% from the field including 9 for 20 (44%) on three pointers. My only concern is Luther Head's hammy. He aggravated the hamstring the other day and was noticeable limping and limited by the injury. He perhaps both their best one on one offensive AND defensive player. With him not 100% a Final Four Visit could be in question. We won't know until Saturday's game.

On a side note I have been accepted into the Shitty Blogs Club . As my two reader can attest too, this is a real shitty blog. Hey, if you are shitty too, then get over to the site and sign up. Finally, welcome to any new shitty readers. I am out. Later.


The Fighting Illini continue there March to the Arch tonight against UW-Mil. Who the heck is UW-Mil? Some crappy Mid Major team with a sleazy bag coach who once claimed Illinois tried to bribe top recruit Deon Thomas with cash and a Chevy Blazer? His allegations launched a NCAA investigation into Illinois that resulted in no major penalties. A Chevy Blazer? That is all a Big Ten money making machine could offer?

I don't think much of UW-Mil as you can see. Every year some Mid Major nobody makes it to the Sweet Sixteen then takes a dump against the big boys. Hopefully this trend continues and Illinois moves on to the Elite Eight Games on Saturday.

Tonight's game is 6:30 central time on CBS. It will be offered in High Definition for those who have the capabilities to receive such signals. Yeah, that would be me.

Workout Stats........................Yeah, about that. I have taken yesterday and today off. Tomorrow is a Work Holiday for me so I likely will get really loaded tonight and not be able to workout Friday. Then we got the Easter Holiday which requires some travel on my part which will greatly reduce the workout possibilities. Uhm, it doesn't look good for me.

Ok, I am home early from work and off for a Coke With Lime You Nut and a DVD. I will be viewing SAW if I can let the damn internet go for about two hours.

GO ILLINI!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wednesday Sucks A Fat One.........

So, it is Wednesday which is the middle of the work week. It is like half over, but half left. It is like the glass half full and the glass half empty. Wednesday has it both ways. Officially as of today, Wednesdays suck a fat one.

Yes, work sucked for me today. The freakin boss is out of town again and I got double duty for the price of single duty. Hey, I said duty and that is funny. Anyway, no one gives a rat ass about my work.

Man I just realized I got a potty mouth today. Sometimes it is just fun to run of a rant of potty mouth. I prefer phrases and not just single cuss words. Let me through some at you:

  • What are you, the President of the Cock Gobbling Ass Clown Society?
  • Go Fuck yourself and your moms.
  • Don't be a pole smoker.
  • How about you get a spoon and eat my ass?
  • Your moms got a Fat Ass too.
  • Nice shirt, now Fuck off.
  • Who let the Ass Bags out?

I am a big fan of Fuck. It is such a great word, but you have to be careful not to over use. When perfectly placed or timed "Fuck" can be very funny in all situations.

Hey, how freakin bad is the Blogger spell check? "How bad is it?" Since you asked it is so bad it doesn't recognize the word "Blog" or any version of it, like "blogging" "blogger" "bloggy bloggerton" and so on. That just don't seem right.

Oh yeah, Survivor Palua was on tonight. It just doesn't work for me on Wednesdays. See I think Wednesdays suck a fat one. However, Ulong lost immunity again, for the 6th straight time. They have 3 people left and the merge is now where in sight. At least they voted off James and we do not have to see That Redneck Monster flopping around any more.

Yes it is almost over hang in there. Best thing about today is that tomorrow is Thursday AND that means Fighting Illini Sweet Sixteen baby!! Get over to IlliniWonk and check out the additional post season awards they have been picking up. GO Illini!

The Illini face Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Sweet 16 on Thursday at 6:27 pm cnt on CBS

I am out. Later.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"I was born with a horse shoe........"

Just finished watching an outstanding leg of The Amazing Race 7 where Rob and Amber or Romber made up a 3 hour deficit to win the leg. They managed to luck their way in front of all the haters to finish first. This led Romber to claim, "I was born with a horse shoe, in my ass!"

It wasn't all luck that allowed Romber to catch up. If you pay attention you can see how Rob is much more personable with the people he meets. He introduces himself and gives them his BoSox hat. Everyone else just jumps in the boat or cab or whatever and yells "Rapido" or "Million Dollars." I also think they have edited the tape to make it seem like Romber is just strolling through the race. They don't run out of cabs or seem to be in much of a hurry from most of the footage shown. They are sleepy and laid back. Now, I think they are very confident and relaxed, but the footage we see seems forced?? Not sure where the hell I am going with this but, did I mention Romber kicks all forms of Reality TV arse. I say we put them in every Reality TV show possible?

American Idol 4 was solid tonight. Only two performances that I thought sucked were Mikalah Gordon and Scott Savol. I couldn't help thinking that Paula was drunk. See kissed Simon several times and wouldn't shut up. She was very giddy? Or just very Drunk? Seriously she must have hit the hooch before the show?

Workout Stats: Oh my knee is swollen like Barry Bond's Steroid infected head. Yeah, that means no cardio. However, I hit biceps and triceps and worked them out real nice Clark.

So that in post picture showed up but now my sidebar is pushed down. Why you hating on me Farmer Ted? One day I will master the Jedi art of blogging.


Farmer Ted?

Am I really Farmer Ted? I took a test and the outcome was, I am Farmer Ted. Damn, that sucks. Wouldn't Farmer Ted be geeky enough to be able to put a pic in his post? Anyway, I gotta go.

You are Farmer Ted (from Sixteen Candles),
everyone's favorite freshman geek! You're the
life of the party, although perhaps not in the
way you intend. Still, somehow things turn out
for you in the end.

Which John Hughes Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, March 21, 2005

Just When You Think..........

Just when you think you are is shape BAM you get smacked in the face with a basketball. Really, I got smacked in the face with a basketball.

I played some hoops tonight at the "Y" and holy crap Batman I still have some work to do. My goal here is to be in riding shape but, I thought I would be able to run hoops all night with 4 months of work outs behind me. NO Soup For You. I mean I could tell I was in some kind of shape, just not hoops shape. My game mind was there but the legs were a bit behind. I use to be a big time hoopster playing 3 times a week. This was the second time since Aug 04 I have played recently. Oh well this is the blog about my preparing myself for The Summer Of Mountain Biking 2005 and not about preparing myself for The Summer of Basketball 2005. However, I may come out of retirement and play in two 3 on 3 tournaments this summer. Oh, you didn't know? I retired from hoops last August.

Ok I am off to ice the left knee, both shins, both ankles, take three Advil, and pray I can get out of bed tomorrow. Riding a bike is much less stress on those body parts. I want my mom.


Why Must Vacations End?

This just in, work really sucks. I mean work in general. Why can't I be independently wealthy and not have to work. Heck, I will take dependently wealthy, which I guess would make me a man whore. I like my job but it is still work. I still gotta get up and go in to collect the green.

It is really hard to go back to work after a week off like I had (See NCAA hangover post). However, I fired up the Starbucks making machine and hit the office at 7:45 am promptly where I put in my 8 hours with a big smile on face. See I still have NCAA hoops dancing around in my little head.

After work I did something remarkable. I went grocery shopping for the week in 25 minutes. Yes, that is 25 minutes from the time I parked my car to the time I re-entered my car. Working out and being sorta in shape is paying off. Although, I must say I am sorry to the two old ladies my cart barreled over.

Anyone see the Contender? You know it is The Next Great Human Drama? Those fools brought back Peter Manfredo Jr! The number 3 world ranked middleweight. Bad move in my mind as this guy could win the entire thing with this second chance. I guess the remaining boxers felt the guy who deserved it the most should get the second chance??

I may have workout stats for you later that consist of hoops OR I may not.

I am out. Later.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I have a NCAA Hangover..........

Blogger Explosion Traffic slow the "F" down and vote in my poll. You got 27 seconds left......

Yes, finally my four day NCAA obsession has come to an end. I have screamed, yelled, and holly crapped myself for four days. I have destroyed 3 months of workouts with a four days of binge. Chips and cheese, Fast Food, Jacks Pizza, Coke with no lime, Beers, Dairy Queen, Subway............I have done it all. I have seen my Illini struggle for a first round win and get seriously big for a second round win. I wondered Thursday if we would see any upsets. I wondered Friday if a top seed would ever win again. I wondered Saturday if the Wake Forest vs West Virginia game would ever end. After four days and almost 40 hours of March Madness I wondered what the heck was I thinking when I filled out my bracket?? Oh I miss you already and anticipate are reunion this coming Thursday.

Workout Stats: Made it to the gym early this morning for chest and back workout. Followed that up with 30 minutes on the spin bike. No intervals as I was sore from Saturday's 17 mile ride.

Awesome Baby I just remembered The Next Great Human Drama: The Contender is on NBC tonight. I really dig on this show. You should watch it, DO IT!

I am out. Later.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

HEY BloggerExplosion Traffic VOTE in my Poll

You got thirty seconds damn it, atleast vote in my poll before you click youself away.



I Got Poll?

Check it out I got a Poll on my blog! Where? Over there! --->--->

It is free from and really quick and easy to set up. So go get you one, but first don't forget to vote. Maybe I will do a different poll a week. Yeah, I like that, Weekly Poll or Poll This or My Poll or Polly Pollerton?


Oh How We Love the Sweet Sixteen !

The Fighting Illini just finished off Nevada 71 to 59. Amazingly they won this game with an obviously sick Dee Brown. It was reported that he had stomach issues and leg cramps. Sounds like someone had diarrhea? Illinois showed they could win without a dominating game from their three headed backcourt monster, Brown-Williams-Head. How did they do it? They took it inside to the hoop. James Augustine and Jack Ingram had career high scoring games. Along with Roger Powell Jr they controlled the paint against a bigger team. Deron Williams stepped it up in the second half with some awesome passing and the Illini built a 20 point lead. They won this game with their big men and showed nation they are not a one dimentional team. Look out NCAA here comes the Illini!

Workout Stats: Yeah I have stats for you that do not involve grotesque eating. I hit the I&M Canal bike trail this morning for a little stroll. This is mainly a flat terrain gravel path with little excitement, but I was there for work. All other fun trails would be too wet & muddy for riding this morning.

Just give us the stats mam: 17.3 miles, 1 hr 36 minutes 56 seconds, avg speed 8.6, max speed 18.2. It is the most I have ridden at one time and pretty good for a guy who has spent the last two days on the couch with Coke and Pizza in hand. Tomorrow will be a gym day and maybe some hoops? March Madness got me pumped.

Alright, time to get back to the NCAA hoops. I am out. Later.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Where the heck is Bucknell from??

Seriously some team called Bucknell just beat the Kansas Jayhawks. Yes, those Kansas Jayhawks who many considered a contender for the title. The great Bill Self vs Bruce Weber Matchup in the finals can now never be. Hey Bill, how's the dream job thing working out for you?

Me time for bed. Later dudes.

Fighting Illini Round Two Game vs Nevada, Saturday, 540pm eastern, CBS

This Just In Air Jordan is Rich........

I came across this picture while eating my Jacks pizza, watching hoops, drinking another Coke, and surfing the net. It is a picture of Jordan's house. It's the one with the golf green, tennis court and b-ball court..............Yeah that is all one house. Alright no more for you. Later.

How Much Is Too Much?

Is two days in a row for a total of 20 hours too much basketball? I may be reaching my max allowed basketball limit? I mean I love hoops and I don't want my Man Card revoked, but I may need a break???

Just watched Vermont upset Syracuse, which was a very hot team going into this tourney. I had them in my final four. Well I filled out like 37 brackets so I think I had them in one of my final fours. Right now we got another 12 seed sticking it to a 5 seed with Old Dominion leading Michigan St. It is only the first half though. Man I take a break from viewing hoops and I end up blogging hoops.

Workout Stats: Ummm, NO. However, how about this; One large tupperware bowl of Cheerios, one number three with coke (regular size), one twelve inch wheat chicken breast Subway with bacon, southwest sauce, cheese, lettuce, olives & a coke, one homemade fancy Starbucks mocha coffee, and finally one medium size Brownie Batter Blizzard. Holy shit what have I done?

I have had two days of complete inactivity and seriously evil foods. I have loved every minute until now. I will work it out tomorrow. I must punish myself physically for this mental breakdown.

Yeah what he said. I gotta go. Hoops is back on and my Jacks pizza is almost done. Later.

Fighting Illini Round Two Game vs Nevada, Saturday, 540pm eastern, CBS.

Mega March Madness Has Taken Control.......

This Directv NCAA March Madness package is off the hook. I mean I really dig on it. I mean I like it and I like it a lot. I get all the games plus all the Hi Def ones. By the way I enjoy Hi Def hoops.

The Fighting Illini continue to struggle offensively, but continue to win. Their 12 point win over FDU the 16th seed was very unimpressive, but it is a win. They will need to step it up and get their game back if they are to make the Final Four. Illini Wonk has the game covered in case you missed it. Next up is Nevada in the second round, Saturday 540pm eastern.

Anyone catch the 11 hours of Congress vs MLB yesterday? I watched some of it but got the highlights from Sportscenter and various online news sources. The Cub Reporter has a very detailed account of the marathon, if you are interested. I was somewhat amazed at how much Big Mac looked like a dear in headlights? He did not want to talk but didn't want to plead the fifth? WTF? How much did he pay his attorneys for that advice? Who knew Sammy Sosa couldn't speak English? The guy has been in the USA for 20 years but needs a translator. He speaks it fine when the media is positive and telling him how great he is? It is just crap and another way he can hide from the issues. Grow up you pile of steamy dung.

Alright, I am done with that. I must prepare for more NCAA hoops. First I must forget all "SuperSize Me" has taught me and proceed to McDonalds. See, I got this thing going on this morning. It is called a Mega St Patty Madness flu.

I am out. Later.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

St Patty and March Madness...........

Somebody stop me.............So far only one upset and it was the classic 5 vs 12 seed game. The eight night games are just getting started AND the FIGHTING ILLINI tip off at 940pm eastern. Grab a green beer and snuggle up to your TV. DO IT!


It's Here...........MARCH MADNESS !

The much loved America's team the Fighting Illini play in primetime tonight, 940 Eastern, CBS. Tune in to see the Human Fast Break Dee Brown, The Revren Roger Powell, The General Deron Williams, and The Head Luther Head play an unselfish style of motion offense preached by Coach of the Year Bruce Weber.

Man I love this time of the year. I just ordered Directv's Mega March Madness. This means I get every game of the first three rounds. Plus, with it I will get 30 games in Hi Def. Sports in High Definition is truly amazing. I got no work, no wife, and no worries man. I got hoops all day baby. Holy crap I am pumped for some March Madness.

Workout Stats: Are you crazy? Did you read above? There aint no stats.

Survivor Palau was crazy good last night. Why did they save Ibrehem? They must be scared of Angie? I aint happy with the lets get Tom talk. I think Greg is stepping out too early and I hope it bites him in the arse. Tom has to be careful. I have seen his route before. By not going to tribal he may get too comfortable and forget to play the game mentally. Then BAM he be gone and I don't want that.

GO ILLINI......................I-L-L..................I-N-I................................Later.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Old Man Winter Still Messing With Me...

More Snow & Mud
Originally uploaded by aham23.

I made it out to Waterfall Glen this morning and found MUD and Snow?? I expected some mud but snow. I must have missed that snow storm? Anyway, I ride here because the limestone path is rideable in most condtions. Wet, Mud, Snow, you can ride it. I really want Spring to hurry up and thaw & dry Chicago's singletrack up so I can hit the fun stuff! For now it is limestone mud mixed with snow.

Ride Stats: Time 1 hour 3 minutes 32 seconds. Avg speed 6.6 mph with a max of 21.4 mph. Miles traveled were the entire loop, 10 miles.

I felt like I was really powering through the trail but my time was no better then last ride out there. My average speed was down too. However, my aches and pains are the same. Time to ice the knee.

Watched The Shield on TiVo this afternoon. A great cop drama on FX that I started watching last year. I love cable and the way they push the bar with these dramas. Check it out on FX Tuesday, 10pm eastern. You will love it.

Do NOT forget an all new episode of Survivor: Palau is on Tonight CBS 8pm eastern. I hear someone from each team goes home?

Later dudes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Amazing Race is Amazing TV....

Tonights leg of The Amazing Race 7 was awesome. Rob is my guy and I want him on the show until the end. Everyone wants to beat Rob and Amber (Romber) but he is still charming enough to convince two other teams to quit a Road Block for a 4 hour penalty. There is more to Rob then the editors are showing us. He clearly is a smart guy and a likealbe guy. Unless you are an over-the-top flaming gay guy. What is up with that hate?

The Girl Team that was eliminated tonight was a very strong team. Perhaps the strongest all female team I have seen on TAR. However, they fell prey to an old female nemesis, Directions! Don't be made at me. I know how to read a map.

American Idol was average. I think Scott (white Ruben), Constantine, and Lindsey are the bottom three. Bo and Nikko were my favorites. I watched the show in Hi Def and it looked great. This means I had to watch commercials and all I got to say about that is; "Put the Lime in the Coke, You Nut and Drink it all Down."

Workout Stats: NONE. My knee hurts and I want my mommy. Really it does hurt. With March Madness starting Thursday I have a lot of couch, chip, pizza, pop AND beer time coming up. In fact it will be four days of that. So, I plan to hit the trail tomorrow for at least a 10 mile mountain bike ride. It will be cold but I can DO IT.


Mario Vasquez Likes Hats??

No, I mean he likes dudes in cute hats? Cute Guys in hats? Alright, I mean the internet world thinks he is gay! Yes the Fez look-a-like from American Idol 4 has quit the final 12. Story goes that his actions are for personal reasons. Personal reasons he says?? Rumors are storming through the internet because Mario Vasquez was the front runner for American Idol 4. Did he get enough exposure and just want out of that ball and chain AI top 12 contract? OR the more fun internet rumor that he is gay and has a gay porn magazine spread floating around somewhere, which he fears will "pop" up? You can hide your sexuality from your family, but never from the INTERNET!

I almost forgot about my new favorite show, The Contender. Are you bloggers tuning in like I asked you too? The numbers show you are not. This is such a great "Reality" show and I hope they don't cancel it. The 3rd episode this past Sunday was good. We finally had Ishi Smith shut up and put up. With one vicious body shot he took the fight right out of Baby Face Ahmed. Ishi fought smart and looked great. Tune in people this Sunday after you finish up with March Madness. DO IT!

I am on vaca this week doing absolutely nothing. Just had some time that I needed to take or lose. This means more blogs for you. Out. Later.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Why Must I Be A CUB Fan?

Oh the pain! The lack of joy they bring me! I still come back every spring with the hope that this could be the year. This could be the Chicago Cubs time. If Boston can do it doesn't that mean the Cubs can do it? Doesn't it?

It seems this year I do not even need to bother with arising my hopes. Kerry Wood has some type of unknown shoulder issue and this just in, Mark Prior missed his start today for soreness in his pitching elbow. The "Great" Mark Prior just can not stay or BE healthy??

I am worried because two weeks ago the Cubs Brass told us Prior was healthy but proceeding with caution. I did not buy it, because last year the Cubs did nothing but mislead the public about player injuries. Guess what he was so healthy he had an MRI Sunday and missed his first spring start today. Ulnar Nerve inflammation for a pitcher with an obviously low pain threshold is extremely serious.

Jimmy over at The Cub Rambler is all over this Cub Code Crap in his blog post for today.....

Basically, I just read that Prior has "inflammation" in his elbow, which is most likely Cub-code for "you'll probably see the Fourth of July fireworks before you see Mark Prior pitch on a mound." Wood's shoulder? Cub-code tells us this means: "cancel playoff ticket orders."

Unfortunately, in two weeks Prior will be put on the 15 day DL with only inflammation. Then, 15 days later a second MRI will reveal elbow damage requiring surgery which will put him out for the year. I see it, I blogged it, therefore it must be true.

Workout Stats: Free Weights for the bicep and tricep workout. I attempted to play hoops for my cardio but had some knee issues. I played for 30 minutes but couldn't put much pressure on my left knee. It is really tender and somewhat swollen. Great, Me and Prior on the DL. This blows.

I am out. Later.

Yahoo Tournament Pick'em Needs You

Yahoo is always my first of many that I fill out. Come test your college hoops knowledge with the experts. So far we got two overweight, over thirty, over compensating, over hooping, junkies signed up. Yes that inlcudes me. The League Name is Dick Vitale Sucks, League ID 51959 and League Password is packertoo. Take this knowledge HERE and create a team then join my league. DO IT.

I am all things NCAA March Madness this week. So bring it if you got it? I am out. Later.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I Got The Madness......

March Madness is taking me over. I must fill out every online bracket now. I must fill them out twice, three times, a lady. CBS, ESPN, YAHOO, it don't matter. You got a free bracket challenge then I am your man. I got all week off to fill them all out. I got the shakes. I got the sweats. I got the poops. Later.

Objects In Mirror May Be Dogs

Objects In Mirror May Be Dogs
Originally uploaded by aham23.

I came across this picture from the past summer and had to post it. Eddie's buddy in the pic is Kirby, an 8 year old Pug. They were doing their thing on the way to the dog park. Later.

This just in........

Baseball players who got cartoonish size muscles and hit baseballs 500 feet in the late 90's were all on the juice. No you sick Jacko fans, not the Jesus Juice, but the roids and the human growth hormone juice. I mean I read this story on Mark McGuire and thought Duh, who didn't know that the guy was a roid freak? How many 35 year old guys do you know with acne problems? McGuire, Bonds, & Sosa have been on the juice, despite denying for many years now. These roid jag bags will all plead the fifth when they testify, just wait and see.

Another thing that confuses me is all these people who have watched SuperSize Me and now proclaim they will never eat fast food again. I just watched the documentary and found it very entertaining and even educational. However, I was not dumb enough to ever think McDonalds was good for me or healthy in any way. So, I will be taking no such stands against McDonalds. Any fool has to know that eating fast food is not the best choice for your health? Any fool has to know that if you eat McDonalds for 30 days straight bad things will happen? Right? America is not that dumb? Right?

I got some workout stats for you: Saturday it was 50 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. I did 10 intervals and it really killed my legs. Why not an hour? Friday nights dinner at the Outback just wasn't agreeing with me. I was lucky to power through the 50. Today it was chest and back with free weights then 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. I really need to get my diet under control and this working out thing could really result in some nice weight loss. Despite only dropping ten pounds since November I do feel great!

Alright my blogging nation I must shower to ready myself for the Big Ten Championship game this afternoon. It is time for Illinois to lock up that number one seed in the Midwest and begin the March to the Arch.

I am out. Later.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Winning Isn't Everything....

The Fighting Illini easily won their opening game of the Big Ten Tournament. As you should know they are having the greatest year Illini Basketball has ever had. Bruce Weber was a 19 year assistant before getting a chance at a head coaching position. This year is only his second year as head coach of Illinois and he is the Big Ten Coach of the Year.

Unfortunately, life has taken a cruel turn for Coach Weber. His Mother passed away today at the age of 81. It appears it was a sudden tear of her aorta that caused her to be rushed to the hospital just shortly after she arrived at the game. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Weber family.

You just never know until it happens.

Hello Blogger Tech Support Are You There?

For unknown reasons Blogger Comments has been down since yesterday. I use HaloScan so no problem, but while browsing blogs I have not been able to comment where Blogger is used. I just want my blog peeps to know I am still reading! WTF? Blogger figure it out already!

Let me see what can I talk about. How about what I did last night. What did I do last night? Oh freaking yeah now I remember. Mark Burnett Thursday Night Reality TV Orgy!

First let me start with my favorite, "The Next Great Human Drama, The Contender." What is up with this Ishi dude. One minute he is all tough guy talk and going to step up to take out Ahmed. The group has lunch with George Foreman and bam, a total personality change and he aint stepping up to fight nobody. George grilled the guys lunch but did not even use a George Foreman grill. Talk about a missed product placement opportunity. Anyway, the fight at the end was awesome. Not as dramatic as week one, but it was another "UnderDog" winning. Maybe, it is just editing and who I believe is the "UnderDog" is not really? No? Peter Manfredo Jr was
21-0 and ranked third in the world. The guy who beat him was 10-2 and a nobody. This show rocks.

The Apprentice was decent. It was very clear that John was going. I mean could he have been more of a assclown? Is assclown one word or two? Ass clown?

Survivor:Palau just keeps getting stronger. Not to mention the challenges keep getting harder. Tom the NY Firefighter is still my guy and still dominating the young buffed dudes. I am afraid he may get too confident and become such a threat that he gets picked off when the merge comes. Who knows with this show?? James comments about him being a redneck and homosexuals spending all their time in the gym were classic. It moves to Wednesday next week to make room for March Madness.

Hey Blogger, figure it out. I have important comments to spread around the blog world. I am out. Later.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

It's Mark Burnett Thursday....

Hey reality fanatics out there in blog land tonight is your night. We have Survivor: Palau (CBS), then The Apprentice (NBC), then The Contender (NBC). The Survivor preview showcases another brutal looking physical challenge and an alleged "twist." Make sure you stay tuned to NBC after The Apprentice for the The Next Great Human Drama, The Contender. This is the second episode and the third is coming Sunday. Don't miss it. The premier had drama and especially sports drama that gave me goose bumps. It really is excellent "Reality" TV!

Workout Stats: 30 minutes on the elliptical with 520 cals burned. Then I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster for 220 more burned cals. That stairmaster machine is a mean focker.

The much loved Fighting Illini start the Big Ten Tourney tomorrow at 12pm eastern. I think I will have some early appointments which require me to leave the office around 11am. I am not a big fan of this league tourney stuff. I mean they played 30 games already and are set for a number one seed. This tourney can do nothing but tire them out, get them hurt, or emotionally scar them with a loss tomorrow. The big conferences just do these damn things for the extra money. It is always about the money.

I am off work next week with no plans. I have some extra vacation that I have to use up or I will lose it. So, I am looking forward to tomorrow. Ofcourse, the NCAA March madness starts next Thursday and I will be glued to the TV with no worries.

Me must go. Out. Later.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Don't Miss The Contender Thur 3/10 10pm Eastern NBC

I have taken up the crusade of promoting NBC's The Contender. The premier was crazy good, but no one watched. America, this is a Mark Burnett vehicle. Yes genius, the same dude who created Survivor and The Apprentice. The Contender manufactures human drama like no other reality show has. Plus, it is about boxing perhaps the most drama filled sport in America. Tune in you will enjoy it.

Romber took the second leg of The Amazing Race. They did it Rob Style. He lied to and paid off people in great Robfather fashion. He does it all with a Boston tongue and a hottie on his side. He is climbing up my list of all time favorite reality characters. Hey, that would make a great post.

What else, didn't watch the American Idol vote off but, got it on TiVo. I like Super Nanny and her naughty steps. No workout as it's my off day, which means I had to work like a normal person. Ok, not a normal person, I was home by 3pm, but that is late for me. I did give Eddie a bath and make tacos for dinner.

The Contender on NBC this Thursday 3/10 at 10pm Eastern!

I am out. Later.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One Is The Loneliest Number

It appears I was the only one to watch The Contender last night? Well, there might have been one or two more people tune in, but that was it. To bad for the rest of America because the premier was "Reality TV" at its best. So called real people manipulated by the master Mark Burnett to give us Forced Drama and Manufactured Emotions. People it is just TV and it is just darn entertaining. Episode two airs Thursday at 10pm eastern and I suggest America check it out. Don't make me come out and start the "SAVE The Contender March!"

American Idol, the girls turn, blew my arse compartment. That is right my dirty little arse. The good ones are too inconsistent and the bad ones are too consistent. They clearly have no fashion sense or common sense. I think it was the first singer who compared being on Idol with the other girls like being soldiers in war because they have bonded? WTF? Seen the news lately you dumb ass. How many Idol Dopes have died singing for freedom? 1500? Please spare us your brilliant thoughts and stick to "attempting" to sing on key. I say they vote them all off tomorrow and start the search again.

Workout Stats: Oh my legs are sore..........45 minutes on the spin bike with intervals. Why not an hour? I only wanted to do 30, so take that. Then some crunches and other abdominal work. Did I mention my legs are barking at me right now?

It is time. Out. Later.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Contender: It Is The Next Great Human Drama

Just finished watching the premier of the Contender and WOW I loved it. Mark Burnett is a master at this kind of stuff. First, they actual have REAL boxers with REAL records and REAL experiences. The matches they have are REAL and count against their pro records. Holy crap Peter Manfredo Jr is on, uh, was on the show. They play the dramatic music and have the family nearby for support (crying). They got Rocky and Sugar. They got an underdog willingly to step up and challenge a big dog AND WIN. The show was so awesome it had to be scripted? Right?

Seriously, if you are someone who likes sports, who like the underdog, who like boxing, who like to think Reality TV is Real, man this show is for us. If you were that kid who stood and cheered at the movies for Daniel LaRusso then this show is for us. Did I just make a Karate Kid reference?

American Idol was good. The guys are good. The guys are better then the girls. That Bobby Brown imposter and white Ruben Studdard should go. Still got 2 ERs, 2 Alias, SuperNanny, Wife Swap and my special girls to watch. I gotta go.

I am out. Later.

The Next Great Human Drama: The Contender

I have been looking forward to Mark Burnett's latest Reality Show since the first preview aired. This show has been delayed and pushed back since last fall, but finally starts tonight. Who knows if it will be any good, but I will be there tonight at 8:30 for its 90 minute debut. Well, I aint that excited that I would watch commercials and with TiVo I don't have too. Heck, now that I think about it I may watch it tomorrow after I get home from work. Either way you will be the first to know my opinion of The Contender.

Workout Stats: I only lifted today and hit biceps & triceps. My legs are sore from my Non-Epic Ride yesterday. My right hammy is especially tight?? Many riders across the Midwest were out in force on their bikes yesterday. The weather was awesome. I put in one hour for 10 miles and felt good about it. Some people did a bit more. Check out Jeff Kerkove he rode a bit yesterday too. Jeff's blog says he is an Endurance Mountain Bike Racer. That is an understatement!

This just in the Fighting Illini are still number one! Duh, they have only lost like one game. That game was by one point on the road against a good team that because of imposed penalties viewed the game as its National Championship. I know all the other top 25 teams with one loss are upset that the Illini are still ranked number one. Oh wait, there aint none.

OK, I am off to catch up on some TiVo. I have several ERs, Alias, a Wife Swap, a That 70s Show, and some Jessica & Ashlee stuff....."Why do I keep admitting to that!!"

I am out. Later.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Day of Two Tales....

Limestone Dirt Attacks: Part Two
Originally uploaded by aham23.

The day started out fabulous. The weather was awesome, Sunny and 40 by 10am, which is when I hit the trail. It was Waterfall Glen's 10 mile limestone loop path. Despite NOT being singletrack or very technical this place still is challenging. It has plenty of hills and is great for a beginner like me. My Summer will be full of singletrack!!

Ride Stats: 10 miles in 1 hour 1 minute and 33 seconds. Average speed of 7.9 mph with a max of 22.9 mph. I only stopped twice and one was for a contact issue(damn limestone). The time was 15 minutes faster then my first ride out there.

When I got home clean up took about an hour too. Limestone was everywhere. The bike was covered. My nice new tights were covered. My camelbak was covered. My helmet, well you get it.

Then it was off to TiVo land to watch the Fighting Illini play and win their last regular season game. This would make them undefeated..........Wait, damn it they didn't win. They went down to Ohio State by one point. Some big slow white dude who has averaged 7.4 points per game all season had the game of his life. This included the game winning three pointer with 5 seconds remaining.

It aint the end of the world Illini Nation. They have lost one game. Name one other division one team who has only lost one game........I am waiting....Stop, you can't because there isn't one. They played bad on the road against a decent team and lost. It happens to them all. They are still my pick for National Champs 2005!

Besides all that, I washed the Murano, picked up dog poo, did my laundry, grocery shopped, and made dinner.

I am tired and out. Later.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Weather Man Blows

Today is rainy, cold, and overcast. A none riding day in the mountain bike world of mine. Brant Miller of NBC better be right with tomorrows projected high of 50 degrees. If not I may just lock myself in my room and cry. After the Illini game that is.

Fred Durst is suing several internet web sites for posting his homemade porn. The Smoking Gun has the story covered. So, he tapes himself having sex, stores it on his computer, then allows it to be stolen, hacked, or whatever. All of which gets his name and his bands, which is soon to be releasing a new album, back in the news, but he wants $80 million from the likes of Gawker.Com?? Can anyone say "Freedom of Speech?"

Anyway, I am done with that dork. Workout Stats; Chest and Back with free weights. Then 30 minutes on the spin cycle with 7 intervals instead of my normal 5 for 30 minutes. I really hope Brant doesn't let me down and I can hit the trail tomorrow morning.

I am out. Later.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Man Winter Hears Midwest Complaints?

This weekend is either the turn towards warmer days or a freakin big breasted bimbo tease. Saturday's projected high is 43 AND Sunday's is 50 mutha truckin degrees biotches!!! I refuse to look past this weekend. I know it is likely that the blizzard to end all Midwest blizzards will come Monday, but I still got 50 on Sunday.

With these recent developments in hand I ran out to Performance Bicycle and picked up some biking tights. Yeah I said it, tights. They are these cool riding tights for winter to better keep me warm. They have that padded ass thing that looks like I am storing a special friend back there but, it really helps on long rough rides. Where the heck is this blog going? Long Rough Rides and Tights?

The plan is if the temp is right tomorrow morning I am headed out to Waterfall Glen. I will tackle its rolling 10 mile limestone path. This place is great when conditions are wet. If tomorrow morning sucks weather wise then I will hit the gym for an hour spin. Sunday I may try for some early morning singletrack. Singletrack is just that, a single dirt path specifically for bikes. It has tight turns, hills, logs, rocks, & roots to jump over. Just tons of biking fun. There are a couple of nice singletracks within driving distance of me.

Alright big finish......Check out The Red Bull Diaries and give Christian some props for getting back in the gym. Survivor was great. Tom is my guy. That Bobby Jon is a tough southern boy. Jeff is a sissy. Your Survivor Recap is waiting. The Fighting Illini are good. Dee Brown likes the three. Your Illini Recap is waiting. I missed The Apprentice but Cheesecakey (Reality Queen) is on it. Rounders is a solid movie. Texas Holdem is my soon to be new thing. I look good in my tights. Workout Stats: I got nothing for you. I am out. Later

Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Blog Needs More Pictures......

Can You Hear Me Now?
Originally uploaded by aham23.

So here you go. A new picture of Eddie, my 1.5 year old Rat Terrier. Check out those ears! He hears all and barks at it all too. Later.

The World Needs Anna Nicole Smith?

What would I do if there were no celebrities in the world? Who would entertain me with their shenanigans? Real people lusting for stardom can only entertain me for so long. I need once famous fake people struggling for a second 15 minutes to make me laugh on Reality off days. For example Anna's recent TV appearance is highly entertaining. I think I liked Really FAT Anna better then this new Trimspa version. Who knew she was such a BIG fan of MTV Australia??

Workout Stats: 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals, then crunches, situps, and other ab stuff. I am getting bored with this routine. I think it is winter bringing me down. I just wish old man winter would let me go and get lost. Temps are back down in the 20 to 30 range AND I hate it. If it could just hit say 43 degrees I could take the mountain bike for a spin. Winter be gone with yourself already.

Oh, the Fighting Illini, still undefeated and number one, are back tonight after eight days off. This game tonight has me worried. Dee Brown was on the cover of SI, which everyone knows normally leads to bad luck. Purdue Coach Keady is Bruce Weber's old mentor and is retiring after this year. I am sure he would love to beat Illinois just one more time! The game is at 9pm eastern on ESPN2.

So, I got Survivor, Illini, & ER on my TiVo To Do List. What about you?

I am out. Later.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's Official, The Bulls Don't Want Me Back

So, as you can read below I am juiced on the Bulls recent success and was at the game last night. Great for me? No, they played their worst game of the year and lost by 30 points. The game was basically over at the end of the first quarter. However, when I come back I come back for good. I toughed it out, drank more beer, and stayed to the end. Go Bulls.

The premier of The Amazing Race 7 was fabulous. Rob and Amber rock! They started slow, but didn't panic, used their reality fame to their advantage, and were a traffic jam away from winning the first leg (they finished 3rd). Other teams that sparked my interest were the Mother/Gay Son team and the Big Breasted Blond Ladies who lied to the older couple on the beach stop. Oh yeah, the Survivor preview during TAR7 looked crazy and I can not wait for Thursday.

Anyone watch Scrubs? It is a terrific show that I started watching last year, which was their 3rd season. This weeks episode, "My Best Laid Plans," was perhaps the best one I have seen. Although I did enjoy "My Life In Four Cameras" which had Clay Aiken singing in it and was done old school sitcom style. Anyway, I am a big fan of Zach Braff (JD) who directed this episode. It had Heather Gram in her panties, twice, and some cool reverse camera action stuff. His movie Garden State which he wrote, directed, and starred in with Natalie Portman is one of my favorites from 2004.

Workout Stats: It was a toughie after a night of beers and crap food, but I did it. Yeah for me!! It was 30 minutes on the elliptical then 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. I really wanted to skip today but, no soup for me. I mean I powered through it and glad I did.

I am out. Later.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's Official, The Bulls Are Back In My Life.

I remember the days or years where I did not miss a Chicago Bulls game on TV. It started in 1987 for me when I was just a little youngster. I watched the Bulls mature into a unstoppable NBA Force. I grew up watching the games greatest player mature into just that, the games greatest player. Those were the good old days.

It ended for me after after they failed to win 20 games in a season for three consecutive years ( 99 to 01). It was not just the losing but a clear lack on a plan for the future that drove me away. I am a basketball junkie. I love to play and I love to watch, but I could no longer stomach the crap the Bulls put out on the court.

Am I a fair weather fan? I don't think so. I am not blind and I could see that the Owner and Management had no desire to win, to sign good players, or to put out a good product. Finally the Bulls got their act together and got a General Manager and Coach that can take the team out of the dumpster.

All this means that the Bulls are Back Baby and the future looks good. Why all the Bulls talk? Well, I am off to the game tonight with a free ticket, two great friends, and hope for the future.
What the hell was that I just spewed from my mouth? Sometimes my blogging little mind just takes off.......

Anyway, I will be at the Bulls vs Houston tonight. That means TiVo will be on alert to capture the much anticipated The Amazing Race 7 premier and AI4!!

I am out. GO BULLS. Later.