Sunday, March 20, 2005

I have a NCAA Hangover..........

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Yes, finally my four day NCAA obsession has come to an end. I have screamed, yelled, and holly crapped myself for four days. I have destroyed 3 months of workouts with a four days of binge. Chips and cheese, Fast Food, Jacks Pizza, Coke with no lime, Beers, Dairy Queen, Subway............I have done it all. I have seen my Illini struggle for a first round win and get seriously big for a second round win. I wondered Thursday if we would see any upsets. I wondered Friday if a top seed would ever win again. I wondered Saturday if the Wake Forest vs West Virginia game would ever end. After four days and almost 40 hours of March Madness I wondered what the heck was I thinking when I filled out my bracket?? Oh I miss you already and anticipate are reunion this coming Thursday.

Workout Stats: Made it to the gym early this morning for chest and back workout. Followed that up with 30 minutes on the spin bike. No intervals as I was sore from Saturday's 17 mile ride.

Awesome Baby I just remembered The Next Great Human Drama: The Contender is on NBC tonight. I really dig on this show. You should watch it, DO IT!

I am out. Later.

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