Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Don't Miss The Contender Thur 3/10 10pm Eastern NBC

I have taken up the crusade of promoting NBC's The Contender. The premier was crazy good, but no one watched. America, this is a Mark Burnett vehicle. Yes genius, the same dude who created Survivor and The Apprentice. The Contender manufactures human drama like no other reality show has. Plus, it is about boxing perhaps the most drama filled sport in America. Tune in you will enjoy it.

Romber took the second leg of The Amazing Race. They did it Rob Style. He lied to and paid off people in great Robfather fashion. He does it all with a Boston tongue and a hottie on his side. He is climbing up my list of all time favorite reality characters. Hey, that would make a great post.

What else, didn't watch the American Idol vote off but, got it on TiVo. I like Super Nanny and her naughty steps. No workout as it's my off day, which means I had to work like a normal person. Ok, not a normal person, I was home by 3pm, but that is late for me. I did give Eddie a bath and make tacos for dinner.

The Contender on NBC this Thursday 3/10 at 10pm Eastern!

I am out. Later.

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