Friday, March 11, 2005

Hello Blogger Tech Support Are You There?

For unknown reasons Blogger Comments has been down since yesterday. I use HaloScan so no problem, but while browsing blogs I have not been able to comment where Blogger is used. I just want my blog peeps to know I am still reading! WTF? Blogger figure it out already!

Let me see what can I talk about. How about what I did last night. What did I do last night? Oh freaking yeah now I remember. Mark Burnett Thursday Night Reality TV Orgy!

First let me start with my favorite, "The Next Great Human Drama, The Contender." What is up with this Ishi dude. One minute he is all tough guy talk and going to step up to take out Ahmed. The group has lunch with George Foreman and bam, a total personality change and he aint stepping up to fight nobody. George grilled the guys lunch but did not even use a George Foreman grill. Talk about a missed product placement opportunity. Anyway, the fight at the end was awesome. Not as dramatic as week one, but it was another "UnderDog" winning. Maybe, it is just editing and who I believe is the "UnderDog" is not really? No? Peter Manfredo Jr was
21-0 and ranked third in the world. The guy who beat him was 10-2 and a nobody. This show rocks.

The Apprentice was decent. It was very clear that John was going. I mean could he have been more of a assclown? Is assclown one word or two? Ass clown?

Survivor:Palau just keeps getting stronger. Not to mention the challenges keep getting harder. Tom the NY Firefighter is still my guy and still dominating the young buffed dudes. I am afraid he may get too confident and become such a threat that he gets picked off when the merge comes. Who knows with this show?? James comments about him being a redneck and homosexuals spending all their time in the gym were classic. It moves to Wednesday next week to make room for March Madness.

Hey Blogger, figure it out. I have important comments to spread around the blog world. I am out. Later.

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