Monday, March 21, 2005

Why Must Vacations End?

This just in, work really sucks. I mean work in general. Why can't I be independently wealthy and not have to work. Heck, I will take dependently wealthy, which I guess would make me a man whore. I like my job but it is still work. I still gotta get up and go in to collect the green.

It is really hard to go back to work after a week off like I had (See NCAA hangover post). However, I fired up the Starbucks making machine and hit the office at 7:45 am promptly where I put in my 8 hours with a big smile on face. See I still have NCAA hoops dancing around in my little head.

After work I did something remarkable. I went grocery shopping for the week in 25 minutes. Yes, that is 25 minutes from the time I parked my car to the time I re-entered my car. Working out and being sorta in shape is paying off. Although, I must say I am sorry to the two old ladies my cart barreled over.

Anyone see the Contender? You know it is The Next Great Human Drama? Those fools brought back Peter Manfredo Jr! The number 3 world ranked middleweight. Bad move in my mind as this guy could win the entire thing with this second chance. I guess the remaining boxers felt the guy who deserved it the most should get the second chance??

I may have workout stats for you later that consist of hoops OR I may not.

I am out. Later.

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