Sunday, March 13, 2005

This just in........

Baseball players who got cartoonish size muscles and hit baseballs 500 feet in the late 90's were all on the juice. No you sick Jacko fans, not the Jesus Juice, but the roids and the human growth hormone juice. I mean I read this story on Mark McGuire and thought Duh, who didn't know that the guy was a roid freak? How many 35 year old guys do you know with acne problems? McGuire, Bonds, & Sosa have been on the juice, despite denying for many years now. These roid jag bags will all plead the fifth when they testify, just wait and see.

Another thing that confuses me is all these people who have watched SuperSize Me and now proclaim they will never eat fast food again. I just watched the documentary and found it very entertaining and even educational. However, I was not dumb enough to ever think McDonalds was good for me or healthy in any way. So, I will be taking no such stands against McDonalds. Any fool has to know that eating fast food is not the best choice for your health? Any fool has to know that if you eat McDonalds for 30 days straight bad things will happen? Right? America is not that dumb? Right?

I got some workout stats for you: Saturday it was 50 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. I did 10 intervals and it really killed my legs. Why not an hour? Friday nights dinner at the Outback just wasn't agreeing with me. I was lucky to power through the 50. Today it was chest and back with free weights then 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. I really need to get my diet under control and this working out thing could really result in some nice weight loss. Despite only dropping ten pounds since November I do feel great!

Alright my blogging nation I must shower to ready myself for the Big Ten Championship game this afternoon. It is time for Illinois to lock up that number one seed in the Midwest and begin the March to the Arch.

I am out. Later.

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