Friday, March 04, 2005

Old Man Winter Hears Midwest Complaints?

This weekend is either the turn towards warmer days or a freakin big breasted bimbo tease. Saturday's projected high is 43 AND Sunday's is 50 mutha truckin degrees biotches!!! I refuse to look past this weekend. I know it is likely that the blizzard to end all Midwest blizzards will come Monday, but I still got 50 on Sunday.

With these recent developments in hand I ran out to Performance Bicycle and picked up some biking tights. Yeah I said it, tights. They are these cool riding tights for winter to better keep me warm. They have that padded ass thing that looks like I am storing a special friend back there but, it really helps on long rough rides. Where the heck is this blog going? Long Rough Rides and Tights?

The plan is if the temp is right tomorrow morning I am headed out to Waterfall Glen. I will tackle its rolling 10 mile limestone path. This place is great when conditions are wet. If tomorrow morning sucks weather wise then I will hit the gym for an hour spin. Sunday I may try for some early morning singletrack. Singletrack is just that, a single dirt path specifically for bikes. It has tight turns, hills, logs, rocks, & roots to jump over. Just tons of biking fun. There are a couple of nice singletracks within driving distance of me.

Alright big finish......Check out The Red Bull Diaries and give Christian some props for getting back in the gym. Survivor was great. Tom is my guy. That Bobby Jon is a tough southern boy. Jeff is a sissy. Your Survivor Recap is waiting. The Fighting Illini are good. Dee Brown likes the three. Your Illini Recap is waiting. I missed The Apprentice but Cheesecakey (Reality Queen) is on it. Rounders is a solid movie. Texas Holdem is my soon to be new thing. I look good in my tights. Workout Stats: I got nothing for you. I am out. Later

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