Friday, March 18, 2005

How Much Is Too Much?

Is two days in a row for a total of 20 hours too much basketball? I may be reaching my max allowed basketball limit? I mean I love hoops and I don't want my Man Card revoked, but I may need a break???

Just watched Vermont upset Syracuse, which was a very hot team going into this tourney. I had them in my final four. Well I filled out like 37 brackets so I think I had them in one of my final fours. Right now we got another 12 seed sticking it to a 5 seed with Old Dominion leading Michigan St. It is only the first half though. Man I take a break from viewing hoops and I end up blogging hoops.

Workout Stats: Ummm, NO. However, how about this; One large tupperware bowl of Cheerios, one number three with coke (regular size), one twelve inch wheat chicken breast Subway with bacon, southwest sauce, cheese, lettuce, olives & a coke, one homemade fancy Starbucks mocha coffee, and finally one medium size Brownie Batter Blizzard. Holy shit what have I done?

I have had two days of complete inactivity and seriously evil foods. I have loved every minute until now. I will work it out tomorrow. I must punish myself physically for this mental breakdown.

Yeah what he said. I gotta go. Hoops is back on and my Jacks pizza is almost done. Later.

Fighting Illini Round Two Game vs Nevada, Saturday, 540pm eastern, CBS.

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