Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Weather Man Blows

Today is rainy, cold, and overcast. A none riding day in the mountain bike world of mine. Brant Miller of NBC better be right with tomorrows projected high of 50 degrees. If not I may just lock myself in my room and cry. After the Illini game that is.

Fred Durst is suing several internet web sites for posting his homemade porn. The Smoking Gun has the story covered. So, he tapes himself having sex, stores it on his computer, then allows it to be stolen, hacked, or whatever. All of which gets his name and his bands, which is soon to be releasing a new album, back in the news, but he wants $80 million from the likes of Gawker.Com?? Can anyone say "Freedom of Speech?"

Anyway, I am done with that dork. Workout Stats; Chest and Back with free weights. Then 30 minutes on the spin cycle with 7 intervals instead of my normal 5 for 30 minutes. I really hope Brant doesn't let me down and I can hit the trail tomorrow morning.

I am out. Later.

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