Thursday, March 31, 2005

Are You Afraid of the Storm?

I know this person who is really afraid of bad weather. Spring Time Tornado like bad weather. Yesterday we had unseasonably warm temps in Chicagoland. With that brought early predictions for sever weather. The great Brant Miller proclaimed during the 5am newscast that the afternoon would be a delicious weather delight of storms.

Rain, Hail, Winds, AND the evil tornado Warnings were all in full affect by 3pm. This leads to the poops. Not for me, but the weather Phobia Queen. They say bad weather is coming and she poops. Brant Miller breaks in with weather updates and she poops. She thinks about it and she poops. It hails, she poops. Tornado sirens sound, she poops. Winds blow and rain falls, yes she poops. Where does all this poop come from?

Finally, after much anticipation and poops, the storm rolled in with a roar. It was a doozy for this time of the year. Usually such storms wait until May before bursting, but not this one. We got hail damages, wind damages, rain damages, and so on. The Queen took a break from the poops and waited the storm out in the unfinished basement. Where was I? Upstairs looking out the window screaming and yelling like an 8th grader at Six Flags. I took pictures and posted them to my blog. Called my buddies to brag about the golf ball sized hail hitting my house. It was great.

The Storm did eventually pass, then come back, then pass again. The Queen came up from the basement & had one more poops. We inspected the damages in the dark. Then headed back inside to watch a good singer get the boot from American Idol. Why is that damn Scott Savol still around?

Last night was fun and scary and poopie. I am out. Later.

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