Monday, March 07, 2005

The Contender: It Is The Next Great Human Drama

Just finished watching the premier of the Contender and WOW I loved it. Mark Burnett is a master at this kind of stuff. First, they actual have REAL boxers with REAL records and REAL experiences. The matches they have are REAL and count against their pro records. Holy crap Peter Manfredo Jr is on, uh, was on the show. They play the dramatic music and have the family nearby for support (crying). They got Rocky and Sugar. They got an underdog willingly to step up and challenge a big dog AND WIN. The show was so awesome it had to be scripted? Right?

Seriously, if you are someone who likes sports, who like the underdog, who like boxing, who like to think Reality TV is Real, man this show is for us. If you were that kid who stood and cheered at the movies for Daniel LaRusso then this show is for us. Did I just make a Karate Kid reference?

American Idol was good. The guys are good. The guys are better then the girls. That Bobby Brown imposter and white Ruben Studdard should go. Still got 2 ERs, 2 Alias, SuperNanny, Wife Swap and my special girls to watch. I gotta go.

I am out. Later.

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