Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Day of Two Tales....

Limestone Dirt Attacks: Part Two
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The day started out fabulous. The weather was awesome, Sunny and 40 by 10am, which is when I hit the trail. It was Waterfall Glen's 10 mile limestone loop path. Despite NOT being singletrack or very technical this place still is challenging. It has plenty of hills and is great for a beginner like me. My Summer will be full of singletrack!!

Ride Stats: 10 miles in 1 hour 1 minute and 33 seconds. Average speed of 7.9 mph with a max of 22.9 mph. I only stopped twice and one was for a contact issue(damn limestone). The time was 15 minutes faster then my first ride out there.

When I got home clean up took about an hour too. Limestone was everywhere. The bike was covered. My nice new tights were covered. My camelbak was covered. My helmet, well you get it.

Then it was off to TiVo land to watch the Fighting Illini play and win their last regular season game. This would make them undefeated..........Wait, damn it they didn't win. They went down to Ohio State by one point. Some big slow white dude who has averaged 7.4 points per game all season had the game of his life. This included the game winning three pointer with 5 seconds remaining.

It aint the end of the world Illini Nation. They have lost one game. Name one other division one team who has only lost one game........I am waiting....Stop, you can't because there isn't one. They played bad on the road against a decent team and lost. It happens to them all. They are still my pick for National Champs 2005!

Besides all that, I washed the Murano, picked up dog poo, did my laundry, grocery shopped, and made dinner.

I am tired and out. Later.

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