Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Did you miss me and my shitty blog post? Did you even know I was gone? Anyway, me be back in action. Where to start??? No workouts since last Tuesday, which holy crap is like a week ago! Amazing Race last night was two hours of fun on the run. The brothers dumped their Hummer and Romber just drove right bye. I love it. Why should they stop? The gay dudes stopped and seem to be helping out just fine?? American Idol yesterday was all right. Scott Savol should be hitting the road. The Contender this past Sunday was another great episode. I really feel like this is these guys only shot at fame and fortune in boxing. I really feel their pain when they lose. I mean, it seems real?? Much more to come. Or not. The holiday and work have kept me away. Now it is time to hit the gym. Maybe. I mean I do have some Easter candy left! I am out. Later.

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