Sunday, March 27, 2005

Illinois Packs Bags for the MARCH TO THE ARCH!

I still can not believe what I watched on TV last night. With four minutes to go I declared "This fucking game is over!" I was ready to storm out of the room and sulk the rest of the night away. I stayed and witnessed the greatest college game I have ever seen. That Duke vs Kentucky game where Christian Laettner hit the last second shot on the pass from Grant Hill was previously my greatest college game ever viewed. NOT any more!

IlliniWonk has the post game coverage covered with a blanket. Get over there and check it out. I am still to hyped up to type or talk about it. Man that was awesome. The Illini weakness was shown. A team with Athletic Big Men really took it to them on the inside. The Illini just kept shooting the three. Thirty-Six three point attempts! Are You Kidding Me? Almost half the shots they took were three pointers. Who gives a flying fuck! They won the game baby. FINAL FOUR in St Louis here comes the Fighting Illini!! CBS has all the stats for the game.

Alright, I gotta go get some more coffee and keep on reading about this damn game. I can not get enough. I am out. Later.

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